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Ian Veneracion takes on new role as advocate of a multivitamin brand

United Laboratories, Inc. (UNILAB) officially welcomes multifaceted celebrity Ian Veneracion as the newest addition to
their roster of brand ambassadors. Veneracion, who currently stars as the male lead in ABS-CBN’s primetime show ‘A
Love to Last,’ has been chosen to advocate for Conzace, the number one prescribed brand for multivitamin plus minerals
by general practitioners and dermatologists in the country.
“It is an honor and privilege to be part of the UNILAB family for its multivitamin brand, Conzace,” proclaims Veneracion
while adding, “I am grateful for this opportunity, and I strongly believe that the product can be beneficial to millions of
Filipinos as it has been beneficial to me.”

According to Conzace assistant product manager Mike Jimenez, the addition of Veneracion is a perfect match for the
brand. “Ian is the epitome of superior immunity and good looks,” he says.

Jimenez elaborates on the actor and the product’s connection. “Conzace’s clinically-proven ZACE formulation, an
acronym for Zinc, Vitamins A, C, and E, makes it the number one multivitamin and minerals product prescribed by
General Practitioners and Dermatologists. The same can be said about our brand ambassador, Ian, whose credibility
allows him to ace his craft with one successful teleserye and movie after another.”


People born in the late ‘70s would remember Veneracion as the cute and charming Jeffrey Laperal, the son of Joey de Leon in the 1982 sitcom ‘Joey and Son.’ From then on, he went to appear in more television projects while simultaneously making films that range from comedy to drama to action. Among his most recent work is the internationally acclaimed psychological thriller, ‘Bliss,’ and a Filipino independent supernatural horror film, ‘Ilawod.’

Now at 42, Veneracion has again endeared himself to today’s generation as Engineer Antonio “Anton” Noble IV, the dashing, separated with three kids guy who falls in love with another broken soul. And of course before, as Eduardo Buenavista in the 2015 remake of ‘Pangako Sa Yo,’ the role that regained Veneracion’s fame and his career to leading man stature. And then there’s that totally different side of Veneracion that is separate from showbusiness. Apart from being an actor, he is also a painter, an athlete, a pilot, a chef, and a family man—the last being his favorite role to play.

But to be all that, Veneracion needs a multivitamin and minerals that will help him cope, not just with his busy schedule, but with the different roles that he has to play in life. “I need strong immunity as well as healthy skin and hair, I cannot afford to get sick, and look stressed—I am glad I have Conzace to give me all that and more.”


Compared to other multivitamins, Conzace has the highest levels of ZACE combined. All these elements play different roles in one’s well-being. “This unique formulation in Conzace creates a synergistic effect that is clinically proven to help boost immunity, promote healthy skin and hair, and assist in wound healing as it speeds up skin regeneration,” says Jimenez.

Veneracion, speaking from experience, explains it better: “It’s the little things that we don’t normally notice, like for example, stronger resistance against colds and flu, better and clearer skin, shinier and healthier hair. It will do amazing things; you can do more and be more for yourself, for your family, for your work without being disrupted.

“I believe that if you are healthy inside, it just comes out. It reflects physically—in your hair and in your skin. And in the line of job that I am in, it is quite important that I don’t just don’t look good but really be healthy,” Veneracion concludes.

Fresh breath in 10 seconds

Have you ever been in an awkward situation where you chose not to speak because you’re not too confident with how your breath smells? Well, you don’t have to worry because even if you’re in the middle of closing a deal after a sumptuous meal, you can have an instant fresh breath! Swish finally launched an awesome product for people on the go. Of course, brushing your teeth and visiting your dentists regularly is the best way to keep your pearly whites healthy.

What we love about swish breath spray is that it’s so small that it can fit your pockets or your cute clutches for the ladies. It’s better than taking gums or mints with you because Swish is Sugar and alcohol-free. It also kills bad breath-causing bacteria so it doesn’t just mask odor. Switch is also made by a trusted and leading company – Unilab so, you know that it’s not just effective and safe – it is also affordable. Having fresh breath in an instant only cost P1.00 per spray!

Closing a deal, proposing or spreading news? Always remember to #SayItWithSwish!


Available in Mercury Drug, Watsons, South Star, Robinsons, Puregold, Shopwise and other select drugstores/supermarkets nationwide.

To know more about Swish, please follow their social media accounts:

Twitter | Facebook | Official Website


Protect yourself this Rainy Season

Although we have stocks of vitamins at home, we oftentimes fail to take them on a daily basis. I guess we’re too occupied with our jobs and we’re always in a rush. We regret not taking our daily doze vitamins when my husband caught Tuberculosis. We thought that having no vices and eating the right food is enough to boost our energy and immune system. But we were wrong. There are many things that contributed to Migs’ illness and we’ve learned our lesson. Too bad that we learned it the hard way.

When Migs was confined, I immediately bought vitamins to protect myself from the virus that I might get from him. I am now regularly taking Enervon, a nutritional supplement to help promote increased energy and enhance the immune system. Enervon gave me the strength  to continue working even if I didn’t have enough sleep. I continued taking Enervon because I’m getting good results. I never caught flu since Migs’ confinement. 8 hours of sleep, proper diet, exercise and right vitamins can really boost our immune system.


To protect my skin for looking dull and becoming dry because I had to stay light at times, I take Myra-E. Myra-E doesn’t only help me maintain healthy skin and eyes but it also help me improve my nerve functions and help prevent onset of neuromuscular degenerative diseases.


These are my two favorite products from Unilab. What’s yours? If you haven’t tried any of their products, please check out their website. There are more than 1,000 Unilab products for your family’s needs and these products are meticulously checked by 3,000 experts. I am sure you’ll find the perfect vitamins/supplements for you and your family.


Stay healthy and enjoy the rest of the week!


My Unsung Hero

We have been a little quiet over the past months and seldom posted articles on our blog. 2014 had been a bitter sweet year for us and it was only until now that we decided to share with everyone what we have been through. Both our moms passed away last year due to complications brought by diabetes. 
Like most of you, we consider our mothers our unsung heroes. Growing up, we often take them for granted unmindful that one day, we will no longer be able to spend time with them. One can never truly explain a mother’s love. Who we are today is a product of how we were molded by our mothers. 
I couldn’t grasp the right words to say how devastating it is to lose the person who brought you out to this world.

In my case, my mom’s death is the hardest thing to deal with because being the youngest daughter, I was the closest to her. My mother was a working woman and at the peak of her career when she met my father – her first boyfriend. She had to give up her career after giving birth to me so she can focus on our growing family. When we were all grown ups, she decided to go back to work to help my father raise money so they both can retire well. She was so selfless and ready to extend help to anyone including our neighbors and acquaintances. I would often tease her that she’s like Mother Theresa. I would sometimes wake up seeing unfamiliar faces in our house seeking help from her whether financially or simply needing some pieces of advise about life in general.

During her wake, I find comfort from the people who shared to us how our mother was able to help them in different ways. I am happy that I was able to share my mother to other people through the community that she is involved with. Proof that she didn’t only teach us good things but also lived by her 

Forever grateful, 


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