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What multivitamins do you take?

As most of you know, Migs and I work in BPO companies. I (Alaine) am lucky to have a fixed schedule for 4 straight years but Migs have to deal with rotating shifts every now and then. 
In order for us to keep in shape and energized for our shifts, we have tested a number of multivitamins but for us, the most effective is USANA Mega Antioxidant and Chelated Mineral tablets.

Ever since our first take of USANA tablets, we have more energy for work and other activities after our shifts. I personally do not catch myself sleepy at work.

The only thing that I notice is that I easily get hungry but after a month of taking these multi vitamins, I don’t see any changes with my weight (I didn’t lose nor gain a pound)!

But in Migs’ case, after being hospitalized for 9 days due to pneumonia and losing 40 lbs, he’s now back in shape with the help of proper diet, exercise and USANA.

USANA is a bit pricey compared to other multivitamins but trust us when we say that it really works.

We got these from a friend but we haven’t seen any of these being sold in the market. 

In the bottle it says it is manufactured in the USA but are being distributed by UHS Essential Health Phils, INC. in Makati, Philippines.

What multivitamins do you take? Share it with us.

Happy Monday!

Migs and Alaine


  1. USANA is available in Manila my tito is a distributor. I love that product I take it at night because it gives me a great night sleep.

  2. I'm taking my maintenance through Pharmaton. This vitamin I'm using 5 years ago, and until now.

  3. I take USANA essentials. It's really good. Keeps me energized despite of a 4-hour sleep. 🙂

  4. Yep these are quite pricey. My brother takes 'em since his doctor prescribed it. 🙂

  5. I don't really take multivitamins regularly. What I usually take are iron supplements.

  6. I'm gonna try USANA as it can help me while recovering from my training and runs.

  7. First off… WOW! Same schedule for four straight years! 😛
    I have a friend who distributes USANA products. Even tried talking me into investing in the company. 🙂

  8. Oh I've been taking this for three years now. It may be expensive but it's definitely worth every penny. Even if I only have a few hours of sleep every night, I can still function properly the next day.

  9. I haven't tried taking USANA yet but I've heard a lot about it.

  10. A lot of my friends are distributors of these products. Madaming pangpasexy din hehe! which reminds me to take na din multivitamins nga.

  11. USANA deserves a try! Great product and the benefits is worth it

  12. My husband is also taking USANA while I take Herbalife multivits… Haven't seen any changes yet 🙁

  13. I only take Vitamin E and Fish Oil.:) When I was still in Sydney, my friends gave me some to try and I felt energetic.:)

  14. I used to take them when I was a kid. But when things get pricey, too bad. I haven't. Despite that though, I used to be physique at some time, however, during those bummer days, I was unable to mantain that. Maybe it's about time to try this since I've been working my ass off now.

  15. Haven't tried USANA, but my friends is asking me to try it out. They told me that effective daw for those who want to stay healthy.

  16. Haven't tried that. I know I should be taking multivitamins, but I just never got to get to. I sometimes take those 1000 mg Vitamin C tablets, like Berroca or those UC 1000 drinks, lalo na kapag nagkakapuyatan at kulang ang tulog.

  17. I am using berroca. Thank God it is really keeping me sane at work. I should check this out.

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