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Z Hostel – The First Luxury Hostel in the Philippines

When we got an invite to stay at Z Hostel for 2 nights, we were a bit skeptical because we have never tried a hostel before. But exchanging emails with Cao, made us change our minds. He was very warm and accommodating so, we thought we’ll be getting the same treatment when we got there.

I chose the last weekend of November since it’s the last month where Miguel and I have the same rest days.
The booking was all smooth, they just asked a photo of our valid ID’s and voila, a confirmation was sent via email. We didn’t have issues with checking in too. Well, we had a rough time locating the hostel because Google maps gave us a totally different direction. 

Since their parking area was still under construction then, we had to park outside the hostel. Cafeteria was also under construction but there are near by restaurants and convenience store so, food wasn’t a problem.

We were given a room with 4 beds (2 bunk beds). Every bed has it’s own power outlet so, if you’re like me who can’t live without a mobile phone and a laptop, then you will surely love Z hostel. The room has enough space and so is the bathroom. I can imagine a whole barkada or a family spending some quality time together. They also have enough closets for your stuff and a safe box for your valuables. 
I personally love their roof deck where you can hold small parties. 

View from the roof deck – P. Burgos St. at night

Z Hostel is one whole building that consists of 7 floors. It has 30 rooms with a total of 126 beds. A mix of rooms include 8 private rooms, 6 mixed dorm rooms for 8pax, 2 mixed dorm rooms for 6pax, 2 all female dorm rooms for 6pax and 12 mixed dorm rooms for 4pax.  All rooms come with free breakfast.  There is a lobby lounge area with a book exchange and computer corner. 
They also have  a game room on the mezzanine floor and 2 roof decks.  Free wifi is offered all throughout the building.  

First time to travel here in the Philippines? Don’t fret because Z Hostel have an in-house travel agency to assist you for your tours. Z Hostel is perfect for backpackers or anyone who wants to spend some time somewhere else.

Z Hostel is located at 5660 Don Pedro St., Makati City
For reservations, please call 0927-9652692
Facebook page: Z Hostel Philippines
Instagram: +ZHOSTELPH 



OTJ movie review

OTJ Poster

A dark crime thriller, neo-noir with a gangster feel. Finally, a local film that is worth every Peso.

The film stars Gerald Anderson (Daniel) and Joel Torre (Tatang/Mario) who are jail inmates being released from time to time to eliminate “targets” as hired killers.

On the other hand, Joey Marquez (SP01 Acosta) and Piolo Pascual (NBI agent Coronel) are the good guys who plays as law enforcers.

The film has been said to be based on true to life events which we find very timely with all the issues that our country is facing as of the moment.

The actors gave justice to their given roles. Although Joel Torre, Piolo Pascual and Joey Marquez showcased their acting prowess as expected, we must say that Gerald Anderson deserves a big round of applause for dropping his boy next door image and man it out in this film. Every scene appears to be so realistic. The city streets, dialogues, expressions, and even the clothes worn by the actors. Kudos to the wardrobe team for making the characters look like the real deal, and not making them wear neat signature clothes (if you’ve watched some previous local films you’ll get what we’re sayin’).


It kind of reminded us of the film “The Departed” or “Infernal affairs“.

It was showed in Cannes early this year and received a two minute standing ovation . Joel Torre even took home the best actor award from a Korean award giving body. It is also said that there will be an American adaptation.

OTJ is a true work of art. This is the kind of movie that Filipinos should patronize and should be proud of.


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