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Our thoughts on Zomato’s write for a bite contest and Mesclun Bistro

We are both food lovers and because we wanted to share our experience with a larger audience, we started writing reviews at Zomato.com. It was never our intention to join their write for a bite contest but on their website it says that when you write a review with 50 words or more, you automatically earn an entry to their contest.

To our surprise, we received an email from Zomato.com telling us that our Momo Cafe review has been picked as the best review for January 11 and that they’ll be sending us meal vouchers.

The email address seems legit so we replied with our mailing address. It was after a week that we decided to ask Sarah if they have already sent the meal vouchers because we are used to receiving packages or gift certificates from different people within 24-48 hours. We are worried that someone might have received it for us.

There had been several follow up emails but some were never answered.
We were told though that the gift certificate was sent to us after we replied with our mailing address. That bothered us more. Of course, we don’t want to seem ungrateful and not post about the gift certificate that we received.

It was February 12 when we finally received the gift certificate which was sent via snail mail. Yes, Sarah was correct, they sent it on January 16, 2014. A Php1,000 worth of Mesclun Bistro gift certificate was sent to us with an issued date of August 15, 2013 and is valid for 6 months. So that means, we only have until today (February 15, 2014) to use it.
We never go on dinner dates every valentine’s day…it’s just not our thing. But since we only have few days left to use Mesclun Bistro’s GC, we called their office to reserve a table for February 14.
The first person who answered the phone passed it to another person, a guy who seem very polite. He told us that we can use the gift certificate for ala carte orders but not for their set menu for Valentine’s day. So, we agreed to avail their ala carte dishes. He reserved a table for two for us and even suggested that we pick the first seating which is 6:30 – 8:30 PM.

The following day, we received an SMS from Mesclun Bistro reminding us of our reservation. We arrived a little late because of the heavy traffic and we are unfamiliar with the bistro’s location so we did a little walking til we reached the location.

We were welcomed by their staff and lead us to our seats. A set menu was handed to us. There were two options for a different set. You can go for Php 1200 or Php1500 per head. We asked for another menu so we could order something else. The store manager went to our table and asked if we have a problem. So, we told him about our predicament. Okay, Php 1200 per head for Valentine’s day is not that pricey but we’re not willing to pay that much for a bistro that we haven’t tried yet.
We told the manager that the Gift certificate was sent to us by Zomato.com and we wanted to use it since it will expire today. He said that he’ll try to “extend” the gift certificate’s validity until today. Yes! That’s very confusing. Haha! 
We were also told that he will try to find out who booked the table for us. A very lousy move that will not make the situation better. We waited for an answer for five minutes but we could no longer take the humiliation that this gift certificate has caused us. Note that our table was just a spit away from another couple who seem to have overheard us.

So, we just decided to call it a night. 
It was a total waste of time and gas money driving from Antipolo to Serendra. We should have stayed home, cooked a decent meal, and did a movie marathon like we always do every valentine’s day.

Migs and Alaine


  1. I'm sorry you had to go thru all that hassle, The marketing for Mesclun is an acquaintance I forwarded your blog post to her..

  2. Sad to hear that, but I hope you still had a nice Valentines Day.

  3. It is sad to hear about debacles like this and on a special occasion like Valentine's Day at that.

  4. Tsk tsk that's really a long way drive! On v-day day, EDSA was cramped. It took us three hours from Serendra to go home to Binondo.

  5. Oh dear this sad and you drove a long way. I hope this will be addressed :-/

  6. Very sorry for your drama in real life, with this Zomatos. I think all of us experienced this situation in some degree? Well, that's life.

  7. That's quite a hassle they've cause you. Zomatos should send you something in return for this uncomfortable event.

  8. oh my….what an experience. i agree, you shouldn't be spending over a thousand bucks for food in a resto you haven't tried yet. and a thousand bucks per head???? that doesn't sound like a gift certificate at all…

  9. Oh wow… The accommodation is so pricey… I think Zomato should revise their pricing.

  10. i can just imagine how a waste that can be especially in a special day like Valentines…

  11. Whaaat!! totally waste of time and energy yung pag dri-drive pa lang from Antipolo hanggang Serendra super hassle na.

  12. that is a hussle night as well for a gift ceritficate. though i am very sure you both can spend another valentines day this week and make it more romantic

  13. For one, it's weird na the date issued by Zomato was August 2013 tapos they mailed it ng January 2014 lang, late pa dumating via snail mail. And second, parang there was miscommunication sa mga nasa Mesclun about your reservation. Hassle lang, and to think talagang dinayo n'yo pa from Antipolo to BGC. Maybe you can tell Zomato of your experience.

  14. We got an email today from Zomato offering us a free lunch or dinner as a token of apology. But we declined the offer.

  15. That's just a wrong way of delivering service. They should always be on top of their promos.

  16. That was a terrible experience. After going through all the hassle at that. I would also have declined their offer of another free lunch.

  17. This is totally outrageous, it seems Zomato had to explain why this things happen. It's absolutely humiliating, I hope you still had good Valentines day despite this trouble.

  18. I know you have written a very good review of such Mesclun Bistro, that is why, You're chosen as one of those to receive the gift certificate via snail mail. Anyway, congratz!

  19. OMG! That's awful. I certainly don't want to be placed in such humiliating situation. But I hope you still had a nice Valentine celebration.

  20. tstktsktsk…Not a good marketing strategy here. ZOMATO and MESCLUN should have proper communication here, it's their business to make you a nice dinner date using their GC.

  21. Mesclun Bistro… what a shame! I can feel how infuriating it must be, especially with the worst traffic condition and road congestion last Friday.

  22. It's really unfortunate of you to experience that. Their service is lame. I just hope they did something especially it's Valentine's Day, you guys deserve a sweet time together.

  23. So sorry to hear about your experience. I would have been furious had it happened to me. Hope Zomato and Mesclun will do something about their customer service.

  24. Cool to see how contests really work hu? Specially when u win haha. congrats! 🙂

  25. That's VERY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. I would be very mad at the humiliation. Whoever you talked to should've looked for ways to solve your predicament and made your visit pleasant. Zomato, more importantly, should've smoothened out things before you even got there. Sorry to hear you had to go through that.

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