The recent “Habagat” made us decide to cut our budget for our Wedding. And as we looked closely into the details of our Wedding, invitations are what we thought wouldn’t have to be paid that much importance. After all, there are only few people who will keep Wedding invites.

Few months before our Wedding, we created a Wedding website at where we posted all the information for our then upcoming wedding. is one of the most user –friendly among the Wedding Websites that we’ve checked. Plus, if you’re using an iPhone, you can download an app so you get to update your details anytime, anywhere.

Of course there are guests who still prefer to receive a hard copy of our Wedding Invite. I (Migs) downloaded a program where you can create your own Invitation in a matter of minutes. I borrowed a printer, bought a paper cutter (for only P800.00), envelopes, papers, and started printing our Wedding Invites. We only printed about 30 copies and distributed them to some friends and sponsors.




A little creativity saved us time and money.

Migs and Alaine Alejandrino