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KanTalk: Dutertrolls Unite

We can’t believe that it has almost been a year since the last Presidential elections. Maybe some of you are very vocal with your Political views and may have lost friends along the way. We have also lost a handful of friends when we chose to campaign for the DuCay tandem (Duterte-Cayetano). Some raised eyebrows, some unfriended us or even blocked us after seeing a series of posts on our Social Media accounts. We also got caught up in some heated arguments which we do not take personally. We have our own bets, our own biases and we respect everyone the same way that we wanted to be respected.

But, we always stand up on our beliefs when needed. I (Alaine) never supported LP because I am not fully convinced with Ninoy’s heroism. One of my uncles was the one who carried his dead body at the airport along with other soldiers. They were all put to jail for more than 20 years. These soldiers  along with their family members suffered for two decades for a crime who knows who committed. When the late Cory Aquino became president due to snap elections, the Aquino-Galman case was not even resolved.

When Noynoy Aquino became our President, we didn’t post nasty things about him on our Social Media accounts, in fact  we did a lot of research about the things that he has done and still doing as our President. I would say some are impressive. But when these issues about Yolanda TyphoonHacienda Luisita, Lumad Killings,  and SAF44 took place, we began doubting his intentions.  Didn’t he promise that we, as citizens will be his boss? We were also turned off with how he enjoyed blaming the former President Gloria Macapal-Arroyo for every negative thing that has happened to our country.

When Duterte finally announced that he is running for President – just like every responsible citizen did, we researched. We asked people that we know from Davao City to make sure that the news about him are true. Miguel spent his teenage years in Taguig City sans our support for Cayetano.

We couldn’t fathom how and why would a certain political party would accuse a Social media influencer or blogger a troll for voicing out his or her opinions.

Quoting Atty. Darwin Cañete‘s facebook post last February 11, 2017.

Accusing President Duterte of paying bloggers betrays gross ignorance of the man. If he were to pay anyone, it would be mainstream media. Bloggers are, numbers aside, untested investments. A payolaed reporter guarantees column space and favorable airtime. Not to mention the guy is a notorious cheapskate and doesn’t care about what you write about him. Now, those anonymous anti-Duterte websites and pages? Someone funds them. You can bet your ass on that one. ”

Have they forgotten about Freedom of Expression?

We have so much respect for bloggers like Sass Rogando Sasot, Rj Nieto of Thinking Pinoy and Mocha Uson that we didn’t let the opportunity of joining them in a live KanTalk pass us by. It was a chance for us to learn more things about the Government and our Laws since one of the guests was Atty. Rose Beatrix “Trixie” Cruz-Angeles. Dra. Lorraine Marie Badoy, the newly appointed DSWD Assistant Secretary also graced the event.

KanTalk was the very first political event that we attended and we’re very thankful for the wisdom that were imparted to us. As Social Media influencers, they reminded us to respect other people’s freedom of expression whether or not they agree with our beliefs. Because at the end of the day, we are all Filipinos and should care for whatever is good for our country and the next generation.

Photo from Thinking Pinoy’s Facebook Page

We were also encouraged to take a stand on issues by calling the attention of our local government officers like Mayors and Congressmen. 95% of the attendees were professionals – Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers and Nurses to name a few.

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Contrary to what the other mainstream media reported, through the effort of RJ Nieto, Social Media influencers  (anti or pro Duterte) can sign up to be a member of Malacañang’s Social Media Press Corps.

It’s about time to prove who the real trolls are. Everyone should come out and stop hiding under the cloak of anonymity unless, they have a different intention other than making the Philippines a better country.

Disclaimer: Miguel and I were not compensated nor encouraged to write this post.

I Would Rather Go Hungry Than Eat Filipino Food Again…NOT!

This is a response blog post to I Would Rather Go Hungry Than Eat Filipino Food Again

Hi Angness,

First, we’d like to thank you for visiting our country! We salute you for staying on a budget of only $25.00 per day. That is AWESOME! We couldn’t fathom how you decided to keep up with that little amount of money in a third world country specially that you’re looking for “authentic” Filipino dishes.

Quoting your blog entry:
 “It is commonly believed that Filipino food has also been defined by a melting pot of influences, springing from the Spaniards who colonised the Philippines for nearly four centuries to the Chinese settlers. The Filipino cuisine embraces all the common elements of Asian cuisine – sweet, salty, spicy and sour. Ingredients commonly used include garlic, vinegar and soy sauce, all of which are used in chicken adobo – easily one of the most recognisable Filipino dishes.

Well, you should have known that Adobo is not a 100% Filipino dish. I bet, you did not do your homework well or MAYBE, just maybe due to a language barrier, you did not understand what it means by “melting pot of influences”.

I don’t know which 711 store you asked for a “longanisa”. Can we also ask for some native err Polish dish at 711 stores in Poland? 
Longganisa can be found in every corner of Pagudpud(we’ve read about your trip to Pagudpud)but if you still couldn’t, you should’ve asked Mr. Google’s help. Search engines may have lead you to Longganisa Sopresa… a chain of restaurants that serves different kinds of Longganisa from different Philippine Provinces. You see, they have Php 100/meal and they have a generous serving. Enough for you guys not to look for a Dunkin Donuts store for some snack.

Now that’s what you call Longganisa

We find your expectations VS reality corner extremely funny! The reality is… you have more than enough money for the food that you expected to eat.But please, please, please do not expect that $25 can give you heaven including hotel accommodations. That’s where it starts to get really funny. To cook a yummy Kare-kare at home, a budget of Php100.00 for two persons wouldn’t be enough and this do not fall under the category of “street food.”
Same with roast pig (lechon)… you should’ve chosen to dine at Lydia’s lechon restaurants. They have branches at different malls nationwide and they do have “budget meals” that ranges from Php150-400.  

If you were looking for some “exotic” fruits, then why buy apples and bananas? LOL! Apples do not grow in our country…and fruits vary from different provinces. If you were at Guimaras, then you would’ve tasted the sweetest mango according to Guinness book of world records. In the Southern part of Luzon and in Davao, you could ask for pineapples. Durian grows in Davao too.
Since you were in Cebu, then you should’ve asked them for dried mangoes which they were famous at. For breakfast, you should’ve tried their famous danggit (choose from dried squid or dried fish) although a littel pricey, but still fits your daily budget and they’re worth it! 
Let me start from telling you that for the first few days we gave the local food a go. We were open to new things, we were willing to eat anything locals gave us and we were so curious about new dishes. That has changed after 4 days of stomachache, dizziness and feeling overtired and bloated.

Diningding is famous in Pagudpud, I wonder why you were not offered that dish. You can cook diningding for only Php50.00 and that is, if you guys were smart enough to use your Internet connection to get in touch with google rather than wasting your time looking for something you obviously do not know. 

Follow your own piece of advise…

Or maybe, try to level up a bit? If those restaurants that you posted on your blog entry passed your qualification of a “clean” restaurant then the problem is in you.

We cannot stomach some street food in our own country except for “balut” that’s why we even go to restaurants such as Isaw Haws to eat some of our favorite street foods!

“Isaw” a local street food

“What shocked us the most was the poor quality of food. Most of dishes were left on the table without being covered with a lid, or without a fan to get rid of the flies, as it’s a common practice in other Asian countries.”
If you cannot afford a decent hotel, then what makes you think that you can afford to eat at clean restaurants? You ALWAYS get what you pay for. You are a TRAVELER, you should know that.

No wonder why, in the north, the vast majority of Filipino kids and young people are overweight. This is something we have noticed straight away. People in young age are huge and it’s due to poor quality of food.

We are food lovers too..we eat anything that are served to us but we’re obviously not overweight and it’s not good to generalize unless you have researches/studies to prove that. We are Filipinos so, I guess we know better. Ilokanos are not known for being overweight because they eat more veggies and are probably healthier and stronger than you.

“Based on our experience, Filipino food did not live up to our expectations at all.”

FYI: With all those pictures posted on your blog post, you did not eat Filipino food, you did not even eat food, what you consumed was garbage.
Hepatitis A on a plate, better get your self checked.lol
Lastly, Filipinos do not eat street food all day like what you did.
Who in his/her right mind does that? We rather travel long hours from work just to go home to a home cooked meal.That’s how we roll.

This is so alarming. Agness did not even try to counter michelle’s comment.
We hope you will come back and bring loads of cash with you so you can try all the yummy dishes that the Philippines has to offer! After all, everything on earth has a price tag.

Or if you really wanna stick to your delirious $25 daily budget, be friendly enough to ask someone(Local bloggers) to show you around (free of charge) or get a family who will adopt you, cook for you, and give you a comfy place to stay.
With that style, you can eat real Filipino food for only $15 for the entire day. then spend you’re remaining $10 for some street foods, but please go to the right places. 

Much love,

Migs and Alaine

Update: We’re glad that you already got our point by including the word STREET to your blog’s title. The blog content was OK and somehow true. You just received a lot of hate because of that stupid title.

Not a good time for HATE

Before you think that we are PNoy’s super fans,well let’s just say that we are Filipinos who share the same love and concern for our country and our fellow citizens. And by the way, we didn’t vote for PNoy last National elections, we voted for Gordon.
It’s just sad that after Malacanang sent out their Congratulatory message to Manny Pacquiao, some Filipinos raised their eyebrows and said that our President was too quick to give out his message to the “champ” but took him a couple of days to visit areas affected by Haiyan. 

EVERYONE prepared for Haiyan but it was just too strong. Remember what happened to the USA during Hurricane Katrina? FYI: Katrina is no match for haiyan.

Come on, Filipinos! Philippines was already a third world country even before PNoy’s term. So believe us when we say that WE DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH EQUIPMENT neither BUDGET in situations like this. When was the last time we had such a powerful typhoon? 

Can’t we just be united and work as one? What happened to our “bayanihan” tradition? Our government have lapses and yes, we can’t deny the fact that CORRUPTION is rampant. But what do we do now? This is not the perfect time to sling mud at each other. Your idealism, your anger and criticisms will not feed the hungry neither will it make their lives better. If you can’t take what the other politicians are doing, stand up and make a difference just like what Lucy Torres did!

If you haters, don’t have the guts neither enough proof for your claims then STOP acting like a mad political analyst who promote PNoy’s impeachment..why don’t you start giving? 
STOP hating and let Manny be our inspiration to come back strong after a fall.


Much love, 

Migs and Alaine

An Open Letter to Devina DeDiva

Dear Devina DeDiva,

I may be the first Filipina to tell you this…I find your facebook post funny rather than offensive.

You see, we don’t grumble about your fellow citizens who go to our country to sell mosquito nets or even underwear in lay away terms. For us, there’s nothing wrong with anything that puts food on your table as long as it is LEGAL. I will not talk more about your race as that would not differentiate me from you. 

I am not sure how you were raised by your parents or if you were even guided properly as you grow up. You seem to have a lot of issues. Stop hating people just because they’re way better than you. Insecurities won’t get you anywhere.

We’re both ASIANS who came from third world countries.

Spread the love!

Click here to view full story (from: aliwanavenue.com)


Alaine,proud FILIPINA 

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