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How Ketogenic Diet Changed My Life

Just like other women, I battled depression because of the pressure brought by some family members and friends because they thought I couldn’t bear a child. If Migs wasn’t supportive, I wouldn’t be able to get over it. I have shared my experience thru a blog post that I published last year. It was comforting to read comments from strangers who expressed their support as well.

Migs and I decided that we should just focus on things that would make us both productive.  I chose to quit my job and decided to become a Stay-at-home-wife. It was fun because I have all the time in the world to prepare my husband’s meals. We both tried ketogenic diet (we had cheat days too!)  and religiously go to the gym every 6:00 AM. This lasted for nearly 3 months.

Fast forward to October 2017, we opened a business and have been very busy that I forgot record my monthly period. I knew I had spotting but I thought it was just caused by stress. So, I never really recorded it. Plus, I have done so many pregnancy tests in the past that I no longer want to be disappointed. I was at the point where I couldn’t care less about fertility as long as I have my regular check-up with an OB and a pap smear, then I am good.

Everything was doing well until I was rushed to the hospital on the eve of our 5th wedding anniversary. I thought I was having another vertigo attack.  After an hour of waiting at the Emergency room, the Doctor came back congratulating us.

We visited my OB the day after and found out that I was already 7 weeks pregnant! It wasn’t really a happy story. My sense of smell was very sensitive.  Migs had to ditch all the onions and garlic at home. I was very picky when it comes to food that I lost 3kgs. But everything went back to normal when I reached my 4th month. Now that I am on my third trimester and have gained almost 8kgs, I started cutting rice from my diet again with hopes of having a normal delivery.

Five years of married life and here we are – busy preparing for our little one’s arrival. I am now 34 years old and I am still amazed with how amazing my pregnancy turned out.

If you want to know more about Ketogenic diet, I suggest that you visit your doctor first and join a community where you can get tips and exchange recipes too. You may want to check out this Facebook Community.

Here’s a photo of me taken last week.  We can’t wait to see our little one!


More photos posted on our Facebook page.


  1. Congratulations! I am excited for you! You and your husband will make wonderful parents! Your photo is beautiful!
    I know about the keto diet. It is becoming quite popular. I want to try it, but my kids wouldn’t go for it and I don’t want to be making 2 different meals at each meal time. With that said, I do try to eat some keto things when I am not making a meal for my family and it is just a meal for me. In doing that I have lost 10lbs. I am not following it perfectly, but what I have been doing seems to help me. 🙂

  2. Physical health is the root of an overall healthy life! It’s important to take care of your body!

  3. Ketogenic diet has been really popular lately, and lots of my friends have been doing it. Wow, this is such an exciting news! Congratulations and all the best for the baby’s arrival!

  4. I can only imagine how difficult it is to be for the both of you, the hardships and the irritation before the birth of your young one, but it will all be worth it once she’s/he’s already in your arms.

  5. this stage is totally crucial for you and the tiny human 🙂 I am happy to hear that the Keto diet worked 🙂 GOod luck with everything. you guys are going to be awesome parents !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. what a n awesome story to share, I have been hearing a lot about this type of diet thanks for sharing your experience

  7. Well congrats on your pregnancy. i hope this keto diet will help you as you are pregnant and after.

  8. Wow, I’m glad your new diet has helped you overcome some of the issues you were facing before.

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