As a BPO employee, I am concerned with the options that I have in case the  industry goes down. 
Questions like “Where do we invest our hard-earned money?”, “Did we make the right investment(s)?” and “What options do we have when we decide to retire earlier than 60?” are when Miguel and I discuss our financial plans.

Recently, we made an investment and I was glad that it was part of the Philippine Cities and Municipalities Competitiveness Index, 2014 as presented by Undersecretary and Chief Economist, Gil Beltran.

One of the Speakers, Ms. Riena Pama, President of Sun Life Asset Management discussed how the lack of financial inclusion and literacy may tend to pyramiding. She said that Financial Literacy begins at home and made me realize that maybe, it’s something that was lacking in most Filipino household. 

Most of the speakers if not all, mentioned BPO in their talk which somehow gave me a relief that I am still in the right industry at the right time.
One of my favorite speakers on the summit, Mr. Bansan Choa, Chairman and CEO of I Remit, said that “Industry should come from the Philippines” and discussed about how remittance played a big role in the lives of OFWs saying that in every dollar that they spent, their is a percentage that is given back to them. I also believe in what he said that should be considered as an investment – retirement homes or villages. Philippines landed the top 17 in the for the most desirable retirement destinations across the globe. That being said, this will open more doors for investors and more jobs for our fellow Filipinos. 

Working overseas is not an option for me but yes, it may be the best decision other people made in their lives. But whatever industry we may be in, we must always take into consideration how our chosen industry will later lead us to financial freedom which I guess everyone in the working class is dreaming of.

Rejj Sibayan, Alaine Alejandrino, Rebecca Bustamante, Grace Nicolas, Lance Bucoy 

with the Panel Moderator, Kim Bernardo

The summit was a learning experience for me. I could go on and on on with the many things that I have learned from this event. I am looking forward to attending more summits organized no other that the maid who made it, Ms. Rebecca Bustamante – Chalre and Tag Media.

Asia Finance Summit: Appraising the Future of Southeast Asia was held at Makati Diamond Residences last April 21, 2015.