Before you think that we are PNoy’s super fans,well let’s just say that we are Filipinos who share the same love and concern for our country and our fellow citizens. And by the way, we didn’t vote for PNoy last National elections, we voted for Gordon.
It’s just sad that after Malacanang sent out their Congratulatory message to Manny Pacquiao, some Filipinos raised their eyebrows and said that our President was too quick to give out his message to the “champ” but took him a couple of days to visit areas affected by Haiyan. 

EVERYONE prepared for Haiyan but it was just too strong. Remember what happened to the USA during Hurricane Katrina? FYI: Katrina is no match for haiyan.

Come on, Filipinos! Philippines was already a third world country even before PNoy’s term. So believe us when we say that WE DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH EQUIPMENT neither BUDGET in situations like this. When was the last time we had such a powerful typhoon? 

Can’t we just be united and work as one? What happened to our “bayanihan” tradition? Our government have lapses and yes, we can’t deny the fact that CORRUPTION is rampant. But what do we do now? This is not the perfect time to sling mud at each other. Your idealism, your anger and criticisms will not feed the hungry neither will it make their lives better. If you can’t take what the other politicians are doing, stand up and make a difference just like what Lucy Torres did!

If you haters, don’t have the guts neither enough proof for your claims then STOP acting like a mad political analyst who promote PNoy’s impeachment..why don’t you start giving? 
STOP hating and let Manny be our inspiration to come back strong after a fall.


Much love, 

Migs and Alaine