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Casa de Dios: Review

Have you guys attended a reunion lately? Miguel and I did last December 28, 2016. It was our first time as a couple to host a family event and it was exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time. We wanted a rustic themed reunion and it took us months to find the perfect venue.  Miguel came across Casa De Dios’ Facebook page. We were impressed with the photos and immediately had the venue pencil booked before we even had an ocular.

The owner, Nikko de Dios was very accommodating and patient.  I had to change the date of the event twice and didn’t even feel that he was upset. LOL! It wasn’t my intention to cause confusion, some family members just had some last minute requests that I had to consider.

Casa de Dios is located at 14 Cabrera Road, Brgy. Dolores, Taytay, Rizal. It’s about 30 minute drive from Ortigas Center. We booked the venue from 9:00 until midnight for only Php12,000.  The place is cozy and well maintained.  Ideal for intimate gatherings as it can only cater to 50 guests. Aside from the pool, they also have cabanas where you can dine or have some cocktail while chitchatting with your friends and loved ones. Their family room is big enough for 3 double beds. We took turns in taking naps that day. The balcony is not really child-friendly so, I suggest that  you keep your children off this area.


Everything at Casa de Dios is Instagram worthy. My photos doesn’t give this place much justice – you have to see it for yourself. I highly suggest this to people who are looking for a venue for their prenup photo shoot.

They have 3 parking slots so, I suggest car pooling. But if you really cannot avoid bringing your own car, you can safely park right across Casa de Dios ( outside the Memorial park ).

I am planning to hold a reunion with my High School friends and I am considering Casa de Dios for our venue.

Check out their Facebook page to stay updated with their promos and rates.



  1. The place looks nice and cozy. The designs are from casa de dios na or you had it done?

  2. Oh what a lovely place. It has a nostalgic feel which perfect for reunions. Will take note of this place! I wanna visit 🙂

  3. Wow this venue is perfect for family gatherings! Is the pool safe for children? I mean, do they have kiddie pool as well? Thanks!

  4. The place looks really good. Event and venue centers in Taytay are scarce. I am glad you found one that is unique and beautiful.

  5. Looks nice! How much kaya for overnight? Organizing a reunion is tough, esp. when you can’t find a perfect day that fits everyone schedule. So, Congratulations!!! 😜

  6. Yearly I host a family reunion in our province. It’s not that formal though, it’s just a simple gathering with games and food. I just make sure everyone will have fun and go home happy.

  7. Looks really great for pre-nup shots. Would love the place to be s venue for any shoot. It has many places that are visually appealing on the camera. I love the hanging curtains. This honestly made me more inspired to have one resort of my own. 🙂

  8. Ang ganda naman ng Casa de Dios. Bagay nga s’ya sa mga events like what you’re currently planning. It’s a cozy place for a get together with family and friends!

  9. A perfect place din for team building 🙂 Relaxing, spacious, and classic ang dating. I’ll tell my boss about it, sakto she’s thinking of having our first tb 🙂

  10. I agree, everything looks instagrammable! And great customer service pa!
    This reminds me, I’ve never attended any reunion! Hahaha Just not my thing lol

  11. Oh! I love the old vibe. I’m into rustic themed spaces too since I grew up in a farmhouse with Capiz windows and shell chandeliers. 🙂 This will be great for an intimate gathering.

  12. Oh so it’s just a venue? Like a hotel? Cause you said 3 beds in a room. It is very IG-worthy indeed.

  13. 30 mins from Ortigas is very manageable!

  14. Looks like a very nice place indeed! It seems great for holding parties and reunions. Having a pool area is always a plus!

  15. Casa De Dios sounds like a great place for family reunions and team building!

  16. a good place for events
    hope we could use this on one of our events

  17. Oohh the place does look very Instagram-worthy. I’d love to take my family there. I super like the rustic charm of the place.

  18. that is a great place for vacation. Spacious, clean and looks relaxing

  19. Did you have to bring food? Or they offer catering services?

  20. A nice place for family/friends’ gatherings indeed! I love those Bali-inspired bedrooms!

  21. It looks like a great place indeed. Very nice and yes, perfect for pre-nup shoots 🙂

  22. Casa de Dios looks like a lovely place to explore!

  23. The price is reasonable for 50 pax and the place is so cozy.

  24. Amazing place for a nostalgic event such as reunions. You surely have a good taste. I wonder if I could just walk in here or just reserve a room for my mi amore???

  25. I’m not very familiar with Taytay, Rizal but you did a great job highlighting the great points of that resort.

  26. Casa de Dios is a beauty. I agree that almost everything is instagram-worthy. Would love to visit the place as well and stay even for a night with my family. Surely it would be a nice treat for all of us. Thanks for the lead.

  27. Wow!@ lovely place!

    I hope they have very good promos soon!!!

  28. I love the rustic vibe and I agree, everything is Instagram-worthy. Rizal is a bit far off from where we live in the North, but I sure hope we can get to visit this lovely charming place one of these days.

  29. My old soul will be very happy in Casa de Dios, very beautiful!

  30. It’s a lovely place for photo shoot and family gatherings.

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