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35 years of Wedded Bliss

In this day and age marriages often do not last that long, so I am proud to say that my parents are still happily married. They’ve made it this far, but not without trial and error. Commitment is hard work as my parents would always tell us.

We went to Baguio for another great visit and to celebrate another momentous event – our parents’ 35th Wedding anniversary and renewal of vows. Baguio is where we spent most of our weekends for two beautiful years and I just couldn’t even begin to describe it.

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Horses, boat ride, beautiful flowers and delish food were only some of the things that we enjoyed. The flow of traffic along Session road 2 was overwhelming…but the trip was still enjoyable.
strawberry taho

Pablo and Atkins
We spent three days at Pages Hall (Teachers Camp) along with 30+ adults. If you’re going to Baguio in large group, staying at a transient house like Pages Hall will save you money. We only paid Php 187.00 per head (this is on a daily basis) compared to P1,500 to P5,000 per night in a hotel.  The rooms were clean as well as the restrooms. I guess the only bad thing is that we shared the restrooms with the other guests. For Php 187.00/night don’t expect any additional freebies…pillows and comforters will be provided though. You can also order food from the care takers (prices range from P60.00 – P70.00 depending on their menu).  As for me and my husband, we opted to eat at nearby Cafeterias and restaurants.

Pages Hall



Day two, we went to Burnham Park to visit some Ukay-ukay stores but we were surprised with the prices! The locals told us that if we wanted to score some cheap goods, we should go back at around 9PM. Thinking that parking may be an issue during that time – we just stayed at Pages Hall to watch movies while enjoying a hot cup of coffee.



Baguio will always be special to me. I will never get tired of visiting this beautiful City…and to my parents, I am and I will always be proud of you.


Mrs. Alejandrino

Canyon Cove Review

Last March 25, I called Canyon Cove Reservations office to book a room for April. The earliest date given to me was April 16 – 17. Since it was Tuesday and Wednesday, I had to ask my husband’s opinion. When I got a go signal from him, I immediately called Canyon Cove to confirm. But I kept on getting busy tones. So, I just opted to send an email to the address posted on their website. I didn’t know that their staff do not answer emails real time so, I had to call their reservations office again the following day. I asked the specialist if there are other dates available. I was offered April 15-16 which I grabbed. I got a confirmation number and marked my calendar.  Surprisingly, when I checked my email address, I received a response for my previous booking request. I was given a different set of confirmation number and a different date! I immediately replied to the email asking Angela (reservation specialist) to cancel my April 16-17 reservation and gave her my confirmation number for April 15-16. I waited for days, but no response was received…not even an acknowledgement.

A week before our visit to Canyon Cove, I called their reservations office and was transferred from one person to another.  They kept telling me that I was giving them a confirmation number with a missing digit. Someone even hung up on me. I was lucky to get hold of someone who is willing to help me on my fourth attempt. The confirmation number given to me was for a room reservation at Canyon woods! How did that happen? Well, that’s also my question that was never answered. I had to tell them several times that I already filed a vacation leave  for April 15 and 16 and that I could no longer extend my leave so they need to do something about my room reservation… and before the day ended, I got a call from Angela asking if I want to reschedule our visit to April 14-15… thinking that I have no choice, I said YES.

April 14 came and when we got to Canyon Cove, there were a lot of guests who are trying to get a parking slot and that includes us.  We were directed by the Security guard to a parking area near Canyon Cove’s kitchen. We even saw some kitchen personnel (four of them) having their break and watching guests as they enter the resort’s premises. There were many people walking around the lobby as expected. But the queuing at the check in counter was bearable.

As soon as we entered our room, I looked around trying to check if the place was safe for kids and for our belongings. And to my dismay. There was a cigarette butt on our veranda and a hotel key card holder on our TV rack from the previous guest. Towels are nowhere to found. For crying out loud, even the cheapest motels in the metro provide towels to their guests. Doors are also an issue.  We requested towels at around 4pm, an hour after we checked in.  At 8:45 PM we got the towels from a bell boy who after ringing our door bell, knocked on our door like a rock star. Yeah, talk about manners.

Our room.Walang WIFI. Dead spot for Sun Cellular.


Hello daw sabi ng mga alikabok. LOL
nakakatakot lumbas pag sira ang pinto :(



When I took a shower, the water seemed to love the flooring and took a while before it got drained. Tooth paste and tooth brushes are also not provided. Good thing, we brought our own toiletries.


Food wasn’t exemplary. Buffet is Php600/head for adults and Php300/head for kids.



I never expected this. Canyon Cove claims that they are a  “premier resort” and boast their “deluxe amenities” on line. I expected more… a laudable customer service at least.



Alaine Alejandrino

Manila Bay Dinner Cruise

Camera 360

My first time to write as a guest blogger. Thank you so much,Rachael!

( http://lettersfromamermaid.blogspot.com/ )

One of our friends gave us vouchers for a Manila Bay Dinner Buffet Cruise. I’ve read several reviews about it before we asked for an appointment.

After two weeks of trying to get a Friday schedule, we gave up and booked the next available date…Monday! We arrived at 4:30 PM; parking was OK…and was only a few steps away from the dock.

At exactly 5:30 PM, a staff was stationed at the registration table. We immediately stood in line along with the other passengers to claim our stubs. Luckily, we got numbers 7 and 8. When it was time to board (6:00PM) our numbers were called and we were given the privilege to choose our seats. We chose seats at the second level so we could have a better view.

Camera 360

As soon as all the passengers were boarded, a crew welcomed us and safety measures were explained. 6:15, the singers started serenading the passengers

A waiter handed us a menu for their drinks. Their drinks come in a very reasonable price. We had refillable Ice Tea which only cost Php 75.00

When it was announced that the buffet table is ready, we headed to the ferry’s first level. The line was a bit long but was bearable. It was a managed buffet and there were about 5 main courses. Conventional jello was also offered for dessert.

We enjoyed the cruise especially when we got to the part of Manila Bay where you could see Mall of Asia and some establishments around it. The scene was picture perfect! If you wish to book for a weekend cruise, you better be planning at least a month or two in advance so you could witness Mall of Asia’s fireworks display.

Camera 360

Camera 360

It was a fun experience and a good way of promoting Manila…

For those expecting a grand buffet and some gourmet food, this cruise is not for you.
You always get what you pay for. 😀


Alaine Alejandrino

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