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As a child, I bet your parents have always reminded you to take your vitamin C and this reminder can sometimes be annoying. This reminder should be taken seriously as taking vitamins are essential to our well-being and the lack of it can spell disaster to our day to day existence.

Our body needs these vitamins to function properly and each vitamin plays a respective role in maintaining a good health.

Let’s zero in on Vitamin C, Itis a water soluble vitamin and considered one of the most effective nutrients. It is loaded with health and beauty benefits, thus, it is an imperative to fill in our body with food that are rich in Vitamin C and take Vitamin C supplements to get its optimum performance.

  1. Enhances our Immune System

Change of weather and other factor can easily give a negative effect in your body especially if   you have alow immune system making you susceptible to Coughs, Colds and flu.Vitamin C         facilitates the absorption of iron and therefore strengthens the body’s resistance to infection.

  1. Protection against Heart Diseases

Vitamin C restores and regenerate tissues to protect against heart disease as it aid in the iron    absorption and decreases your bad cholesterol and triglycerides.

  1. Lower your chances of Hypertension

Vitamin C lowers your blood pressure and decreases the chances of hypertension as well as       serious health problems that may accompany high blood pressure.

  1. Great for wound healing

People who underwent surgery or recovering from sports-related injuries are recommended to              take high doses of Vitamin C to hasten wound healing. Vitamin C is essential in the formation of   new connective tissue in healing wound.

  1. Helps in Weight-Loss

Vitamin C can aid in losing fat and maintaining a healthy weight. There is a certain scientific          evidence that shows taking Vitamin C on a regular basis helps in losing weight significantly since             it lowers insulin, hence, instead of storing sugar and converting it into fats, it uses it as a fuel             that leads to weight loss.

  1. Stress Buster

Studies show that Vitamin C reduces the elevated levels of stress, hormones and cortisol, thus,                lowering your chances of feeling stressed.

  1. Essential in Fighting Cancer

Since Vitamin C is high in antioxidant properties, it protect the cells from DNA damage and          mutation. It supports the body’s immune system and prevents certain cancer forming           compounds from forming in the body.

  1. Diabetes regulation

Vitamin C helps in regulating the sugar levels, reducing the risk of getting diabetes. Diabetic        patients also acknowledgesimprovement of the symptoms of the existing cases. Supplementing        Vitamin C influences glucose in our body cells and protects against many complications of    diabetes.


  1. Protects from Allergies and Asthma

Taking Vitamin C supplements helps in lowering histamine, thus, it lessen the chances of              contracting asthma and lowers allergic reactions.

  1. Essential beauty benefits

Vitamin C helps in production of Collagen which is an important building block of our Skin, Hair   and Nails. People taking Anti-Aging supplements will get a greater result in adding Vitamin C in      taking their supplements.


In Taking Vitamin C, make sure you are using its safest form. Take Bewell-C Sodium Ascorbate, a non-acidic Vitamin C and which is safe to be taken in large doses to get the full potential.

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How to get a Healthy Body and Healthy Mind?

Staying away from vices such as smoking and drinking alcohol is not enough to boost your immune system. We learned that the hard way when Miguel got sick last year. There a lot of things that you can do to take care of your health.

Aside from aesthetically healthy looking body, you also need a strong immune system, strong muscles, alert and clear mind, energized body without feeling sluggish and less stressed out. How do you achieve this? One can achieve this not only by the means of proper diet and regular exercise. You also would need the right supplement that provides support and health benefits to your body while giving you the energy you need for a healthy mind and body. That’s what’s Robust Energy is for!
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Robust Energy Capsule is high content 100% Pure content of Taurine, Ginseng, Sodium Ascorbate, Vitamin B1, B6 and B12 that is made more effective than powdered ingredients. It is a product of extensive research and development that guarantees top quality and excellent promising health results which makes it absolutely different from other energy preparation. Ilabas ang lakas! No caffeine, more energy with Robust Energy Capsule!

At first we thought that Robust Energy capsule is for those couples who needs extra energy for their special nights but we found out that it has a lot of benefits.
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