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The Rainy Season Is Here Again

The Philippines only has 2 main seasons. Dry from December to May and Wet from June to November.

The rainy season in our country is not like in any other country.
We experience different types of rain during this period. We have monsoons, LPAs, Storms, and Typhoons, heck it even rains in Summer. LOL. This is the season when it’s almost impossible to get out of the house to do our normal leisure activities. You’re a little lucky if there’s no flood in your area. Fortunately, electricity and internet is pretty stable even during a harsh rainy season.

Here are indoor activities that you can do until December.

Netflix and Chill

This is a term that has many meanings so I won’t mention any of those. I’ll stick with the core meaning of this phrase. This relates to just chilling or relaxing while streaming a movie or an addictive series. Alaine and I usually use the rainy season to binge-watch highly rated shows with more than 6 seasons. We also stream movies and documentaries in-between seasons. This is not limited to Netflix only, There are Amazon, Hulu, Disney+, and a whole lot of other streaming channels. We also watch vlogs and DIY tutorials on YouTube.

Home Workout

We are serious cyclists. We ride our bikes 3 to 4 times a week covering almost 1200 every month. Not riding for a certain period of time affects our mood, health, appetite, and many more. So, when roads are wet, we go back to our good old HIT (High-Intensity Training) home routine. We just follow an instructor or a video from YouTube and sweat away. You don’t need costly gym equipment, just get a water bottle, fill it with water and use it as weights. It’s quick, it’s easy and it works.


Computer Games

I grew up playing computer games, especially retro games like Tetris, Minesweeper, Galaga, Battle City, and Solitaire. Yes, you read it right, I love playing Solitaire on my Windows computer. I watch my mom play this using real playing cards and enjoyed watching her get frustrated while playing it. Sadly, Windows removed it from their new OS versions. So, if you like to kill time and get frustrated at the same time, solitaire.org is the place to go. They have other Solitaire versions that you’ll surely love. My personal faves are the Classic and Wild West Klondike.


Last but not least. Just flip your house inside out. Spend your time sorting things that you no longer use. Decluttering is one heck of an activity. It’s energy-draining but fun, and you can also earn an extra buck by selling good condition stuff that is just collecting dust and consuming precious space in your home. In our house, we always declutter every year. Since we have a toddler, we always sell his year-old stuff because he really grows very quickly. The proceeds go to new stuff because we sold everything. LOL

Let us know what your rainy season activities are like.


Buy or Rent in 2022

In my previous blog post, I discussed how the pandemic changed the way we see real estate and mentioned a few tips on getting the best deals in the market. This time, we will try to figure out if it’s wise to buy or rent this 2022 or until the end of the pandemic.

Buying our very own home is every Filipino’s dream, and we will do everything in our power to make it happen. Even if we have to be in debt for the rest of our lives. But wait, let’s pause for a bit. Let’s weigh things out first, and ask these questions. Can we afford it? Am I trying to rush because my peers have already signed their mortgage contracts? Is this the right time to pull the trigger?

Let’s start with the first question (Can we afford it?).
We still have to figure out if our income can cover our mortgages and still sustain our families’ essential needs. Can we afford to pay it in the shortest time possible, or will we sign our wallets away to a lifetime of debt? If you already have a target property, do some due diligence. Most importantly, get the figures straight. Use a Loan Calculator, It’s going to tell you how much you’ll owe, the projected interest based on your rate, and a lot more. It’s well equipped to give you close to accurate numbers to help you decide if you can afford it.

Peer pressure.
I know it’s a little childish to be indirectly pressured by our friends. We always see their posts on social media chilling in their newly acquired home. This may have conditioned our minds that maybe we should be like them right now. Thinking about what others think about us because we’re still renting. But the truth is, they don’t care. They don’t even think about us. So make sure that you are making that big decision because you thought it through.

How Much
Third, I noticed that new development prices have gone up to ridiculous amounts. Yes, real estate during the pandemic is expensive. So think about it.

Renting on the other hand is frowned upon ever since I can remember. The oldies give renters the impression that they’re losers because they can’t afford to buy their own home especially when you’re in your 30s to 40s. But it has its perks.

Low cash out
I know I know; the place will not be mine. But renting will give you the power to choose wherever you want to live on the fly without emptying your bank account. If you choose to live in the outskirts, you’ll be paying even lower rates. Facebook Marketplace is the best place to look for a rental property. You can filter the price, and even choose the neighborhood.

Maintaining your own place is a costly ordeal especially if you bought a used or a foreclosed property. The annual cost to maintain the paint, plumbing, electrical, or anything that needs not to be neglected will leave a dent in your pocket. Not to mention that monthly rent vs mortgage is cheaper, and don’t get me started with real estate tax. Now If something goes wrong with a rental property, all you need to do is to call the owner or the manager and have it fixed free of charge.

The last one may seem shallow but I really take this seriously. If you happen to buy a house and have the worst neighbors, you’re kind of stuck with them. There’s no amount of homeowners” association that can make them go away. The beauty of renting is you don’t own that house, therefore you can always leave and even choose your neighborhood.

I hope you found this quick follow-up article helpful in your decision-making.

Real Estate at the height of the Pandemic

2020 hit us really hard. Everyone was caught off guard even the biggest industries that we think are invincible, like Schools, shopping malls, entertainment, and even the food industry took a big hit. Covid 19 changed how people live their lives. The majority of the workforce lost their ability to go to work because public transportation also took a halt.

It took months before we started to learn how to adapt to the new normal. The BPO industry was the first one who recognized that the pandemic is not going away anytime soon, hence their decision to let their employees work from home. The work dynamics suddenly took a 190-degree turn. We suddenly don’t need to be near our workplaces just to perform our duties. This is where the real estate industry boomed here in our country.

People suddenly want to go as far away as possible from the big city. We will trade the bustling metro life for a quiet and peaceful day in a rural province as long as the internet is stable. For my family, we no longer feel the need to stay in a place where the risk of getting the Rona is higher. Since we are in the market looking for our forever home, we decided to look for a place where the grass is literally greener, Traffic is zero to minimal, and where the air will make our lungs happy.

Once we’re done with the list of what we look for in a home, we now start the grueling process of selecting the right one. Back in the day, finding a property is a lengthy and tedious ordeal. You either have to read the Sunday newspaper or go to the place where you think is good to settle and hope there are developments there. But technology made it a lot easier for us to find our forever home. From online listings, Realtors, developer’s website, even a mortgage calculator is now available online.

So, we started our search, looking in the most accessible place for new homes and/or rentals, the Facebook Marketplace. It may sound funny because it’s a social media platform, but it’s pretty handy when you’re trying to look for something. From food to houses, you name it.
If you are in the market for repossessed houses, Foreclosure Philippines is your go-to site. You can also just go straight to the PAG-IBIG website for the list of foreclosed properties. Though we didn’t go this route, I still recommend looking at foreclosed properties. They have the best deals.

The next move is identifying if you have enough money to pay in cash or do you need to finance your dream home. If you decided that you’re going to have to take a loan to afford that house, you’ll find a mortgage calculator very handy. There are a few local resources for that. Local banks have it. I also use an international calculator called MortgageCalculator.uk because it works. You don’t have to wait for the realtor/agent to answer all your questions about payment terms and other stuff. You can check affordability, payment schedules, and other things that you need to know before pulling that trigger.

We will be moving in the next few weeks. Can’t wait to live in a new peaceful place where we can watch our family grow outside the chaotic big city.

What are your plans this 2022? Let us know in the comments.


How I started my work-from-home journey

It was the year 2016 when I finally decided to leave the corporate world and try my luck in freelancing. My wife resigned after receiving her 14th-month pay, bought a new laptop and a desktop so she can start looking for a remote job.

What made me decide to shift to freelancing? The traffic situation here in the Philippines is getting worse! We were also trying to have a baby and I had the opportunity to retire from work early. This is the same year when we started our journey to become entrepreneurs.

I submitted proposals in Upwork, Online Jobs PH, and countless agencies that I see online. It was like a game – the more entries you send, the more chances of winning!

Here are some FAQs about Freelancing.

Did you avail of any paid courses before landing a freelance job? I didn’t have formal Virtual Assistant training but I guess holding a project manager position with my previous company was also an advantage. After a three-week training in an agency, I was very fortunate to be picked by a client. I worked for my very first client as a Virtual Assistant/Office manager for his Real Estate Company in the USA.

Was it easy? Not at all! I had to make a lot of adjustments, watch countless video tutorials, and even relearn my accounting 101 because I was doing some basic accounting too.

How much was my salary? Being a first-time VA, I had no idea about the standard base pay for Filipinos. I was offered $4.00 per hour plus a Healthcard. I accepted it since I wanted to have an experience. Later on, as I was checking my client’s receipts and other payables, I saw that my agency was charging my client $9.5 per hour. Did I feel shortchanged? A little bit. But I also took into consideration their overhead for trainers and other staff members. Plus, they were the ones who found the client for me.

Can you earn more with freelancing? Definitely! I had a part-time job that pays a higher rate than my full-time client. It’s really up to you on how you would market yourself! Being a member of different International VA groups, I learned that we shouldn’t let our clients pay us based on our location. Because offering a Virtual Assistant service is similar to running a business. So, it doesn’t matter where you are located – what matters is your skills! I know some people who are earning $4,000 per month because of freelancing!

Are all online jobs graveyard shift? No. My most previous and current clients are based in Australia. You can also find a client who will let you work flexible hours! So, always read the job description and don’t forget to ask questions!

Do you get an increase? Of course! Some clients are very generous that you do not have to ask them – they will automatically grant you an increase. I had a client who even give bonuses and 13th-month pay! It’s really about how you negotiate your rates, increases, and bonuses with them. All these can be added to your contract too!

Is freelancing stable? I would say that it depends on the nature of your job and your client’s background (e.g. is your client’s company a start-up, etc.?). Also, just like in any other job, you have to give your best so you can maintain a healthy relationship with your client/employer.

Do you miss working in an office? There are times that I miss dressing up and cathing-up with friends after shift. Working from home can be boring sometimes but when I think about the traffic situation here in the Philippines and the extra hours that I get to spend with my family because I work from home – I feel very lucky!

Do you have different clients? Because I do a lot of things aside from work, having multiple clients is not an option for me. But, blogging has helped me earn extra income, especially during my free time. I accept press releases, blog reviews, etc. I also discovered a safe platform for bloggers like myself where I write short articles for at least $100. It’s called Influencer Marketing. It’s a big help, especially during this time of the pandemic. The best part is, registration is FREE and you get paid through your PayPal account. I think this blog has helped me a lot in transitioning from the corporate world to freelancing. You can check out Intellifluence to learn more about the platform.

These are just some of the questions that I get most of the time. But if you have other questions, let me know in the comments sections.

Improve your financial mindset.

You are a very hardworking individual.
You work 2 jobs, never called in sick, doesn’t take a day off(barely).
You’ve been doing that for years, but nothing seems to change in your financial situation. You don’t even have enough money in your bank account for the rainy days. You’re still living the same life as you did 10 years ago. You keep on asking yourself, what am I doing wrong? What can I do to improve my finances?

Hey reader, can you relate?

We always hear or read about this quote from our friend Albert saying “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” I’m not saying that we’re insane, but good old Albert has a point. We can’t be doing the same thing and expect a different result.
We have to mix it up. It’s time to step up our game by improving our financial mindset.

Let’s start with your financial input mindset.
Do you always think or say that you are poor, you don’t have enough money, you can’t afford this or that? That mindset needs to change.
You need to change your financial input to improve your financial output and in order to do that, I made a list for you.
1. Read books. Not just any books but financial books and business books
2. Watch webinars. If you’re in debt you can go straight to financial literacy sites. This one’s my favorite.
Lastly, get a mentor. You don’t have to personally know that certain person. Just choose anyone to follow, heck you can even subscribe to a bunch of mentors. The internet has a sea of financial gurus and mentors. Just watch out for fake ones. My wife and I always recommend Robert Kiyosaki.

Change your financial habits.
Do not make a purchase when you are hyped by emotions. What are these emotions?
1. Excitement – This type of emotion can make you buy something in a hurry that you may end up regretting after a very short time. Pro-tip, If you want something, give it a month or two before buying it. If you still want it, buy it. You’ll most likely end up not liking it anymore.
2. Happiness – We like to reward ourselves. May it be a vacation, an expensive piece, or just an impulse buy disguised as a reward.
3. Anger – We always do this every time we feel bad or mad. Remember the term “stress shopping”? That has to stop.
4. (Not an emotion, but still valid) Do not shop when you’re hungry
Try this experiment. Eat a good meal before going in. You’ll be surprised that you only have what you need or what’s on your list in your shopping cart.

Change your financial priorities.
1. Stick to your budget – This is as basic as breathing. Create a list of things that you should prioritize to spend or pay and stick to it.
2. Track your spending – “Where did my money go?”
Have you ever asked yourself this question? Stop wondering, Track your spending. There’s a ton of paid and free spending tracker apps on Playstore and Appstore. Utilize that technology and you’ll never ask that question again.
3. Prioritize savings over rewards – After paying all your bills, rent, mortgage, etc. and you still have money left? You will be faced with 2 questions. “Should I splurge” or “should I save”. You don’t always have to choose the latter, just make it a priority.
4. And finally, INVEST. After reading all the books, watching webinars, and a couple of seasons of Shark Tank, you should have an idea of how to make your money work for you. I will not tell you what to invest in, because I trust that you know exactly what to do.

Goodluck reader,

Live Safe with Defensil Isopropyl Alcohol

Defensil Isopropyl Alcohol encourages Filipinos to live safe with many establishments slowly re-opening and allowing people to resume their pre-pandemic lifestyles.

With the nationwide vaccination program in full force, Filipinos can slowly enjoy various activities such as more dining options as well as doing physical activities by going to the gym. However, health experts continue to remind everyone to not let their guards down even as we gradually go back to normal.

As there are reports of new and potentially more contagious variants, everyone must remain vigilant through following established health protocols and getting vaccinated so we can all continue to live safe and prevent the cases from surging again.

That’s why when we do essential errands such as buying groceries, exercising outdoors, or simply going outside, disinfecting your hands and any surface you interact with goes a long way to ensure living safely for you and your family.

One way to prevent the spread of the virus is by always carrying a trusted rubbing alcohol brand that contains at least 70% alcohol solution whenever you go outdoors.

Defensil 70% Solution Isopropyl Alcohol, the alcohol recommended by the Philippine Society for Microbiology (PSM), can kill 99.9% of common germs and bacteria starts to kill them on contact so that you can safely do the activities you love wherever you are. Defensil also provides up to 12 hours of protection upon constant use so that you are protected and do activities with ease.

Skin dryness from too frequent sanitizing will also not be a worry as Defensil has moisturizing properties and is hypoallergenic, giving you one less thing to worry about when going indoors.

“We are 100% behind the government in their efforts to prevent further spread of the virus. Defensil encourages everyone to remain vigilant now more than ever and do our part in this fight towards eventually resuming our normal way of life by adhering to social Distancing and sanitation protocols, especially when doing essential errands outdoors,” shared Nikko Cruz, Brand Manager of Defensil Isopropyl Alcohol.

For more information on how to stay protected, you may visit the Defensil Isopropyl Alcohol’s Facebook page at facebook.com/defensil.philippines.


*Defensil 70% Isopropyl Alcohol was tested against Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella typhimurium, Escherichia coli or E. coli and Candida albicans

Classic Games That You Can Play Online During Your Break Time

For people like me who’s been working from home even before the pandemic started, it’s important that I do something different every once in a while to fight boredom and the feeling of being burnt out from work.

During days when the weather wouldn’t let me do some outdoor activities, I read books, bake, or play online games just to clear my mind and distract myself from feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

I love playing games that I do not need to download because I am reserving my phone’s memory for my son’s photos and videos – I am sure all moms can relate!

Browser-based games are the best when it comes to old games that you used to play when you were a kid. You can play all the old titles without having to raid your basement for your retro gaming console.

Let me share with you some of my favorite online games and I hope you can share some of yours too.

Klondike or Classic Solitaire. Who doesn’t know how to play this game? Spending a few minutes of my time playing Solitaire is nostalgic and relaxing. It reminds me of my High School days! I used to play this game after I am finished doing some homework and research.

But who’s got time to go to a store and buy a deck of playing cards? Also, since this game has been removed from Windows 10 in 2019, I just go to a gaming site and play it whenever I want. no need for real playing cards and a big table. Just click and play. It even does the shuffling for you. LOL!

I tried playing it online last night after work and didn’t notice the time. I started playing at 8 pm and noticed that I haven’t had dinner at 11 pm. I really wanted to finish the entire deck and didn’t realize that I have been playing for 3 hours. I just missed playing the Classic Solitaire. I also liked the Spider solitaire. The rules are very interesting. I still have to figure out to finish the entire deck. I’ll get back to it later.

Retro Gaming

Working from home during this time of the Pandemic can sometimes drain my energy. I have tried different things to divert my attention to like baking and sewing. But as a 90’s kid, playing my all-time favorite family computer games like Pac-Man, Tetris, etc. gives me a different feeling.  

I love playing these games as a kid because they’re not addictive and they’re super fun too! Whenever I miss playing these old titles, I download an emulator so I can play them.

It will be more awesome if you still have your old console.
I also came across the website Plays.org where I can play other games, but with similar gameplay from my browser. I don’t mind the difference in the characters since I don’t plan to spend too much time playing. It’s a good 15 to 20-minute distraction for busy people like myself.

Here are my Top 5 favorite titles and their equivalent in the browser-based gaming site

  1. Tank Wars = Battle City

If you miss shooting down brick walls using Tanks, you can go reckless with this game.

       Who would forget this hungry fella? Knock yourself out eating all the cheese while being chased by cats

  • Tetra Blocks = Tetris
    Miss the intensity of Tetris? Tetra Blocks will give you the same rush of not messing up the positions
  • Neon Invaders = Galaga
    Instead of bees, you’ll be shooting neon robots while trying not to get hit by their poopies(is what I call those)lol

Revisit the frustration of your 3rd grader self, trying to figure out how to beat this game.

Escape from the stress of being stuck at home trying to make ends meet, while balancing work and your sanity by doing things that bring you joy even for a little while. For me, it’s the old feeling of being a child again by playing my Retro Games whether through an emulator, via Plays.org, or the super rare old consoles.

Re-Create Your Salon Hair at Home in 4 Easy Steps

More than a year has passed since the shift to a new normal and the nostalgia of being able to go out as you please really hits the nail. Months of being unbothered about how we look have passed and now, the reflection we see in the mirror is just begging for the attention and maintenance that we’ve deprived ourselves of.

The unruly, overgrown, problematic hair that we now have to deal with needs the salon TLC that it deserves. By now, we all probably miss the experience of being in the salon — the smell, atmosphere, and fulfillment that a pampered and good looking head of hair makes us feel.

But, we can always take matters into our own hands. If you’re missing the confidence that salon-like results offer, here are four tips to achieve a Salontastic experience at home.

  1. Wash Your Scalp and Hair with Care

The first step for a Salontastic at home experience is to clean your hair and scalp. Since we’re used to washing hair with the same products every day, we might not notice the effect different shampoos have in how they cleanse and even protect hair from external factors. A shampoo with rice oil essence is just what your hair needs for a Salontastic experience.

Rice oil is an underrated beauty ingredient that comes from the Japanese tradition of using rice water to wash hair. The abundance of vitamin E in rice oil can help reduce inflammation and reverse damage to the hair follicles. It’s the perfect ingredient to maintain strong, long and shiny hair.

Wash your scalp and hair with care with the Pantene Long Hair Solutions: Total Damage Care Shampoo with Pro-Vitamin Formula & Japanese Rice Oil Essence Shampoo. With regular use, it ultimately helps repair damaged hair and keeps hair protected from external factors.

  • Use A Microfiber Towel

The items you use for drying your hair can also affect its look and texture just as much as the products you apply. Cotton towels have loose threads that can tangle and pull your hair, leading to breakage and frizz. Unlike textured towels, microfiber towels are made of a smoother material that create less friction on your strands. They’re gentler on different hair textures, prevent snags, and help to keep the hair cuticle smooth.

  • Use A Conditioner that Protects Your Strands

It’s important to maintain moisture in hair and provide protection from further damage by using a conditioner. Moisture keeps hair hydrated and supple, preventing it from being dry and brittle which can lead to damage.

Unlike conventional conditioners, Pantene Collagen Miracle Intensive Serum Conditioner targets damaged strands, making hair more resilient against breakage from external causes. It also has real Collagen that can bring back the natural strength of your hair. With a blend of Pro-Vitamin B5, miracle serum, and real Collagen — nutrients are sealed and moisture is locked in each strand, turning dry, frizzy hair into shiny, smoother hair every day.

If you have colored or permed hair, the Pantene Color & Perm Conditioner can also smoothen 3 months worth of hair damage in just 3 minutes.* This Pantene conditioner leaves each strand of hair with a protective layer of repair essence. Not to mention that it also helps hair color and perm last longer.

  • Cap it all off with a Miracle Treatment

Here’s the grand finale to achieve salon-like hair results. You can give your hair a boost of smoothness and shine without the grease with the Pantene Collagen Miracle Hair Treatment Shots. It has Pro-Vitamin Blends and Collagen, keeping each hair strand hydrated and replenished of lost nutrients.

After rinsing your conditioner, squeeze the excess water from your hair and apply the Collagen Treatment Shots. Leave it on for 10 minutes while wrapped in a warm towel then wash with room-temp water. You can air dry or blow dry your hair after, and style it as you please.

The salon experience will surely be missed, but now you can feel like every day is a salon day with Pantene. And it only takes as easy as four tips to pamper yourself with salon-quality treatment at home. For more tips, tricks, and DIY methods to maintain Salontastic hair, visit the Pantene’s guide to salon level hair.

Head over to the P&G Shopee Mall store and checkout all the Pantene products you need for a salon experience at home with Salontastic hair results.

*With continuous use.

Coffee That’s Really Good For You: Glorious, Isn’t It?

For decades, coffee had received a bad reputation. Besides allegedly triggering high blood pressure, insomnia, and hyperacidity, the Filipino habit of adding lots of sugar and cream to one’s cup has been said to aggravate diabetes.

While there’s no denying the Pinoy coffee fan his morning cup, there is concern over the amount of sugar present in commercial 3-in-1 coffee mixes. The leading brand has 14.6 grams of sugar in one 20-gram sachet alone. Imagine how much sugar you’re taking in if you drink an average of three cups of coffee a day.

What About Sugar-Free Coffee?

For health-conscious individuals, especially diabetics, turning to sugar-free coffee mixes seems to be the only option. This meant enduring tasteless cups of coffee just to satisfy their caffeine fix —until Stevia came along.

Stevia is the low calorie, zero sugar sweetener that tastes so much better than artificial sweeteners.

Stevia is an herb with a sweet-tasting extract that comes from the leaves of the Stevia rebaudiana plant. It has been enjoyed since pre-Columbian South America where indigenous people used the herb to sweeten their tea and other drinks.

The plant’s taste stems from steviol glycosides, molecules which are 250–300 times sweeter than regular sugar.

It became popular among health-conscious individuals because stevia has a very low caloric content. This makes it perfect for dieters and people who are trying to lose weight.

Moreover, Stevia makes coffee and tea taste so much better without adding any calories. Aside from beverages, Stevia is also used as an alternative sweetener when cooking or baking.

The Health Advantages of Stevia

Stevia is a safe, healthy sugar substitute that can sweeten up food without the negative health effects of refined sugar. It’s also associated with several impressive benefits such as reduced calorie intake, managed blood sugar levels, and minimized risk of cavities.

Additionally, while other sugar substitutes like Aspartame have been linked with cancer, there’s no evidence linking stevia to cancer since it is a natural ingredient.

This means you can add stevia to dishes and drinks without fear that you’re taking too much sugar, or that you’ll get sick a few years down the road.

For coffee lovers, it’s also good to note that locally-made Glorious Blend coffees and instant beverages have Stevia as its natural sweetener. The blend of natural and healthful ingredients make the drink not only refreshing and safe, but also good for one’s overall health.

The Glorious Blend boasts a full line of healthy drinks, including a 7-in-1 healthy coffee mix. This special blend is made with proven medicinal ingredients like Malunggay, Mangosteen, Calcium, Gotu Kola, and sweetened with Sweet & Fit Stevia. What’s even better is that the Glorious Blend 7in1 Coffee is non-acidic and promotes regular bowel movement.

The Glorious line-up also includes the 3-in-1 coffee mix with Stevia; 7-in-1 choco mix; 4-in-1 coffee with Malunggay; 5-in-1 coffee mix with Brown Rice; and the MaxiTrim coffee.

All Glorious Blend beverages use Stevia which has no calories, no carbohydrates, and zero glycemic index. All of their instant drinks will keep you alert and energized throughout the day.

Also, Glorious Blend products are locally sourced and manufactured. Their company supports local farmers, stevia growers, and other agricultural communities.

So if you’ve been cutting back on drinking coffee because of health problems like diabetes or hyper acidity, Glorious Blend coffee mixes are here to help. You can enjoy all the aroma and flavor of freshly made coffee all day —without the guilt!

Now, you can drink coffee for better health! Glorious, isn’t it?

For more information about Glorious Blend coffee mixes, check out https://www.facebook.com/gloriousblend.

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