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Best Features of OPPO F1s

There are so many mid range Smart phones nowadays that promises excellent camera features. I bought one myself but kind of dismayed with my photos. I think for phones like this, you really need some photography skills to be able to produce a photo or even a selfie-shot that is worthy to be posted on your Social Media accounts.

Have you guys heard about the Oppo F1s? This beast of a phone is making rounds in the social media world, and of course wanted to see it for myself. I am not as gifted as Migs when it comes to photography. I mean, he can take good shots event with a watermelon. I told him that if I can take beautiful shots with Oppo F1s, then I might consider buying one for myself.

So, we headed to the nearest Gadget store and asked the beautiful staff if I can try the Camera features of this much talked about smart phone.

Here are the specs of the Oppo F1s.

16MP Front Camera

For people who likes taking selfies low light situation is a nightmare, but it looks like the universe answered your prayers! Imagine a 16MP front facing camera where you can snap a killer selfie using touch, voice and a palm gesture. Isn’t that amazing? Their front beauty camera has a 1/3.1-inch sensor and an F/2.0 aperture which allows more light to enter the camera. Who doesn’t want a natural-looking selfie even on low light, huh?


night time selfie (photo credit: www.oppo.com)

Beautify 4.0

Women will surely love this feature. Imagine being able to hide a zit or blemishes in a natural way. This feature allows users to capture their very best looks without looking like a caricature. LOL!


Oppo F1s do not just give you endless opportunities to be creative with their filters but you also have the option to add the date, time, temperature, etc to your photo. That means, you will never forget when you created those beautiful memories from your phone. Plus for bloggers like myself, I don’t need to buy an app just to be able to add a logo on my photos because it comes with this feature for FREE!

Selfie Panorama

Okay, I admit. I am one of those people who’s really bad with “groufies”. Guess what, their phone has a feature where you can take a wide angle selfie which means, no one will be left behind. Selfie sticks will be a thing of the past. The F1s automatically stitches together the photos for you.

13MP Rear Camera

Of course, DSLR is still the best choice if you want to be a professional photographer. But for people like me who’s most of the time too lazy to bring a DSLR, I need a phone that can capture exceptionally clear and detailed photos. The F1s sports a 13MP rear camera with industry-leading imaging chip. A 1/3.06-inch sensor will simply make your night shots “intagrammable”!

A Beauty to See and To Hold

I have never seen a smart phone as elegant as Oppo F1s. It’s not too small but also not too big for a lady. The 5.5 inch screen is perfect for typing SMS, reading an e-book and even watching videos. The 2.5 Corning Gorilla glass 4 also makes this phone worthy of every centavo.


visit their facebook page

0.22s Touch Access

Who would have thought that a phone as reasonably-priced at Oppo F1s has this feature?
They made their sensor snappier and more accurate. So, the more frequent you use this feature, the more sensitive it can be. Coolness!

Customizeable figerprint-activated app launch

Find out how it works by clicking this link.

3GB RAM with an MT6750 octa-core processor. Faster Than Ever!

This for me is the second best feature of OPPO F1s! I am a multi-tasker and this is what I really need. Multitasking with this baby will be buttery smooth. Switching from app to app will be seamless. Thanks to the  ginornous 3GB of RAM paired with a Mediatek MT6750 octa-core processor.

Dual-Sim + Individual SD Slot

I own an online shop so, I am using two contact numbers. So, yeah. I am using two phones because of that. But hey, the SIM tray has two 4G SIM Slots supporting top speeds of up to 150 mbps and a dedicated micro SD card slot. This will give me more room for my products’ photos. I can ditch the other phone and just bring a power bank. So convenient, right?


All-New ColorOS 3.0 Based On Android 5.1

Faster, Steadier, Better. You do not need to be super techie to understand this: No more lagging!

Of all the Smart Phones that I tested in search for the best phone to replace what I am currently using, Oppo F1s is on top of my list. It’s beautifully created and doesn’t come with a shocking price tag. Yes! It’s one of the best mid range phone for only P12,990! (ref: Oppo FB page)

Comment below and let me know what you think.

Zoomanity launches Zooper Cruise

Who says you need to leave the Metro to relax? We both studied Tertiary in Manila but didn’t really had the chance to explore the area. Now is the perfect time for us to rediscover the busiest City in the Philippines.

The Philippines is well-endowed with many beautiful tourist attractions, yet many Filipinos as well as foreign tourists have not yet discovered the beauty of Metro Manila. Zoomanity Group with an aim to promote education and environmental conservation of Pasig River launches Zooper Cruise, a zooper unique cruise experience under Zoomanity Foundation.

Started last August 25, 2016, Zooper Cruise will be a specially arranged tour in Pasig River every first Saturday of the month. For as slow as P699 to P1, 999, you will get a chance to rediscover the beauty of historical places in Manila like Intramuros and Fort Santiago, highlighting also the World’s 1st and biggest China Town. The tour is complete with good ambiance and music, snacks and drinks, photo souvenir and a lot more.

Zooper Cruise is the newest project under Zoomanity Foundation which is part of our company social responsibility. It caters the 4 pillars of our mission and vision which are Education, Entertainment, Environmental Conservation and Exhibit.


Briefly, Zoomanity Group is one of the leading companies in the theme park industry in the Philippines under the Yupangco Group of Companies. We have more than 30 years of experience in the field and at present, we have eight operating local and international parks namely Zoobic Safari in Subic, Zoocobia Fun Zoo in Clark, Clarkzilla in Clark, Residence Inn in Tagaytay, Paradizoo in Mendez, Cavite, Zoocolate Thrills in Bohol, Zootopia in Nagano, Japan and Animal Research and Development Park in Victoria Australia.

Rediscover the splendor of Manila historical landmarks. To know more about this Zooper Cruise experience, contact us at 899-9819/ 899-9824/0917-9521371 or visit www.zoomanity.com.ph.

TAG media and public relations is the marketing, branding and public relation company of Zoomanity Group. For our events and services, send inquiry to grace@tagmedia.asia or call 09166299381

Our Shopback Wish List

Hi there!

The second half of the year is over and if you haven’t created an account at Shop back yet, well, you are missing A LOT! You may have previously shopped online and enjoyed the item that you purchased. But wouldn’t it be more fun to shop and earn cash back? I’ll be sharing with you our Shop back wish list so you’ll get a glimpse of the stuff that you can shop online thru shop back.

As you all know, Migs just recovered from Tuberculosis. The juicer that we have at home is about to retire. Having a juice extractor will be very helpful for me in serving healthy drinks for Migs. Plus, it is made by a trusted brand! I bet some of you would want one too. It’s from Lazada, and you know what that means – you have three options to pay the item. Card, installment (thru card) or pay it upon delivery (Cash-on-delivery).


My DSLR got molds because I haven’t used it for months. So, I am thinking about upgrading my smart phone because buying a new camera is too expensive and sometimes, I am too lazy to carry a camera around. I have been reading a lot about Flash Plus 2  and I am definitely adding this to our wish list!



Because of all the things that Migs and I have been through this year, I know we deserve another vacation! It would be lovely to spend his birthday in one of our favorite destinations – Boracay! Do you know that you can actually earn cash by booking a flight at Expedia thru shop back? Look at this great deal.


That completes our wish list! I would love to read yours too! Did you know that  Shop back can actually grant your wish? How? First, you need to create a Shop back account. Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to: Shop back website and create an account by clicking the Sign-up button at the upper right corner of the web page.
  2. Supply your email address and create your password. Don’t forget to let them know that you read about Shop back through our blog! Please enter my e-mail address  (alainealejandrino@gmail.com) on the referrer’s field.
  3. Browse, shop and start earning cash backs! Don’t forget to refer your friends so you can earn additional cash!

You can down load a Shop back mobile app too so, you can shop and earn anytime, anywhere!


You can find out more here: https://www.shopback.ph/blog/post/win-a-wish-from-shopback

As for the contest, all you’d have to do is blog about items you’d really like to get (just like what I did) and you stand a chance to win one of them

So, what are you guys waiting for?

Happy shopping!

Fresh breath in 10 seconds

Have you ever been in an awkward situation where you chose not to speak because you’re not too confident with how your breath smells? Well, you don’t have to worry because even if you’re in the middle of closing a deal after a sumptuous meal, you can have an instant fresh breath! Swish finally launched an awesome product for people on the go. Of course, brushing your teeth and visiting your dentists regularly is the best way to keep your pearly whites healthy.

What we love about swish breath spray is that it’s so small that it can fit your pockets or your cute clutches for the ladies. It’s better than taking gums or mints with you because Swish is Sugar and alcohol-free. It also kills bad breath-causing bacteria so it doesn’t just mask odor. Switch is also made by a trusted and leading company – Unilab so, you know that it’s not just effective and safe – it is also affordable. Having fresh breath in an instant only cost P1.00 per spray!

Closing a deal, proposing or spreading news? Always remember to #SayItWithSwish!


Available in Mercury Drug, Watsons, South Star, Robinsons, Puregold, Shopwise and other select drugstores/supermarkets nationwide.

To know more about Swish, please follow their social media accounts:

Twitter | Facebook | Official Website


Protect yourself this Rainy Season

Although we have stocks of vitamins at home, we oftentimes fail to take them on a daily basis. I guess we’re too occupied with our jobs and we’re always in a rush. We regret not taking our daily doze vitamins when my husband caught Tuberculosis. We thought that having no vices and eating the right food is enough to boost our energy and immune system. But we were wrong. There are many things that contributed to Migs’ illness and we’ve learned our lesson. Too bad that we learned it the hard way.

When Migs was confined, I immediately bought vitamins to protect myself from the virus that I might get from him. I am now regularly taking Enervon, a nutritional supplement to help promote increased energy and enhance the immune system. Enervon gave me the strength  to continue working even if I didn’t have enough sleep. I continued taking Enervon because I’m getting good results. I never caught flu since Migs’ confinement. 8 hours of sleep, proper diet, exercise and right vitamins can really boost our immune system.


To protect my skin for looking dull and becoming dry because I had to stay light at times, I take Myra-E. Myra-E doesn’t only help me maintain healthy skin and eyes but it also help me improve my nerve functions and help prevent onset of neuromuscular degenerative diseases.


These are my two favorite products from Unilab. What’s yours? If you haven’t tried any of their products, please check out their website. There are more than 1,000 Unilab products for your family’s needs and these products are meticulously checked by 3,000 experts. I am sure you’ll find the perfect vitamins/supplements for you and your family.


Stay healthy and enjoy the rest of the week!



Do you already have plans for the Summer?  You should consider booking a room at Bakasyunan Resort in Tanay, Rizal. If you’re wondering why, read on. I bet you’ll be making a reservation any moment after reading this article.


Bakasyunan Resort and Conference Center located at Tanay, Rizal is a perfect sanctuary for vacation and relaxation for any individual, couple or groups. Nestled in a 15-hectare forest property with a spectacular view of the Sierra Madre Mountains and Laguna de bay, Bakasyunan have been a tourist and vacation destination for fun and adventure.


The resort offers room accommodation, team building facilities, conference/seminar rooms and an events venue where you can celebrate your Wedding or any small and big gatherings. The amazing view will definitely make your events extra special.




They have a total of 94 rooms and guest can choose from double, quadruple, family and dorm type rooms.B4

Exciting and fun amenities awaits you and your loved ones!




price list

price list 2


Have fun this Summer and start your adventure at Bakasyunan Resort. For inquiries and reservations please contact:

Bakasyunan Resort Head Office (Monday-Friday 9am-6pm)

Tel. Nos.: 02-4401230 / 4408802 / 7064509

Mobile: 09175755116 / 09178303438

Email: bakasyunanmarketing1@gmail.com


Bakasyunan Resort Tanay, Rizal

02-8814515 / 09175755120 (Everyday 7am-10pm)


Bakasyunan Resort Iba, Zambales (Beach Resort)

02-6688986 / 09175755158 (Everyday 7am-10pm)


You can also reach them through their facebook pages.



Oh My Bag Base Shaper

Anyone who owns a Louis Vuitton Speedy or a bag of its kind can definitely relate to how I feel about getting my things organized without ruining its “signature form”. I’ve tried Oh My Bag’s Base Shaper and not only that they customize their shaper to the style and size of a Louis Vuitton Speedy, you also get to choose a color. I got myself a brown one which blends well with my purse.


The item is fairly priced for Php 200 and was sewn neatly.



Though I love how the products helped me in organizing my stuff, I still prefer using a pouch inside my purse rather than making it appear that it’s not authentic by adding a form. I am also afraid that the base shaper would ruin my bag in the long run because it’ll create edges at the bottom. Planning on trying out other items from Oh My Bag. I am sure they have an item suited for a consumer like me. I have others bags that need some TLC too. Thinking of buying a bag water protector for our summer getaway!

Check out Oh My Bag products from their social media accounts:
IG: ohmybagphils | Twitter: ohmybagph | www.ohmybag.com.ph

Be Beautiful Inside and Out with Myra Facial Wash

If you’re like me who is not an avid fan of make-up especially during regular days, having a clear skin is important. As many people say, our skin is our best calling card. You get people’s attention if you have clear skin and it’s actually a reflection of how you take good care of yourself.

Aside from taking Myra E vitamins, I also love their facial wash products. Not only that their products are affordable and effective, they are also suited for Asian skin.

Here are the two facial products to watch out for. I have been using these products for a week and I’ve already noticed improvements. None of these products caused allergic reactions to my skin.


Myra VitaWhite Whitening Facial Wash
Deeply cleanses skin and rids it from dirt and excess oil while making skin look naturally white in as early as 7 days.
Has Biowhite Complex which is derived from plant extracts that gently whitens skin.
Has Niacinamide that evens out skin tone by reducing red blotches to make skin more radiant.
Enriched with antioxidant Vitamin E beads which protect and nourish skin to help keep it healthy with a youthful glow
Hypoallergenic and Dermatologist-tested. Your assurance that it is mild, gentle, and safe for everyday use
Best used with Myra Facial Moisturizer or Myra BB Cream for added coverage during daytime.

Myra Vitasmooth Hydrating Facial Wash
HYDRATES & SMOOTHEN for healthier and smoother skin
Deeply cleanses skin and rids it from dirt and excess oil while maintaining skin’s natural moisture to help keep it healthy, soft, and young-looking.
Has Moisture Plus formula that retains and seals in skin’s natural moisture, keeping it hydrated and more supple.
Contains French Spring Sea Water and Aloe Vera Extract that improves skin elasticity and helps keep it smooth and young-looking
Enriched with antioxidant Vitamin E beads which protect and nourish skin to help keep it healthy with a youthful glow.


Be beautiful inside and out with Myra facial wash!



To celebrate the holidays, Manila Pavilion Hotel has laid out a delightful Christmas décor for a season filled with appreciation recognizing Filipino Tradition. Guests will have the opportunity to have a good sight of the nativity, Christmas trees, and papier-mâché replica of children celebrating such festive holiday and indulge in culinary creations designed to capture the spirit of the Christmas season.


“It’s a minimalistic design yet on point to the Filipino culture” says Kassy Pajarillo, Marketing Manager of Manila Pavilion Hotel. “I’ve learned, Christmas Day is an exciting time for everyone, being celebrated not just the entire December but throughout the –ber months.” Shared by the native American-Japanese General Manager, Jim Boyles. “We also included welcoming delicacies (Puto bong bong, bibingka, hot cocoa and kape barako) close to a Filipino’s heart to the room accommodation packages for only Php 4,200 and Misa de gallo to those who wouldn’t want to miss a tradition.” He added.

Throughout December, guests will have the opportunity to purchase Christmas goodies and hampers in Manila Pavilion’s in-house pop-up store.

In celebration of Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, guests will be able to discover a magical night as Seasons Lifestyle Restaurant will be offering Chef Giovanni Sias’ redefined Filipino dinner buffet for Php 999 and a countdown menu with champagne, poppers and entertainment only for Php 1999.


For further information or to make a reservation, please call Manila Pavilion Hotel on (632) 5261212 or message via Facebook. Alternatively, bookings can be made online atwww.waterfrontpavilionm


City Savor Holiday foodie festival coming to Makati, Ortigas and BGC

What will the holiday season be without indulging in delicious food? This, accompanied with the Filipino’s love for get togethers with friends and loved ones makes December even more special. Make that extra special with CITY SAVOR: A Holiday Food Crawl Like No Other coming your way this December 5, 12, and 19!


The love for food partnered with the merrymaking spirit of the Season is what inspired Robinsons Land Corporation (RLC) to host City Savor in its premium residential developments, namely The Sapphire Bloc in Ortigas (December 5), Signa Designer Residences in Makati (December 12), and The Trion Towers in Bonifacio Global City (December 19). The event will be held from 10:00AM to 9:00PM for each schedule.

City Savor’s list of food establishments will vary slightly per schedule. The participating concessionaires include ChocoATBP, Mac & Jar, Baguettini, Global Beer Exchange, Cannoli & Co., Caramba, Snack Box, Bayani Brew, Saddam’s Shawarma, Buccino’s Ice Cream Experiments, Eenie Minni Cupcakes & Cookies, The Juice Stand, Wagger, Sabao, Bait’s, Crisp on 28th, Pink Panda, Pipino Vegetarian, Hillside Café & Juice Bar, Habitual Coffee, Liquido Maestro, Boom’s Cold Brew Coffee, Standford Shaw, Pedro Brewcrafters, Bald Baker, Jertie’s Kitchen, Cucina Cuenca, Comer Y Comic, Traydor Hot Sauce, Schmidt’s Gourmet Hotdogs, Boneless Bob, Jimmy D’s, and Snow Shack among others.


The vibrant locations of RLC’s master-planned developments make the City Savor event even more special for the Yuletide Season, being nestled in foodie districts that people frequent for night outs and events.

City Savor’slist of food establishmentswill vary slightly per schedule. The participating concessionaires include ChocoATBP, Mac & Jar, Baguettini, Global Beer Exchange, Cannoli & Co., Caramba, Snack Box, Bayani Brew, Saddam’s Shawarma, Buccino’s Ice Cream Experiments, Eenie Minni Cupcakes & Cookies, The Juice Stand, Wagger, Sabao, Bait’s, Crisp on 28th, Pink Panda, Pipino Vegetarian, Hillside Café & Juice Bar, Habitual Coffee, Liquido Maestro, Boom’s Cold Brew Coffee, Standford Shaw, Pedro Brewcrafters, Bald Baker, Jertie’s Kitchen, Cucina Cuenca, Comer Y Comic, Traydor Hot Sauce, Schmidt’s Gourmet Hotdogs, Boneless Bob, Jimmy D’s, and Snow Shack among others.

The vibrant locations of RLC’s master-planned developments make the City Savor event even more special for the Yuletide Season, being nestled in foodie districts that people frequent for night outs and events.

For one, The Sapphire Bloc at the Ortigas CBD gives residents and urbanites a taste of the authentic city lifestyle. The Art Deco-style development is also known for its very own lifestyle hub with artisan restaurants like the Moonshine Public Urban Bar (PUB), The Stockpile, Cable Car, Sobremesa and the Starbucks Reserve, to name a few.

The Trion Towers, on the other hand, alters the BGC skyline with its state-of-the-art, tri-axial architectural design. Its location puts it near the Fort Strip, Bonifacio High Street, Market! Market!, Serendra and other countless dining and commercial centres scattered all over the CBD.

For the Signa Designer Residences in Makati, high life is savoured at the upscale gastronomic locale of the Salcedo Village. Its resto strip comprises of Mothership F&B brands namely Sabao, Baits and Sprout, as well as a Starbucks Reserve.

It won’t be a complete holiday feast celebration without entertainment and giveaways!Residents of the RLC developments and guests will be serenaded by performers likeKeiko Necesario (Dec. 5 at The Sapphire Bloc & Dec. 19 at The Trion Towers), Toni B (Dec. 5 at The Sapphire Bloc), Evee Simon (Dec. 12 at Signa Designer Residences), Pasta Groove(Dec. 12 at Signa Designer Residences & Dec. 19 at The Trion Towers), and Hoochie Coochie Mikkie (Dec. 12 at Signa Designer Residences & Dec. 19 at The Trion Towers). Visit the events for prizes and surprises too!

The weekends of Decembers mean get-togethers for us Filipinos, and RLC along with the event’s partners are all about offering venues that bring together awesome food and entertainment all in one place. CITY SAVOR will redefine what holiday feasting is all about.

Robinsons Land Corporation in partnership with Ampersand Collective and McCormick Philippines will hold the City Savor: A Holiday Food Crawl Like No Other on Dec. 5 at the Sapphire Bloc in Ortigas City, Dec. 12 at the Signa Designer Residences in Makati and Dec. 19 at The Trion Towers at the Bonifacio Global City. The event will be held from 10:00AM to 9:00PM for each schedule. Special thanks to sponsors Zomato and Marketa.ph, and media partners Juice.ph, WhenInManila.com, ClickTheCity.com, AktivShow, PYE.ph, and 1 Digimedia Audiovisuals Inc.


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