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Heneral Luna is now on its 4th must see week

We don’t always come across a Filipino movie that is entertaining, moving and relevant at the same time.

Heneral Luna is one of the movies that will leave a big stamp on our film industry. This is a movie that we would like our grand kids to see in the future. The Director and the entire crew did a great job in making this film as realistic, accurate, period correct and entertaining as possible. It has a very serious topic and tone but you will not find yourself dozing off due to boredom. We will no longer go into details because other reviews already did that and we don’t want to spoil it for the once who has not seen the film yet.

We were the first ones to see Heneral Luna on the big screen. Along with a few senior citizens, you can really count the number of people inside the movie house. The little voices inside our heads are saying “Oh, our country still have 16 patriots and 14 of them are Seniors”. Cool. We all enjoyed the masterpiece and gave it a standing ovation as it ends. We just felt sad that the population who needs to see this epic film is more interested in infidelity movies.

When the news came out that movie houses are taking out Heneral Luna from their cinemas, a lot of people got upset because we firmly believe that this Biopic really deserves a chance to be seen by many. Good thing that good reviews started pouring in and discussions were started all over social media. Finally, Heneral Luna is getting the attention.

Now. Heneral Luna is on its 4th week, and we can still hear a lot of people wanting to see it. This masterpiece has now reached its goal of earning Php200M to seal the deal for a sequel. So expect another movie that is worth our time and money.



Migs and Alaine

The Wolf of Wall Street – A tale of Avarice

From the award winning Director, Martin Scorsese comes another must-see film starring Leonardo DiCaprio as the Wolf of Wall Street.

This is a comedy film based on Jordan Belfort’s life before he became a motivational speaker.

A tale of avarice, telling a story of a man who started as a stockbroker and made his way to the top through stock manipulation and fraud leading him to his fall.

We couldn’t deny it, this film should be seen by marketing and sales officers. This can also be a great material for a sales training seminar.
For Leonardo’s fans,well, this film required him to show more flesh but we still think that he was able to carry out those scenes with class and undeniably good acting. 

Have a great weekend!

Migs and Alaine

Boy Golden: A gritty and entertaining gangster film

Finally, we were able to watch Boy Golden. Ever since ER Estregan bravely made a re-make of Manila Kingpin/Asyong Salonga, he immediately earned our respect and we have been watching his MMFF entries for three consecutive years. 

We love gangster films!

In our opinion, Boy Golden should have been given the “best cinematography” award. The film was colorful and they even made use of old Cortal poster and Coca-cola wall paintings. Vintage cars and the artists’ wardrobe also proved that the film makers did their home work. 

As expected, Baron Geisler and lead star, ER Estregan gave their best.
Although KC Concepcion’s first fight scene was a bit long, she was the most commendable artist in this film. Her facial expressions are so sincere.

With all due respect to Maricel Soriano’s fans…watching this film is enough reason to give Concepcion the Best Actress award.

We hope that ER Estregan and Chito Rono will not grow tired of making films like this. We couldn’t fathom why MMFF only gave the “best float” award for Boy Golden. 

PS: ang pangit ng poster.

Migs and Alaine

10,000 hours

Hello, everyone! 

Sorry about being a little late with this movie review. We’ve been working even during the holidays and just watched MMFF’s best picture for 2013. We were supposed to watch Boy Golden first but we got curious when we found out that 10,000 hours won as the best picture and yet, it didn’t become the top grosser. 

We are tired of watching Filipino movies that are not only out of the budget but are too shallow that you can already guess how it’s going to end just by watching the trailer! We love Filipino film makers who are brave enough to gamble on high quality films such as 10,000 hours! Did we say high quality? The cinematography is not like those of local films where your eyes will sore because such films wouldn’t even pass for a TVshow. Are the Amsterdam scenes really shot in Europe? Because the cars were left hand driven. Props to Director Joyce Bernal for dropping her old ways of bringing crappy movies in to the big screen. Carla Humphries was also a good pick as Isabelle. We couldn’t think of any Filipina actress who can portray the role well. Bela Padila is also a good choice.
She reminds us of Bea Alonzo, only prettier and a better actress.

Although we grew up watching Robin Padilla films, we think that this is Padilla’s best performance ever! Why? Because there wasn’t a chance that we got distracted with his “bad boy antics”. Padilla’s wardrobe were really good – just the right wardrobe our well-dressed Senator would wear. There wasn’t too much action scenes that made the film more realistic. 

The Medina father and son are our favorites! Don’t you just love how natural they portray every role that is given to them? No wonder Pen Medina bagged the best supporting actor award.

10,000 hours is a film that should be watched by every Filipino. We guarantee that your money will not be put to waste. 

Enjoy your weekend!

Migs and Alaine

Runner, Runner

 Hello,beautiful people!

Have you seen Runner, runner?
We’ve been wanting to see this film because of Ben Affleck who hasn’t been in the big screen for a long time.

The story revolves around the lives of a Princeton University student who plays online poker to pay his tuition fee and a gambling lord. When Richie lost all his money after being cheated, he did everything he could to get close to the big-boss (Ivan Block) to get all his money back. To Richie’s surprise, he was asked to stick around and work for him.   

If you haven’t seen the film yet,
don’t miss the chance to see Ben Affleck before he becomes Batman. LOL!

Justin Timberlake (Richie Furst)
Gemma Arterton(Rebecca Shafran)
Ben Affleck(Ivan Block)

Thanks to Globe Prepaid for the free movie passes and some goodies.

Have a great weekend!

Migs and Alaine

OTJ movie review

OTJ Poster

A dark crime thriller, neo-noir with a gangster feel. Finally, a local film that is worth every Peso.

The film stars Gerald Anderson (Daniel) and Joel Torre (Tatang/Mario) who are jail inmates being released from time to time to eliminate “targets” as hired killers.

On the other hand, Joey Marquez (SP01 Acosta) and Piolo Pascual (NBI agent Coronel) are the good guys who plays as law enforcers.

The film has been said to be based on true to life events which we find very timely with all the issues that our country is facing as of the moment.

The actors gave justice to their given roles. Although Joel Torre, Piolo Pascual and Joey Marquez showcased their acting prowess as expected, we must say that Gerald Anderson deserves a big round of applause for dropping his boy next door image and man it out in this film. Every scene appears to be so realistic. The city streets, dialogues, expressions, and even the clothes worn by the actors. Kudos to the wardrobe team for making the characters look like the real deal, and not making them wear neat signature clothes (if you’ve watched some previous local films you’ll get what we’re sayin’).


It kind of reminded us of the film “The Departed” or “Infernal affairs“.

It was showed in Cannes early this year and received a two minute standing ovation . Joel Torre even took home the best actor award from a Korean award giving body. It is also said that there will be an American adaptation.

OTJ is a true work of art. This is the kind of movie that Filipinos should patronize and should be proud of.


Migs and Alaine Alejandrino

*photos from Google

Movie Date

We had the craziest schedule for four weeks! Yesterday,I decided to wake up early and drop by my husband’s workplace  so we could catch The Great Gatsby before I go to work.


The movie is a perfect adaptation of Fitzgerald’s novel.


The party scenes are breath taking. Fancy clothes and Tiffany and Company collection are specially crafted for this film for that glitz and glamor vibe. Everything is so grand that I wished I was actually there!



who can resist that smile?

who can resist that smile?

Leonardo diCaprio is darn good, I must say.

Have a great day, Old Sport!


Mrs. Alejandrino

*photo credit: Google

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