2020 hit us really hard. Everyone was caught off guard even the biggest industries that we think are invincible, like Schools, shopping malls, entertainment, and even the food industry took a big hit. Covid 19 changed how people live their lives. The majority of the workforce lost their ability to go to work because public transportation also took a halt.

It took months before we started to learn how to adapt to the new normal. The BPO industry was the first one who recognized that the pandemic is not going away anytime soon, hence their decision to let their employees work from home. The work dynamics suddenly took a 190-degree turn. We suddenly don’t need to be near our workplaces just to perform our duties. This is where the real estate industry boomed here in our country.

People suddenly want to go as far away as possible from the big city. We will trade the bustling metro life for a quiet and peaceful day in a rural province as long as the internet is stable. For my family, we no longer feel the need to stay in a place where the risk of getting the Rona is higher. Since we are in the market looking for our forever home, we decided to look for a place where the grass is literally greener, Traffic is zero to minimal, and where the air will make our lungs happy.

Once we’re done with the list of what we look for in a home, we now start the grueling process of selecting the right one. Back in the day, finding a property is a lengthy and tedious ordeal. You either have to read the Sunday newspaper or go to the place where you think is good to settle and hope there are developments there. But technology made it a lot easier for us to find our forever home. From online listings, Realtors, developer’s website, even a mortgage calculator is now available online.

So, we started our search, looking in the most accessible place for new homes and/or rentals, the Facebook Marketplace. It may sound funny because it’s a social media platform, but it’s pretty handy when you’re trying to look for something. From food to houses, you name it.
If you are in the market for repossessed houses, Foreclosure Philippines is your go-to site. You can also just go straight to the PAG-IBIG website for the list of foreclosed properties. Though we didn’t go this route, I still recommend looking at foreclosed properties. They have the best deals.

The next move is identifying if you have enough money to pay in cash or do you need to finance your dream home. If you decided that you’re going to have to take a loan to afford that house, you’ll find a mortgage calculator very handy. There are a few local resources for that. Local banks have it. I also use an international calculator called MortgageCalculator.uk because it works. You don’t have to wait for the realtor/agent to answer all your questions about payment terms and other stuff. You can check affordability, payment schedules, and other things that you need to know before pulling that trigger.

We will be moving in the next few weeks. Can’t wait to live in a new peaceful place where we can watch our family grow outside the chaotic big city.

What are your plans this 2022? Let us know in the comments.