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DIY- Cupcake Tower

Hi, guys!

Today, I’ll be sharing with you how to make a cute cupcake tower for less than Php100.00!
This will only take 30-45 minutes of your time. It took me 45 minutes since I need to take photos in between.

You may find that the dimensions are a bit small for your liking. If you wanted a bigger cupcake tower you just have to start with a bigger base circle.


a pair of scissors
3 yards of ribbon (2.5″ x 108″)
card board / multi-purpose board (28″ x 19″)
3 round plates in different sizes
glue gun
2 small size glue sticks

1. Place the plates on top of the multi-purpose board and with a pencil, draw a line around the plates. Cut out the circles with your pair of scissors.

2. To make a base, cut 2 pcs. of 4″ x 6″ cardboard, then draw a vertical line and make a mark until the center. Cut from the top to the mark. Insert the two card boards together
using the cut marks. Make a wide base for your second tier so it would not wobble.
The base that I used at the bottom of the tower is also made from cardboard with a width of 2.5″ which I glued to the biggest cardboard circle.

3. Measure out the center of the cardboard circles where the base would go. Glue each base to the center to create your tower.

4. Attach the ribbon around the sides of the cardboard circles using a glue stick. Double sided tape is also an option.

Your tower is now ready for your cupcakes!

This tower was able to hold 6 regular sized cupcakes 13 chocolate balls and some colorful candies.

Total cost: Php. 72.50

Happy weekend!


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Wedding Invites

The recent “Habagat” made us decide to cut our budget for our Wedding. And as we looked closely into the details of our Wedding, invitations are what we thought wouldn’t have to be paid that much importance. After all, there are only few people who will keep Wedding invites.

Few months before our Wedding, we created a Wedding website at mywedding.com where we posted all the information for our then upcoming wedding. Mywedding.com is one of the most user –friendly among the Wedding Websites that we’ve checked. Plus, if you’re using an iPhone, you can download an app so you get to update your details anytime, anywhere.

Of course there are guests who still prefer to receive a hard copy of our Wedding Invite. I (Migs) downloaded a program where you can create your own Invitation in a matter of minutes. I borrowed a printer, bought a paper cutter (for only P800.00), envelopes, papers, and started printing our Wedding Invites. We only printed about 30 copies and distributed them to some friends and sponsors.




A little creativity saved us time and money.

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