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We had the opportunity to experience Zooper Cruise last December 13. It was extra special because it was the birthday of Zoomanity Group’s CEO, Mr. Robert Laurel-Yupangco. He invited some business partners, close friends and indigent kids from nearby areas for a Thanksgiving cruise and gift giving.



The cruise was short but very educational because we were able to pass by some historical places in Manila. The Captain, Mr. Bondad did a great job in sharing his knowledge with the kids about how Manila was built. Both Migs and I studied in Manila but it was the very first time we saw it’s glory from the river. Surprisingly, the river doesn’t smell awful despite its color.


The Malacanang Palace is such a beauty. You should see it for yourself too because tourists are not allowed to take photos around or even near the Malacanang vicinity. We were even accompanied by a Presidential Security Guard to make sure that everyone will comply with the policy.

We had a stop over at Polland Hopia – the home of the most delicious moon cakes in Manila! Well, I am being bias because Polland Hopia is one of my favorite comfort foods. Their store have a dining are where you can have tea or coffee while waiting for your friends to finish their hopia shopping.



When we boarded the boat, the gift giving started as we head back to Valenzuela port. We were treated with a sumptuous dinner at Misono while the kids had their dinner at Dampa by the Ruins. It was truly a night to a memorable day to remember. I always have a soft spot for big companies and successful people who always take time to give back after receiving so many blessings.

Manila is such a beautiful place and we hope that every Filipino especially those who live or work in Manila will take part in caring for the City. We also hope that one day, we can make use of the Pasig river to travel so we help lessen Metro Manila’s issue with our traffic situation. By using a boat, there will be less cars in Manila and it’s also a good way of reminding our selves and the next generation of our history,

If you want to know more about Zooper Cruise, please visit their website, www.zoomanitygroup.com.ph or you may contact them at 899-9819/ 899-9824/0917-9521371. They accept bookings for educational tours, Company tours and events, anniversaries and other special occasions.



  1. Hey there! I’ve been reading your web site for a while now and finally got the bravery to go
    ahead and give you a shout out from Atascocita Tx! Just wanted to mention keep up the
    great job!

  2. I will try it tomorrow, so excited as well

  3. I have never been on any cruise or ferry traversing Pasig, it would have been a different experience. I really hope the government and private groups continue on with their efforts to rehabilitate Pasig river back to its former glory.

  4. I’m also from Manila since birth and I do want to get to know my city better and also educate my boys about it via a cruise!What a great eaway ay learn and see th beauty of Manila from the river. Thanks for this info, definitely checking the website out.

  5. Hi there. I haven’t got chance to join any of Zoomanity events or activities and I could say that your cruise was very memorable. Just so sad to see how awful is the situation of the rivers in Manila. I wish people could take initiatives to help keep our rivers clean.

  6. I was hoping for a photo of the Malacanang Palace but since you said that it’s not allowed, then fine, good that we’re obeying orders. Lol! But really, I’m still hoping for a photo! Hahahaha! Would love to try this with my little girl when she’s a bit older. Went to the website (zoomanitygroup.com.ph), not sure if it’s just on my end but I think it’s not working

  7. I wanna see the Malacañang Palace as well but good to know that people are following the directives. I would love to try this! 🙂

  8. That will be educational and at the same time awesome for my kids. I always want them to learn more about things not taught extensively in school. There are lots of places in Manila that we have yet to explore!

  9. I wanted to join this Zoomanity event many times. Unfortunately, my schedule won’t cooperate everytime. I would like to experience the cruise!

  10. Ohh! Looks fun! We’ve never taken the kids on a cruise so this is something we can add to our list.

  11. Did this with my husband last week. Completing this historical ride was the most enjoyable for me. Good ambiance and music also. There are snacks and drinks, as well. Photo souvenir and a lot more. I have yet to try all other Zoomanity tours available. Thanks for sharing!

  12. I agree that Philippines is a beautiful place, that’s why in our history they called Philippines “Perlas ng Silangan”. Anyways I haven’t tried any Zoomanity events but this looks interesting and full of learning and getting to know more about our history. You looks having so much fun.

  13. very interesting cruise! Magkano ang cruise mommy?

  14. That would be a great experience for the kiddos! And looks like I’m not the only one who was hoping for some photos of the palace. Hehe

  15. parang i’d like to try this cruise. hindi ba mabaho during the cruise? 🙁

    • admin

      January 27, 2017 at 10:06 am

      Hi, Nerisa. Hindi mabaho. I remember ang mabaho yung cruise namin sa Manila Bay noon. But this one, nakaka surprise na hindi mabaho.

  16. Never been into cruise here in Manila 🙂 honestly I don’t like the smell kasi sorry maybe someday I have a guts to try it

  17. How are the amenities and facilities in the cruise? I heard about the trips in Pasig River, but never dared to try it :)) Will look it up. My kids need to be educated about the Manila after all 🙂

  18. I look forward too that one day Pasig river is going to be a means of transportation to lessen the heavy traffic in Metron Manila.

  19. I had no idea meron pala cruise na sa Metro Manila lang XD

  20. I’ve never been to a cruise since the husband doesn’t like it but this seems fun! I’m sure the kids enjoyed it. ☺

  21. I hope hindi na masyadong smelly sa area para mas kid friendly.

  22. I’ve not been to Dampa by the Ruins. I like “Dampas,” I’ve not been to one in a while. I’ve been food-poisoned once, along with my husband and mom. Their electricity was out and they said their water was also affected that time. I still want to go to Dampas but mejo natakot ako haha!

    Anyway,would love to be on a cruise around Manila too. I agree, Manila is a beautiful place if we really take time to look around.

  23. Hearing a lot of positive feedback about Zooper Cruise. Glad that a lot of businesses start to emerge within the river with the cause of reviving the place and showcasing its beauty

  24. Hats off to Zooper Cruise for giving back to community! Organizations like this should prosper more because they never forget to share with the less fortunate ones. I also hope my son could join their educational cruise.

  25. Ooh, this sounds interesting! My son is classmates with the owner of Polland Hopia and during special occasions, the whole class receives hopia from them. Hehe.

  26. This is the first time I’m hearing about the Zooper cruise. It would be such a nice way to teach my kids about Manila. Hope we can try it soon.

  27. I never knew something like this existed!!! Like pwede pala Itong cruising in the metro??? Give it a try with my family 🙂 Thanks for sharing this!!!

  28. I never knew something like this existed!!! Like pwede pala Itong cruising in the metro??? Give it a try with my family 🙂 thanks for recommending the cruise!! Thanks for sharing this!!!

  29. This looks like a very interesting event to participate in. I have experienced a cruise before and I would love for my little man to have the same experience in the future. Hopefully, we can also participate in this one very soon. Kudos to this company for reaching out to children and sharing Manila’s beautiful and rich heritage to these kids!

  30. That was a great experience, a cruise and gift-giving on the side. I’ve never been to a cruise before. I think I’ll become seasick though since last time I’ve traveled by water was when I was still a toddler.

  31. Been wanting to join this Zoomanity Cruise for a long time but time just can’t be friendlier. I saw a lot of happy faces, and even the big boss gave that sincere happy smile. Looking forward to joining the succeeding cruise.

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