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Momo Café – Eastwood City

We had a great dining experience at M Café so when we found out that Enjoy Philippines is tied up with Rain tree restaurants, we decided to try Momo Café at Eastwood City.

We arrived at the resto at least 2 hours before their closing and we were the only guests then. I asked one of their staff if I could use my Enjoy Philippines voucher and I was surprised because she seemed so disappointed, and sarcastically asked me: what? what voucher?
I never had issues using my Enjoy Philippines card or any of their vouchers. Uhm, hello? Never heard of the word voucher all your life? That question popped my mind while bluntly looking at this lady’s shmuck face and my facial reaction gave me away… I am pissed.
The lady referred my question to her manager and thank goodness, someone was able to explain what a “voucher” is.

When we were asked for our orders, the lady seemed so tired and so fed up with what she’s doing. I don’t know…maybe having a rough day?

As expected, orders came in generous servings and beautifully plated.
To start off, we were given some bread with cheese pimiento on the side. 

I ordered tonkatsu and my husband had roasted chicken. 
The voucher entitled us for another dish for free so I ordered some corn dogs and fries to go. Their drinks are also to die for that I almost forgot how rude the lady staff is.

But…when we were about to dig in…we saw some forks and knives on our table but spoons are nowhere to be found. I bet this lady saw us waiting for her. Since she was already starting to fix the tables seemingly telling us to finish our meals as fast as we could.
We waited for a minute, thinking that she might get back to us and hand us some spoons. Imagine going thru this ordeal on your anniversary?! She never came back instead, I called the attention of another waiter for some spoons.

It would’ve been one fine dining experience…the ambiance was good, food tastes as good as they look but if I were to compare their service to other restaurants, Momo Café would be at the bottom of the barrel.

We still love Rain Tree restaurants but we will never consider dining at Momo Café (Eastwood branch) ever!
I guess their staff should be trained to treat their customers equally whether or not they are using “vouchers”.

Migs and Alaine


  1. We've eaten @ this place once I think last year and the ambiance was classy. It's a bit small to think na so many are eating there. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for the heads up! I too do not have patience for resto staff like that so I will steer away from Momo Cafe lest I encounter that server and won't be able to restrain myself.

    I'm familiar with Rain Tree, my hubby and I used to play for their string of food places in the buildings in Makati (that was a long time ago, though, like history…haha). I've always liked them. Hubby and I should revisit soon. 🙂

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