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Why I chose Dearberry

Hi, ladies!

I am not a fan of makeup as I haven’t tried one that doesn’t make my skin oily or feel heavy. Most of the makeup that I have are branded and were given to me as gifts or “pasalubong” from relatives who live outside the Philippines. I am the type who’s contented in using sunblock and lip gloss everyday. I don’t even follow a certain skin care routine because I am just too lazy to apply stuff on my face and body.

But as I age, I feel my skin screaming for moisturizer and I envy women who doesn’t need the help of a professional make-up artist when attending events. Before I finally committed to be the Marketing Manager of Dearberry Philippines, I tried the products first to see if it suits my skin type. Because if the products are too heavy for my skin, I’ll end up not using them again and there is no sense in selling a brand that I personally do not believe in.

Who is Dearberry Philippines and what convinced me to use their products?

Mar.1956 JULIA Co Ltd, the parent company of FINE Bio Inc was founded JULIA, the parent company of FINE Bio, was founded in 1956 by Jung Family just 3 years after the Korean War. The Jung’s started their business from a tiny shop in Seoul with three products and one big dream. The dream ws to make better cosmetic products in quality with affordable price for Korean people who had to start everything from nothing after the war.
This philosophy has been kept strongly for the past 58 years and melted in dearberry as historical company heritage

DEARBERRY products are manufactured by such top-tier factories like COSMAX and WINNOVA to achieve the high quality standards of our products. COSMAX is the main & most important manufacturer of L’OREAL group and other world famous branded cosmetics. WINNOVA is the main & most important manufacturer of Korean branded cosmetics like TONYMOLY & THEFACESHOP.

The brand essence of dearberry is “affordable high quality cosmetics made with ingredients from nature ”. dearberry believes the simple truth, “healthy skin is most beautiful” and sticks to the basics, “firstly keep skin healthy, then optimally solve target issues”.

Dearberry products are specifically made for the Asian skin and they do not test their products on animals! I have pets at home so, I am 100% against brands who still do animal testing. When I learned these facts, I immediately sat down on my desk, opened my laptop and researched on different ways of how to effectively promote Dearberry to its target markets. I even convinced some relatives and friends to ditch their current brands for Dearberry.


Here are my Top 5 Dearberry Makeup favorites

  1. Magic Oil Control Primer; Php480

If you’re like me who can go to parties without bringing a “kikay” kit for retouch, then this product suits you. It’s the perfect primer for the “tamad” girl like myself. Magic Oil control primer gets rid of oil and dirt and rejuvenates your skin too! Be oil free for 4 hours with just a dab of Magic Oil control primer.

2. Photo Sharp Concealer; Php260

Magic touch to perfectly cover spots, blemish and freckles of your skin very naturally. Photo sharp comes in 2 shades, beige and light beige. This is super convenient to use and blends well to my skin tone. Perfect to hide eye bags!

3. Long Lashmellow Mascara; Php480

One and only mascara with 3 satisfying results: immediate volume, vivid color and longer lashes.
· Light-weighted setting but NO drooping or crumpling.
· No smudging all day long with triple fitting firm.
Long Lashmellow Mascara gives you the feel that your eyelashes grow longer and even longer.

4. Suri Suri Aguamenti Powder; Php 632

It makes my skin tone brighter and clearer with a natural & youthful look plus it protects my skin from the harmful effects of the sun (It contais sunscreen (SPF25/PA++)

5. Kiss Of Berry Lip Tint Balm; Php200

No other brand adds color and exfoliates my lips like Kiss of berry! You have 6 flavors to choose from! I use Blueberry.

Dearberry Skin care products are also worth every peso. I will definitely share more with you on my next article. Meanwhile, here’s a before and after party photo of me last December 28, 2016 when I attended the Filipino Bloggers Network Year end party. I wore these products on my face from 5:00PM to 8:30 with zero touch ups except for the lip tint after I ate dinner.

PS: My husband use Magic Oil Control primer too!

Dearberry products are available at the following sites:

Dearberry Philippines official Facebook Page

Shoppee Philippines

You can also check out our official website for our current promos.


For your Marketing and Sales related questions, you may leave a comment or send me an email at alaine@dearberryphilippines.com / alainealejandrino@gmail.com or send us a Tweet!

Love your skin and let’s all make 2017 our most beautiful year!






  1. The lip tint balm looks nice!

    • admin

      January 6, 2017 at 6:06 pm

      Hi, CJ! Yes, the packaging is really nice plus I never had chapped lips ever since I started using Kiss of berry.

  2. Nice! This is a brand I haven’t tried yet but the makeup look amazing. Congrats on being the Marketing Manager! 🙂

  3. I also rely on gifts for my makeup stash since I have no idea what to buy with so many options in the market. I like how this looks, though. And it’s good news that we can buy this online. I hate going to makeup stores since they give me so many items that I probably don’t need! 😀

  4. I’ve been hearing a lot about Dearberry. I have not yet to try their products but I hope I can also get my hands on them.

  5. Lhourdes Mercadero

    January 9, 2017 at 7:04 am

    The packaging looks so nice and cuteI really like to try the Concealer and the Lop Tint Balm.

  6. Hi! You have a beautiful face. Thank you for sharing this.

  7. My kind of basics are 1, 2, 4 and 5! Not much of a mascara person ever since. But the lip tint is a must.

  8. I am careful with the products I use on my face as my skin is sensitive and I get allergies easy. Is it gentle on skin too?

    • admin

      January 10, 2017 at 9:00 am

      I have sensitive skin too and that’s one of the reasons why I don’t put too many products on my skin. Dearberry products are gentle and I never had a single zit or allergic reactions eversince I started using Dearberry products.

  9. I never heard about this brand yet not until i crossed your blog. They look cool! Makes me want to try! 🙂

  10. Looks interesting specially that’ it’s made for Asian skin. Tamad din ako magretouch, so I need a lasting product din talaga.

  11. Been hearing a lot of good things about them that I am tempted to order! LOL I have very oily akin so the oil primer is what I’m eyeing. 🙂

  12. I haven’t tried any of their products yet. Also make up beginner here. I think they look good on you! 🙂

  13. I’m not a makeup person but the products look incredible. I’m eyeing for the lip balm. @-@

  14. I like that Magic oil primer too. I think its something someone like me who is so tamad to retouch even the powder i applied to my face.

  15. Their price points are similar to Etude House pala.

  16. I have oily skin so I’m curious about the Magic Oil Control Primer, as well as the powder. Prices are reasonable 🙂

  17. Oh how I wish I can be as lazy as you, but I couldn’t since I have acne-prone skin. One of my goals this year is to wear less makeup and I hope to achieve that before the year ends. They do really have nice packaging!

  18. Love the lip balm color. I now love Dearberry because of this post. Haha. I’m one of those lazy girls when it comes to make-up. 🙂 Every product looks really good. 🙂

  19. I’m interested in that Magic Oil primer and Photo sharp concealer. I also do not like bringing too much kikay stuff with me. I also started thinking of makeup (and moisturizers) at 38! Otherwise, I didn’t really care. I went through my gigs without too much on my face – but now, I can’t get away without makeup and I’m not even on stage anymore.

  20. I think I would have to try the Lip tint balm! I have dry lips kasi and I love lip balms na may tint na din para hindi halata yung pagiging putlain ko. 🙂

  21. I want to learn how to do make up properly because I do not like to retouch often. I am interested with the magic oil primer. Hope it will work for me also

  22. “Natural and affordable” are words that piqued my interest. I’d love to try the Suri Suri Aguamenti Powder.

  23. Unfortunately for me, I am not a fan of makeup, neither do I know how to use one. Haha! I just can’t leave the house without a mascara so I’ll definitely check this out 🙂

  24. Havent tried any dearberry products. But ive heard a lot of good reviews and only praises about the brand. No doubt.many are clamoring for it. Perhaps I should try it and find and feel the difference.

  25. I’d love to try out this brand! I’m especially intrigued with the primer coz most make up brands tend to make my skin oilier.

  26. Wow, if you do not need touch-up even after several hours of applying them on the face, then I am all for giving these products a try! It was unfortunate that I was not able to win any from the party. Hopefully, I’d be able to try this brand one of these days.

  27. I’m like you in that I’m so not into skincare and whatnot. If this sounds perfect for you, then it’s perfect for the tamad me also! Haha

  28. I’d like to try the magic oil primer kasi madaling mag oily ang face ko. I hope it will be effective kasi ang dami ko nang na try na powder and foundations na ang bilis mawala ng effect.

  29. You got me at “for the tamad girl”. LOL! I myself am not consistent with any skin care routine I start and like you, I am not really fond of bringing “kikay” kit during events because it takes a lot of space in a very small purse I try to bring. These looks like the ones I need for an on-the-go type of momma. Will check the page out for details, for sure.

  30. Looking for beauty products sounds much harder than it actually is, and the more one pays attention to ingredients, the harder it becomes. Unfortunately, the market is flooded with products that contain potentially harmful chemicals. I took the liberty of scanning for information on Dearberry and while it appears to be paraben-free (one of some seven chemicals to avoid), the company could also publish the ingredients to ease the concerns for those who do read the labels. So there is room for improvement here for the company.

    As for those who have found their products ‘hiyang’ with their skin, especially like in your case na maselan, it must have been a relief.

  31. Well you’ve started with addressing the ladies 🙂 So may be you’re wondering what I would want to say for the products that I’d never be using. I guess I’d be recommending this page to my wife and my sisters who could be potential users of these products. Nicely reviewed and good bit of information.

  32. Haha! I understand your concern. I have a super sensitive skin which breaks out so so easily and I never touch makeup unless its for an event! Good to know that these products suit your skin. The oil control primer sounds like a promising product. I’d love to have the lipbalm and pressed powder.

  33. Congratulations for being the Marketing Manager. I like the fact that Dearberry test products on animals. Ofcourse, I am glad that products are affordable too. Will check this product out.

  34. When I was still into lifestyle blogging, i am being sent beauty products to try. That made my skin damaged. yes. literally pimples all over so i stopped. now, i am using a specific product brand for my face and has resumed on using make ups such as foundation, blush on and lipstick. I think i need that oil primer as my skin is oily type. ha! your husband uses it too! yet, i find the products a little expensive. 🙁

  35. I’m not familiar with Dearberry, but I am glad their products work well for you. I was not previously aware of products made for Asian skin. I like the look of the lip balm. I wonder if these products are available in the US.

  36. Sounds like a promising product. Is it available in the local drugstore or department store? I’m not much into make up now a days, just a good lippie and blush is okay with me. I’m more into skin care already so I’m still on the look out for brands I can be loyal with. Might give this a try.

  37. A lot of bloggers have been blogging about Dearberry, but I’m still not convinced in trying it out. I still don’t get what sets it apart from others. Yes, it’s affordable, but cosmetics that usually use natural ingredients should be pricey. So I’m not entirely sure if they’re really true to what they’re stating.

    • admin

      January 17, 2017 at 10:17 am

      The items are fairly priced. Not everything from Dearberry are affordable for the masses. They also have premium items, mostly from their skin care line. If you have read the whole article you would understand why.

  38. I believe that makeup should not only make you look beautiful, but it should also care for your skin. I have been breaking out a lot quite recently, so I’m very picky with the products I use now. I tend to go for non-comedogenic products that don’t contain mineral oil and are made of natural ingredients, so this new makeup line looks promising! 🙂 Primer is so important, I don’t put on makeup without it now.

  39. I would like to try the primer! My skin is so oily and it makes me look haggard even if I’ve only been out of the house for half an hour! I’m not the type of person who likes make-up that much too, probably because I don’t know how to properly apply it. I usually just apply bb cream, a little blush and a lipstick or lip balm whenever I leave the house.

  40. I totally get what you mean about needing more moisture when you’re older! I’ve never heard of this brand before but the mascara sounds good to me. I like the sound of one that doesn’t clump or smudge because that’s what always happens to me half way through the day! I’ll check this brand out and see if it’s available for me 🙂

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