A year ago, Miguel and I had an argument because I couldn’t remember the directions going to my friend’s house. I’m not as good as Miguel when it comes to directions. We were with another friend then which makes it uncomfortable. I just felt that there is no need for Miguel to raise his tone on me. I let it pass and acted normal all through out the trip but I was hurting inside. I felt that I was disrespected. When we got to my friend’s house, I acted like everything was perfectly okay. Thus, sending the wrong signal to my husband.
When we got home, I confronted Miguel and told him how I felt when he raised his tone during our argument. He said that he didn’t mean it and that he was sorry for what he did. I explained to him how the small argument can lead to a big fight because of the wrong tone. I also reminded him about our agreement on being each other’s keeper. That if we feel the need to argue and there is someone else, we should always control ourselves.
We are both trying our best not to let that incident happen.

Browsing Facebook, I saw an old friend who once had issues with her husband about infidelity. I remember how she used to bad mouth her husband which bothers me most of the time. I felt that it was already affecting her whole being. Hearing her stories about her husband’s infidelity became so tiring. I, as a friend even developed hatred towards her husband that it becomes awkward whenever we go on double dates.

When they moved to another city, things started to change. She started posting photos of her now happy family and surprise! There’s another bun in the oven. Although I am happy that things are doing well for her, I still couldn’t forget the bad things that she said about her husband. Everything bounced back at my friend because some people started talking about how they find my friend “weird” or “dumb” for taking her husband back after all the things he has done (based on her stories).

Although I feel sorry for her for being betrayed, I also feel bad for her husband.

This always remind me and Miguel about the consequences of revealing each other’s flaws to other people. We all know that there are times when we can’t handle things on our own. Especially when we have lost our trust to our partners but we should always bear in mind that we are each other’s keepers.

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In some cases like domestic violence or infidelity, we should seek help from trusted people or professionals. We should never consider making our spouses’s weakness a topic in our conversation with other people unless we know that they can help us get thru our struggle.


Stay happy and in love!