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OPPO F1s: Capturing Philippines

I spent 20+ years in Antipolo but it was only when I got older that I truly appreciate my hometown. I left Antipolo when I decided to become independent at the age of 21. Whenever I come home, I always see improvements in the city that has helped me become who I am now.  I can travel the whole world but I will always come home to my hometown. It will always be my favorite destination. Antipolo City became known because of the Shrine of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage and “Hinulugang Taktak“. A lot of my relatives and friends visit the Antipolo Cathedral whenever they have business trips abroad or when they finally decided to migrate somewhere else. It has been a culture for some people to seek guidance on their trips at the Cathedral. It is also the perfect destination for people who just bought brand new cars for a test drive and even “car blessing”.

What’s not to love about Antipolo? The weather is perfect for flowers to bloom but not too cold to enjoy a pool party with friends. The famous Pinto Art Museum where countless numbers of prenup photo shoots took place can be found in Antipolo. The city is also slowly transforming into a foodie destination because of the restaurants and coffee shops that pops up here and there. Antipolo is the best alternative for Tagaytay when you want to have a garden wedding but wouldn’t want to travel for hours. My husband and I tied the knot in Callospa Resort last 2012 and our wedding was picture perfect!

Last weekend, we discovered Cafe Agusta a newly opened Coffee shop at the heart of the city and it’s overlooking view of Metro Manila is breathtaking! I couldn’t help but snap photos. Good thing I have my Oppo F1s with me. I am so in love with it’s 16-megapixel front camera because I don’t need to ask strangers to take photos of Migs and I. I even posted a short video clip of our view on our Instagram account.

How about you? What’s your favorite destination? We’d love to hear from you.


  1. Antipolo used to be only popular for the view overlooking Metro Manila. At least that’s the only thing I know about Antipolo. But in the past several years, I do believe a transformation is happening. One is the development of commercial areas if I were to understand correctly. All over, there are new establishments opening. What did help bring attention to Antipolo are also bloggers like you who post and let others know more.

  2. Wow! That overlooking view of MM makes me more excited to visit Antipolo very soon! I haven’t been to Antipolo yet so I don’t have any idea as to where would the best spot for a night horizon gazing be. Thanks a lot for sharing that cafe, that’s the next post that i’m gonna read. ^_^ Just curious though, all photos on this post, were all of it taken by oppo f1s?

  3. I also won an OPPO F1s phone! I’m not the selfie taker kind, but its features are superb. I particularly like the speed and the memory of the device. I’m also both financially independent and lived for a time in Rizal. That’s why I still go back for meet ups with high school friends. One of the best way to test the phone is to perhaps go on an overlooking restau in Antipolo, and capture the lights. I’m yet to try it myself 🙂

  4. I know a couple of friends that have travelled the Philippines and they talked about visiting the Antipolo cathedral but they didn’t say anything about car blessing! What does that a involve exactly? I’m particularly intrigued by telephone OPPO F1s and it’s 16 megapixel front camera! I take so many selfies this would be fabulous for me! Ree love30

  5. That is sweet that you always come back to your hometown. I feel the same way about my hometown New York. And I think the photos look great! Your camera obviously works well!

  6. Definitely seems like a great place from your pics. I’m guess the night life must be really great. I’m hearing more and more about Oppo phones, it looks like its time to switch brands here. I’m fed up of Samsung’s fast running out battery life. How good is Oppo with battery consumption?

    When it comes to favorite travel destinations, mine is Goa in India. I’m crazy about beaches. However when in Goa, even more than the beaches, I love to drive through the rural areas with beautiful greenery on both sides.

  7. What’s my favorite destination?Hmmm…let me say it frankly- my home. I unravel at home. I can lounge around in my bare essentials and without having to worry about others’ opinions. And, I get to savour my own food.
    Did I disappoint you?

  8. I remember when I was still working, I would prefer Antipolo as our teambuilding destination against Zambales or Laguna. Though I love to travel, conducting a teambuilding is better if just near the Metro. I would want to be home asap after being away with my family for days.

    I love its Churches, like its resorts and getaways, and enjoy its food offerings. And the best thing about Antipolo is my favorite cashew!

  9. Oppo is known for good camera lenses and superb filtering effects. Anyway, antipolo is getting more popular now. Back then, it’s only the Hinulugang Taktak and probably the cathedrals. But now, look at it. This world is truly evolving. Not just people, but places as well.

  10. I’ve heard so much about the Oppo F1s and seen first hand how good it is. Antipolo is a good spot to take photos but I like it more in the morning because you see it’s beauty. At night it shows off the beauty of the place surrounding it.

  11. is Cafe Agusta the same place where Padi’s point is located? I heard that there are a lot of hidden gems in Antipolo, I hope you’ll be able to see them all and catch their beauty using your new phone 🙂

  12. I went to Assumption Antipolo from first grade to fourth year high school so I can say that I grew up in Antipolo too. I love the place! My daughter goes to school there now and while I wait for her, I roam around Antipolo – trying out different restaurants, coffee shops, etc. I love the place!

  13. I think I have been to Antipolo to Padi’s Point. Now, I want to return and visit Pinto Art Museum. with my family. Tagaytay is still a popular destination for us. It’s time to veer away from the usual and explore more, like Antipolo!

  14. Sa baba lang ako ng Antipolo but still part of the beautiful City 🙂 They said mga taga-Antipolo magaganda! How true? HAHA!
    I’m actually migrating to a different village just near Robinsons Antipolo. I love love our City!
    I’ve been meaning to go to Cafe Agusta also. Where is this near? Pinto Art Museum is also on my list.
    Thank you for this. God bless:)

    • admin

      January 18, 2017 at 9:39 am

      Oh, so your from LA (lower Antipolo). LOL!
      It’s located at Grand Heights Village, near Ynares Center. Cafe Agusta is just a few steps away from Pinto Art Museum.

  15. Seriously, I don’t know nothing about Philippines, Manilla or Antipolo, but it’s so interesting to know more about it through some of those kind of posts. It seems like a nice place to take photos and enjoy the view!

  16. Honestly, I’ve never been to Antipolo though I ‘ve heard a lot of amazing places to visit there. We’d probably squeezed in some time to go there next time we come home. 😉

  17. Pinto Art Museum! I always tell my husband to visit that place. I haven’t explored Antipolo yet kasi kapag team building, madalas e sa Pansol talaga ang punta. I’ll suggest Antipolo if ever we plan another TB.

  18. Haven’t been to Antipolo but I heard Pinto Art Museum as one of the best places for an engagement shoot. Will definitely bring my family there if time permits. I also heard Oppo F1S is a good selfie camera phone, perfect for my lip swatches!

  19. Because of the horrendous traffic I actually prefer going abroad versus driving around PH.

  20. I wanted to visit Pinto Art Museum for the longest time, hindi na ba matraffic going there? I mean tapos na yung mga construction?

  21. Relaxing at the overlooking! Nice spot for couples’ togetherness. I have a friend in Antipolo and we will be exploring Antipolo soon 🙂

  22. Nakakahiya man sabihin, I’ve only been to Antipolo twice. Once, to see a car we were considering to buy; and the second was when a group of friends rented a private resort. But I wish we can find time to go back and really see Antipolo. There wouldn’t be a song about it if it weren’t such a great place.

  23. I miss Antipolo. I spent the first 2 years of my life there. Then after that we spent every summer there at my lolo’s vacation house until they decided to sell it. Would love to go back and explore the area again especially now that there are so many photo worthy destinations there.

  24. Antipolo is really becoming a great escape. I’ve known from a friend that there are good restaurants popping out and they are really nice. I also hope to bring my kids in Pinto Art Museum someday.

  25. Woah, 16-mp front camera? That’s awesome! Imagine the selfie possibilities, lol! I’ve never been to Antipolo so I think I must visit it one day.

  26. Wow! That was a lovely view of Metro Manila! I would love to visit Antipolo and explore the area some time soon! But i think my favorite destination is still tagaytay, its near my place 🙂

  27. When my 5yr iphone 5s retired on its own, I bought an Oppo F1S. I am impressed by its features plus the price tag is truly friendly. I sold it after two days as husband surprised me with a new phone as well and I dont want to disappoint him. It wasnt hard to sell the Oppo unit, perhaps because of its again, impressive features.

  28. Heard a lot of good places in Antipolo, aside from Pinto Art Museum. I need to go here very soon. Its been a while 🙂

  29. I am from Baguio and I feel the same way as you do with Antipolo. I’ve been to Antipolo only a handful of times but I am starting to look for a property that I could probably purchase there since I’ve been regretting the opportunity to purchase one a few years back.

  30. Lhourdes Mercadero

    January 22, 2017 at 7:57 pm

    I remember that we always visit the church in antipolo when I was like 9 yrs old. Last time I went there was 2015.
    My Fave destination right now is somewhere north like Nueva Ecija,Cabanatuan, Baler and Pangasinan.

  31. I’ve been to Antipolo once when my in-laws’ vehicle needed to be blessed. I’ve heard that Antipolo was already renovated and that there are many good establishments to visit there. I hope on vacation we can visit these places you mentioned.

  32. It’s really nice to have a cell phone cam that produces good quality pictures. We were supposed to live in Antipolo but backed out at the last minute when we shouldn’t have. Sigh! We’re missing all the good stuff you mentioned about the place and captured in your OppoF1s cam.

  33. katuwa ang oppo. there are a lot of cellphones now na naglabasan with good front camera.

  34. I didn’t know that there are so many nice places to visit in Antipolo. I have yet to set foot there.

  35. I long to go there. I’m not from that side of the country so it feels difficult to travel there. Haha the new tourist spots there are sprouting lately. Good for the city. Great shots! 🙂

  36. For nearby pasyal and staycations, I love going to Tagaytay and Antipolo. I’ll have to check out Cafe Agusta on my next visit.

  37. Oppo F1S is truly a steal daw talaga. Its camera shots are impressive enough. Kayang kaya makipagsabayan sa mga high-end smartphones. 🙂

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