Hi Guys,

Sharing this review for my sister…

If you want to experience superb relaxation, don’t book this place. Why? (1) Booking is on a per-room basis. Imagine sharing the restroom, living area and the kitchen with strangers. (2) Beds per room can only accommodate 2 pax but the caretaker claims it can accommodate 10. It actually can if you’d utilize the floor. Besides, they don’t provide enough blankets and pillows. Come to think of it, each room costs P4,000! (3) Rooms don’t have dressers or cabinets to keep your belongings. (4) Guests aren’t provided with keys considering that the house is shared with strangers. (5) Restroom toilets won’t flush. FYI: 3 rooms on the ground floor share 1 common restroom as well as the 3 rooms upstairs. Only 1 room, the largest, has its own restroom. (6) Kitchen sink is clogged. (7) Dogs are free to roam around the house. (8) The caretaker charges P300 if you’d use the stove regardless if you’d just fry one piece of egg. (9) If you’re a beach bum, you won’t enjoy this place since there’s no shore line. This place is only good for photo opportunities. Despite all these, we still managed to make the most out of our time because enjoyment comes from within and not from where you are currently situated. Overall, Justo’s Vineyard is a loser. I just can’t fathom why our procurement team recommended this place for our once a year event.







Alaine Alejandrino