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Mega Food Tour 2.0

Mega Mall is one of our favorite Shopping destinations in the metro. Aside from the vicinity, this mall has a lot to offer. Specially for foodies like us. We’re lucky to be part of the last Mega Food tour for  the year and dining with 9 restaurants with Anton Diaz of our Awesome Planet is a bonus.
It’s great that SM Mega Mall came up with this idea because it’s a sure way to market their new restaurants. After all, who do you trust when it comes to restaurant recommendations but foodies or bloggers.

The tour started at 5:00 PM with 18 attendees that were grouped into two to maximize the time. Sharing with you some photos of the yummy dishes that we enjoyed last September 30. 

Ippudo. This is one of the most intriguing new restaurants at the Mega Fashion Hall having been dubbed as the Japanese restaurant who serves the best Ramen. We’ve always wanted to visit this Ippudo but the long line is kind of discouraging. We’re so glad that this is part of our tour. By the way, the chefs here at Ippudo are Japanese so if you’re looking for authentic Japanese food, then Ippudo is the right restaurant for you.  We love the spicy Ramen because of its rich flavor (tho we prefer it spicier).

Ippudo. 3/F Mega Fashion Hall

Linguini Fini. We loved the ambiance. It’ll make you forget that you’re actually inside a Shopping Mall. Everything looks clean at Linguini Fini. We’re both pasta lovers and we’d love to try everything on their menu! Parpadelle “Nose to Tail Bolo” is worth trying.

Linguini Fini. 3/F Mega Fashion Hall

Rosanjin. This is my favorite among the 9 restaurants that we visited.I loved everything that they served! Too bad Miguel has to leave for work and didn’t had the chance to eat at Rosanjin but we’ll definitley come back.

Rosanjin. 3/F Mega Fashion Hall

Cupcakes by Sonja. 

If you’re looking for the best red velvet cupcakes, then go visit Cupcakes by Sonja at the Ground floor of the Mega Fashion Hall. 

We had a short trip to Tim Ho Wan to taste their Pork Buns. I’ve tasted this before. I would say there’s nothing spectacular about this buns, or is it just me?

G/F Mega Fashion Hall

Eri Curry. This is a must try for curry lovers with big appetite! I couldn’t even finish their sampler or maybe I was just too full after visiting several restaurants. I would love to come back and challenge my self to finish a whole serving of their Katsu Curry.

Eri Curry. 3/F Mega Fashion Hall

Tripple O’s. I love their milk shake. I felt bad because I can no longer eat their sampler, good thing they offered a take-out. I got the chance to eat their sampler at work. I can’t believe their patties still taste good even after a few hours ( I ate the sampler during my lunch break ). They serve sweet potatoes instead of fries so it’s healthier and their burgers aren’t oily.

Triple-O’s. 3/F Mega Fashion Hall

I was giddy when I saw different colors of Mochi lined up at Mochi Cream Cafe. It was mouth watering. I loved everything and was even lucky enough to take home some Mochi. Everything is picture perfect and yummy. I love their drink and their Matcha Dacquoise.

Mochi Cream Cafe. 4/F Mega Fashion Hall.

Our last stop – Kool Kids. I enjoyed watching them make Nitrogen Ice cream. I was like a kid waiting for my ice cream to be served. Kids and kids at heart will surely love Kool kids. To Nutella lovers out there, you shouldn’t miss Kool kids on your next visit to Mega Fashion Hall!

Kool Kids. 5/F Mega Fashion Hall

I was extremely happy after the Food tour! I met new friends and tried different restaurants in 4 hours! Now, I know which restaurants we should revisit on our next trip to Mega Mall.

Happy Eating!

Migs and Alaine


  1. The food tour looks worth it and the ramen from ippudo looks yum! For the food tour do you have to pay for entrance or is it for invite only?

  2. No entrance fee. SM Mega Mall had an Instagram contest and that's how we got invites. Follow them on IG too for the next Food Tour probably next year…

  3. Are all the food served for free? If it were, amazing promo! As for Tim Ho Wan, I am with you, much ado about something not really extraordinary. 🙂

  4. I would love to try Tim Ho Wan but everytime I visit, there's always a long line..(not a fan of being on a waiting list) LOL!

  5. Wow! I haven't tried the pork buns yet and I have been reading good reviews about it. Spicy Ramen is love! 🙂


  6. Wow, this is what you call food trip. Eating in four restaurants in 4 hours is awesome!

  7. i still cant find to try those pork buns of Tim Ho Wan, lagi kasing mahaba ang pila eh. I would like to try personally if talagang true ang mga reviews….

  8. i am also getting more curious about that tim ho wan…i see a lot of post of being happy or lucky to be seated in their resto. food fair is something i really would like to go to if not for my medical diet. i miss eating ramen…

  9. Woooooooooow!!! ganito ang gusto ko,Kainan!!! haha..nagutom tuloy ako. parang gusto kong tikman lahat, lalo na yung mga food ng Rosanjin.. 🙂

  10. Wow this tour is such a good idea!!! Glad you had fun! Love your food shots, they make me want to eat again even if I'm already full. :))

  11. That was literally.. a food trip. Or should I say, a MEGA food trip, eh?

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