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The Wolf of Wall Street – A tale of Avarice

From the award winning Director, Martin Scorsese comes another must-see film starring Leonardo DiCaprio as the Wolf of Wall Street.

This is a comedy film based on Jordan Belfort’s life before he became a motivational speaker.

A tale of avarice, telling a story of a man who started as a stockbroker and made his way to the top through stock manipulation and fraud leading him to his fall.

We couldn’t deny it, this film should be seen by marketing and sales officers. This can also be a great material for a sales training seminar.
For Leonardo’s fans,well, this film required him to show more flesh but we still think that he was able to carry out those scenes with class and undeniably good acting. 

Have a great weekend!

Migs and Alaine


  1. we've been planning to watch this movie. i'm surprised it's comedy pala! i'm in marketing, I'm gonna go tell my hubby i really need to watch this. 🙂

  2. We were surprised too. You can totally relate to this film! So, go watch it with your hubby the soonest! XO

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