February is one of my favorite months. I still remember how every high school girl in school would love to look good on their cocktail dress or evening gowns for the Junior-Senior prom!

Imagine your daughter attending one of the most awaited event of her high school life with so much zits on her face. Well, airbrush make-up can give temporary solutions to that but it could slash a bit on your wallets. I am thankful that I didn’t have acne problems during my adolescent years, but I have friends who’ve been through a lot because that. Yes, it can affect your child’s life.
Investing on your child’s skin could improve your child’s confidence. Even Dra. Kyla herself had acne problems during her puberty stage and she said that this skin issue is the closest to her heart.

You are entitled for a free consultation (except for pathological cases). Check out this link for more of their Acne Management Services.

Skin Philosophie Medical Aesthetic and Lifestyle Solutions provides affordable luxury to their clients as young as 12 years old. Dr. Kyla Talens, an Aesthetic Dermatologist who trained in the UK can provide solutions to your skin problems. What I like most about Dra. Kyla is that she’s honest and fair when it comes to her clients. She will not insist treatments that you’re not comfortable with and if you’re budget is limited. Just don’t expect that if you go for the more affordable treatment, you’ll see results right away.

On my first visit to Skin Philosophie, we were given the chance to raise questions to Dra.Kyla about our skin concerns and I tell you, Dra. Kyla is very accommodating and so is her mom, Mrs. Grace Talens, Skin Philosophie’s Marketing Head.

I was also given the privilege to try Skin Philosophie Signature Facial. One of Dra. Kyla’s clients said that this facial is best described as the “fake white” and it was true. After I had my facial, it’s like I applied foundation or pressed powder. There was an instant glow, but of course, don’t expect the results to last long. Maintenance is always the key for a radiant skin. 

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