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Best Features of OPPO F1s

There are so many mid range Smart phones nowadays that promises excellent camera features. I bought one myself but kind of dismayed with my photos. I think for phones like this, you really need some photography skills to be able to produce a photo or even a selfie-shot that is worthy to be posted on your Social Media accounts.

Have you guys heard about the Oppo F1s? This beast of a phone is making rounds in the social media world, and of course wanted to see it for myself. I am not as gifted as Migs when it comes to photography. I mean, he can take good shots event with a watermelon. I told him that if I can take beautiful shots with Oppo F1s, then I might consider buying one for myself.

So, we headed to the nearest Gadget store and asked the beautiful staff if I can try the Camera features of this much talked about smart phone.

Here are the specs of the Oppo F1s.

16MP Front Camera

For people who likes taking selfies low light situation is a nightmare, but it looks like the universe answered your prayers! Imagine a 16MP front facing camera where you can snap a killer selfie using touch, voice and a palm gesture. Isn’t that amazing? Their front beauty camera has a 1/3.1-inch sensor and an F/2.0 aperture which allows more light to enter the camera. Who doesn’t want a natural-looking selfie even on low light, huh?


night time selfie (photo credit: www.oppo.com)

Beautify 4.0

Women will surely love this feature. Imagine being able to hide a zit or blemishes in a natural way. This feature allows users to capture their very best looks without looking like a caricature. LOL!


Oppo F1s do not just give you endless opportunities to be creative with their filters but you also have the option to add the date, time, temperature, etc to your photo. That means, you will never forget when you created those beautiful memories from your phone. Plus for bloggers like myself, I don’t need to buy an app just to be able to add a logo on my photos because it comes with this feature for FREE!

Selfie Panorama

Okay, I admit. I am one of those people who’s really bad with “groufies”. Guess what, their phone has a feature where you can take a wide angle selfie which means, no one will be left behind. Selfie sticks will be a thing of the past. The F1s automatically stitches together the photos for you.

13MP Rear Camera

Of course, DSLR is still the best choice if you want to be a professional photographer. But for people like me who’s most of the time too lazy to bring a DSLR, I need a phone that can capture exceptionally clear and detailed photos. The F1s sports a 13MP rear camera with industry-leading imaging chip. A 1/3.06-inch sensor will simply make your night shots “intagrammable”!

A Beauty to See and To Hold

I have never seen a smart phone as elegant as Oppo F1s. It’s not too small but also not too big for a lady. The 5.5 inch screen is perfect for typing SMS, reading an e-book and even watching videos. The 2.5 Corning Gorilla glass 4 also makes this phone worthy of every centavo.


visit their facebook page

0.22s Touch Access

Who would have thought that a phone as reasonably-priced at Oppo F1s has this feature?
They made their sensor snappier and more accurate. So, the more frequent you use this feature, the more sensitive it can be. Coolness!

Customizeable figerprint-activated app launch

Find out how it works by clicking this link.

3GB RAM with an MT6750 octa-core processor. Faster Than Ever!

This for me is the second best feature of OPPO F1s! I am a multi-tasker and this is what I really need. Multitasking with this baby will be buttery smooth. Switching from app to app will be seamless. Thanks to the  ginornous 3GB of RAM paired with a Mediatek MT6750 octa-core processor.

Dual-Sim + Individual SD Slot

I own an online shop so, I am using two contact numbers. So, yeah. I am using two phones because of that. But hey, the SIM tray has two 4G SIM Slots supporting top speeds of up to 150 mbps and a dedicated micro SD card slot. This will give me more room for my products’ photos. I can ditch the other phone and just bring a power bank. So convenient, right?


All-New ColorOS 3.0 Based On Android 5.1

Faster, Steadier, Better. You do not need to be super techie to understand this: No more lagging!

Of all the Smart Phones that I tested in search for the best phone to replace what I am currently using, Oppo F1s is on top of my list. It’s beautifully created and doesn’t come with a shocking price tag. Yes! It’s one of the best mid range phone for only P12,990! (ref: Oppo FB page)

Comment below and let me know what you think.


  1. There are just so many different smart phones around.. I have always wanted to try an Oppo and this one looks like a good choice as well… will consider it…especially with the 16MP front camera… and 13 MP rear camera… wow…..

  2. Im hearing good reviews about Oppo. my father in law is using oppa and im impressed about the quality of photos. My sister recently bought one and it was good too! It is affordable and might consider buying one for my son.

  3. Heard so much about Oppo F1 as one of the best for taking selfie. And considering its price, this phone is surely a nice grab.

  4. Thats a pretty phone! It loos similar to my gold Huawei but if the camera can do THAT in low lighting then its a million times better! I can’t even get a good selfie in the sun so I don’t know if a good camera would make any difference. So did you buy it in the end?

  5. I have just checked the price at Lazada, wow, it’s below 13k pesos! That’s really affordable for me! I’d love to have a 16 mp cam! lol! Although for now, it’s more of a want than a need for me since I already have a smart phone. But in the future, I think this is a good choice.

  6. I think this is a good investment. Reasonable price with features competing the high end phones. Great camera, sleek design and color! All a girl could ask for. Haha! I guess it really depends on what you need on a phone aside from the texting and calling feature.

  7. I guess this phone is really showing that its market is into selfies. Haha! I mean 16MP for the front cam and 13MP for the back. Do you have sample photos where you used your Oppo F1s? It’s getting popular because of Sarah G as well. ?

  8. Well what’s intriguing about this device has to be its front facing camera which appears to be better compared to the one on the rear. I’m really amazed that chinese manufacturers were able to do something like these and still to be able to sell them at a really low price. Hopefully the software is decent as I heard that software is usually the weakest link when it comes to chinese manufacturers

  9. I was surprised at the 16mp front facing camera. I’ve never seen a spec like that! This will surely win hearts of selfie lovers. It’s kindof weird though to see that the rear camera has less resolution, again, I’ve never seen a phone with a less superior rear camera. Ang weird haha pero unique naman! 😀

  10. If it is not Huawei P9, it is the Oppo F1S! I really want to own any of these phones because I have been hearing a lot of great things about them! I saw a lot of pictures from Instagram that features those pro-like images taken using this phone! They are all superb ^_^

  11. Cute color of the phone. It looks a bit like the iphone of course. It reminds me of that. I will always be an apple fan haha =)

    xo sabine


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