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Be your spouse’s keeper

A year ago, Miguel and I had an argument because I couldn’t remember the directions going to my friend’s house. I’m not as good as Miguel when it comes to directions. We were with another friend then which makes it uncomfortable. I just felt that there is no need for Miguel to raise his tone on me. I let it pass and acted normal all through out the trip but I was hurting inside. I felt that I was disrespected. When we got to my friend’s house, I acted like everything was perfectly okay. Thus, sending the wrong signal to my husband.
When we got home, I confronted Miguel and told him how I felt when he raised his tone during our argument. He said that he didn’t mean it and that he was sorry for what he did. I explained to him how the small argument can lead to a big fight because of the wrong tone. I also reminded him about our agreement on being each other’s keeper. That if we feel the need to argue and there is someone else, we should always control ourselves.
We are both trying our best not to let that incident happen.

Browsing Facebook, I saw an old friend who once had issues with her husband about infidelity. I remember how she used to bad mouth her husband which bothers me most of the time. I felt that it was already affecting her whole being. Hearing her stories about her husband’s infidelity became so tiring. I, as a friend even developed hatred towards her husband that it becomes awkward whenever we go on double dates.

When they moved to another city, things started to change. She started posting photos of her now happy family and surprise! There’s another bun in the oven. Although I am happy that things are doing well for her, I still couldn’t forget the bad things that she said about her husband. Everything bounced back at my friend because some people started talking about how they find my friend “weird” or “dumb” for taking her husband back after all the things he has done (based on her stories).

Although I feel sorry for her for being betrayed, I also feel bad for her husband.

This always remind me and Miguel about the consequences of revealing each other’s flaws to other people. We all know that there are times when we can’t handle things on our own. Especially when we have lost our trust to our partners but we should always bear in mind that we are each other’s keepers.

women gossip

In some cases like domestic violence or infidelity, we should seek help from trusted people or professionals. We should never consider making our spouses’s weakness a topic in our conversation with other people unless we know that they can help us get thru our struggle.


Stay happy and in love!



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Betadine is trusted  worldwide in healthcare institutions and homes for over 45 years. So, when this product was launched, I didn’t even think twice about using it. Plus, it’s so easy to use!

  1. Pour 2-3 small drops of Betadine 7.5% Feminine wash
  2. Wash on the external vaginal area for 15 seconds before rinsing thoroughly. Repeat once or twice a week.

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Always stay fresh and confident!


My Unsung Hero

We have been a little quiet over the past months and seldom posted articles on our blog. 2014 had been a bitter sweet year for us and it was only until now that we decided to share with everyone what we have been through. Both our moms passed away last year due to complications brought by diabetes. 
Like most of you, we consider our mothers our unsung heroes. Growing up, we often take them for granted unmindful that one day, we will no longer be able to spend time with them. One can never truly explain a mother’s love. Who we are today is a product of how we were molded by our mothers. 
I couldn’t grasp the right words to say how devastating it is to lose the person who brought you out to this world.

In my case, my mom’s death is the hardest thing to deal with because being the youngest daughter, I was the closest to her. My mother was a working woman and at the peak of her career when she met my father – her first boyfriend. She had to give up her career after giving birth to me so she can focus on our growing family. When we were all grown ups, she decided to go back to work to help my father raise money so they both can retire well. She was so selfless and ready to extend help to anyone including our neighbors and acquaintances. I would often tease her that she’s like Mother Theresa. I would sometimes wake up seeing unfamiliar faces in our house seeking help from her whether financially or simply needing some pieces of advise about life in general.

During her wake, I find comfort from the people who shared to us how our mother was able to help them in different ways. I am happy that I was able to share my mother to other people through the community that she is involved with. Proof that she didn’t only teach us good things but also lived by her 

Forever grateful, 


Woman caught camcording at Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall

Have you guys seen the Fast and the Furious 7?
We watched the Fast and the Furious 7 last night at Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall and someone got furious when my husband, Miguel tried to stop them from using their phones inside the cinema. Note that the female in red was recording the movie (and she admitted it). When we got out of the cinema, they confronted us and started a scene. 

Please stop using your smartphones inside the cinema. People behind you who also paid to see the movie are literally being blinded by your phone’s light and to those who are not aware, camcording is a crime. Read Anti-Camcording Act of 2010 for more details.

Thank you to Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall’s staff for handling the situation.

Migs and Alaine

Armada Hotel Manila

We checked in at Armada Hotel Manila last December 13 as an extended wedding anniversary celebration. We have read good feedback about the hotel and decided that we should try it for ourselves. Armada hotel is a 3 year old hotel located at the heart of Manila. Room rates were just about right and the fact that we got it for a lower price just added excitement.

We checked in at 2pm and we were welcomed by this receptionist who is a little too stiff for her job. Well, we just let it slide because she was the only person who lacks customer service skills. The rest of their staff are courteous.
Everything seemed okay. The room is spacious, the hotel is near commercial establishments and they have a decent restaurant at the ground floor.
The bed is soft at the right places and the compliments are at par with higher end hotels
Their standard room is much being that those of other hotels in the Metro and because the hotel is fairly new, there were no unnecessary smell or dirt. Their lounge area will kind of give you the feeling that maybe the rooms are not as big as how it looks like in the photos. Although our hotel room was not as posh as other hotel rooms, I still like the cozy feel. You still get the R&R feels.
We were upgraded to a bigger room when we had some minor issues with our bed and it was done really fast even if it was already 2:00 in the morning.
We were able to relax despite the room transfer. I think it was one of their suites because it almost doubled the size of our previous room and there was a mini kitchen too. Pretty cool. I can probably stay there for a week.
At 6:30AM, we went down to eat breakfast which was included on our hotel accommodation. I must say that their breakfast buffet is pretty impressive. They do not have too many choices but I think that is okay for a breakfast buffet plus Armada is not a five star hotel. Their service at the resto needs improvement tho. We were asked for our room number three times by three different people. Maybe, they lack coordination.
After breakfast, we went to their roof deck to check out the pool. Pool was pretty okay too even if the views are blocked by taller buildings around the area.
I would rate this hotel as 8/10 and I have recommended them to our friends as well. The hotel itself is okay. They just need to improve their customer service. We will definitely come back.

Here’s a 360 virtual tour of Armada Hotel.

The use of this 360° virtual tour of Armada Hotel Manila is authorized by Traveloka.

Z Hostel – The First Luxury Hostel in the Philippines

When we got an invite to stay at Z Hostel for 2 nights, we were a bit skeptical because we have never tried a hostel before. But exchanging emails with Cao, made us change our minds. He was very warm and accommodating so, we thought we’ll be getting the same treatment when we got there.

I chose the last weekend of November since it’s the last month where Miguel and I have the same rest days.
The booking was all smooth, they just asked a photo of our valid ID’s and voila, a confirmation was sent via email. We didn’t have issues with checking in too. Well, we had a rough time locating the hostel because Google maps gave us a totally different direction. 

Since their parking area was still under construction then, we had to park outside the hostel. Cafeteria was also under construction but there are near by restaurants and convenience store so, food wasn’t a problem.

We were given a room with 4 beds (2 bunk beds). Every bed has it’s own power outlet so, if you’re like me who can’t live without a mobile phone and a laptop, then you will surely love Z hostel. The room has enough space and so is the bathroom. I can imagine a whole barkada or a family spending some quality time together. They also have enough closets for your stuff and a safe box for your valuables. 
I personally love their roof deck where you can hold small parties. 

View from the roof deck – P. Burgos St. at night

Z Hostel is one whole building that consists of 7 floors. It has 30 rooms with a total of 126 beds. A mix of rooms include 8 private rooms, 6 mixed dorm rooms for 8pax, 2 mixed dorm rooms for 6pax, 2 all female dorm rooms for 6pax and 12 mixed dorm rooms for 4pax.  All rooms come with free breakfast.  There is a lobby lounge area with a book exchange and computer corner. 
They also have  a game room on the mezzanine floor and 2 roof decks.  Free wifi is offered all throughout the building.  

First time to travel here in the Philippines? Don’t fret because Z Hostel have an in-house travel agency to assist you for your tours. Z Hostel is perfect for backpackers or anyone who wants to spend some time somewhere else.

Z Hostel is located at 5660 Don Pedro St., Makati City
For reservations, please call 0927-9652692
Facebook page: Z Hostel Philippines
Instagram: +ZHOSTELPH 



What multivitamins do you take?

As most of you know, Migs and I work in BPO companies. I (Alaine) am lucky to have a fixed schedule for 4 straight years but Migs have to deal with rotating shifts every now and then. 
In order for us to keep in shape and energized for our shifts, we have tested a number of multivitamins but for us, the most effective is USANA Mega Antioxidant and Chelated Mineral tablets.

Ever since our first take of USANA tablets, we have more energy for work and other activities after our shifts. I personally do not catch myself sleepy at work.

The only thing that I notice is that I easily get hungry but after a month of taking these multi vitamins, I don’t see any changes with my weight (I didn’t lose nor gain a pound)!

But in Migs’ case, after being hospitalized for 9 days due to pneumonia and losing 40 lbs, he’s now back in shape with the help of proper diet, exercise and USANA.

USANA is a bit pricey compared to other multivitamins but trust us when we say that it really works.

We got these from a friend but we haven’t seen any of these being sold in the market. 

In the bottle it says it is manufactured in the USA but are being distributed by UHS Essential Health Phils, INC. in Makati, Philippines.

What multivitamins do you take? Share it with us.

Happy Monday!

Migs and Alaine

CHAMMP’S First Motor Show

My husband (Migs) had been a motorcycle enthusiast since he was in his teens and he’s been eyeing another China made motorcycle as his 4th bike. He used to ride a Yamaguchi Hurricane 150. Switching from overpriced Japanese made motorcycles that has the same quality like those that were made in China.

Katrina (left), Yamaguchi Hurricane 150

Through a popular motorists website, we found out about CHAMMP’S  (Chamber of Assemblers and Manufacturers of Motorcycles in the Philippines, INC.) first motor show that is set to showcase China and Philippine made motorcycles from their 13 members.

The invite says, the 13 motor companies will be raffling 13 motorcycles! How cool is that, huh?

So, we grabbed the opportunity to test-drive some new bikes and dropped by The Mega Tent at 10am. We were immediately assisted by the organizers, food stubs were given after registration and we were told that we will be qualified for the raffle draw if we’ll buy a liter of Phoenix oil for only Php150. We purchased and dropped our raffle stub to their container with hopes of bringing home a brand new motorcycle. Not really Haha!

CHAMMP also held a motorist seminar which we truly applaud. Everything they taught are basics but are most of the time forgotten/taken for granted by many motorists thus making them prone to accidents.

But with heavy heart, I had to say that this event wasn’t what we expected. There were children all over the place, playing with the flowers that were used at the ribbon cutting. Free food was OK. But you just can’t trust the concessionaires food that were already exposed to dust since the event started. They also lack enough supply of utensils during lunch time. Instead, they will offer you a plastic bag so you can eat your pancit/rice meal with your hands!

We also noticed that majority of the minor prizes were won by committee members and if my memory serves me right, one of the winners of a motorcycle also came from the event committee (the one who sells the oil). We’ve been to marketing events and this is the first time that I encountered committee members or event organizers that actually won prizes. I expected that they are automatically disqualified.

We have to mention this because everyone around us are talking about the prizes being thrown at the backstage without any verification and the guy beside the event facilitators seem to know every name who’s being called.

There’s actually one name that was called multiple times.

Imagine the amount of oil that he purchased. how many motorcycle does he have, maybe 20 or more.

But they made the rules. So, yeah… congratulations!

We will never attend any of CHAMMP’s marketing events in the future. Bad experience. One of the hosts even made fun of Migs. When he found out that Migs is not a “foreigner” he begun calling Migs “bisaya” and “bay”. I don’t know where he got the idea. I am not Bisaya but I find it very racist and very improper to make fun of them.

Maybe, next time they should hire more professional organizers. Oh, by the way… they even hired performers who talked about their sexual preferences and escapades for like an hour. I don’t know with you guys but that’s not stand-up comedy for us and obviously not the kind of comedy that you’d like your children to see.


I Would Rather Go Hungry Than Eat Filipino Food Again…NOT!

This is a response blog post to I Would Rather Go Hungry Than Eat Filipino Food Again

Hi Angness,

First, we’d like to thank you for visiting our country! We salute you for staying on a budget of only $25.00 per day. That is AWESOME! We couldn’t fathom how you decided to keep up with that little amount of money in a third world country specially that you’re looking for “authentic” Filipino dishes.

Quoting your blog entry:
 “It is commonly believed that Filipino food has also been defined by a melting pot of influences, springing from the Spaniards who colonised the Philippines for nearly four centuries to the Chinese settlers. The Filipino cuisine embraces all the common elements of Asian cuisine – sweet, salty, spicy and sour. Ingredients commonly used include garlic, vinegar and soy sauce, all of which are used in chicken adobo – easily one of the most recognisable Filipino dishes.

Well, you should have known that Adobo is not a 100% Filipino dish. I bet, you did not do your homework well or MAYBE, just maybe due to a language barrier, you did not understand what it means by “melting pot of influences”.

I don’t know which 711 store you asked for a “longanisa”. Can we also ask for some native err Polish dish at 711 stores in Poland? 
Longganisa can be found in every corner of Pagudpud(we’ve read about your trip to Pagudpud)but if you still couldn’t, you should’ve asked Mr. Google’s help. Search engines may have lead you to Longganisa Sopresa… a chain of restaurants that serves different kinds of Longganisa from different Philippine Provinces. You see, they have Php 100/meal and they have a generous serving. Enough for you guys not to look for a Dunkin Donuts store for some snack.

Now that’s what you call Longganisa

We find your expectations VS reality corner extremely funny! The reality is… you have more than enough money for the food that you expected to eat.But please, please, please do not expect that $25 can give you heaven including hotel accommodations. That’s where it starts to get really funny. To cook a yummy Kare-kare at home, a budget of Php100.00 for two persons wouldn’t be enough and this do not fall under the category of “street food.”
Same with roast pig (lechon)… you should’ve chosen to dine at Lydia’s lechon restaurants. They have branches at different malls nationwide and they do have “budget meals” that ranges from Php150-400.  

If you were looking for some “exotic” fruits, then why buy apples and bananas? LOL! Apples do not grow in our country…and fruits vary from different provinces. If you were at Guimaras, then you would’ve tasted the sweetest mango according to Guinness book of world records. In the Southern part of Luzon and in Davao, you could ask for pineapples. Durian grows in Davao too.
Since you were in Cebu, then you should’ve asked them for dried mangoes which they were famous at. For breakfast, you should’ve tried their famous danggit (choose from dried squid or dried fish) although a littel pricey, but still fits your daily budget and they’re worth it! 
Let me start from telling you that for the first few days we gave the local food a go. We were open to new things, we were willing to eat anything locals gave us and we were so curious about new dishes. That has changed after 4 days of stomachache, dizziness and feeling overtired and bloated.

Diningding is famous in Pagudpud, I wonder why you were not offered that dish. You can cook diningding for only Php50.00 and that is, if you guys were smart enough to use your Internet connection to get in touch with google rather than wasting your time looking for something you obviously do not know. 

Follow your own piece of advise…

Or maybe, try to level up a bit? If those restaurants that you posted on your blog entry passed your qualification of a “clean” restaurant then the problem is in you.

We cannot stomach some street food in our own country except for “balut” that’s why we even go to restaurants such as Isaw Haws to eat some of our favorite street foods!

“Isaw” a local street food

“What shocked us the most was the poor quality of food. Most of dishes were left on the table without being covered with a lid, or without a fan to get rid of the flies, as it’s a common practice in other Asian countries.”
If you cannot afford a decent hotel, then what makes you think that you can afford to eat at clean restaurants? You ALWAYS get what you pay for. You are a TRAVELER, you should know that.

No wonder why, in the north, the vast majority of Filipino kids and young people are overweight. This is something we have noticed straight away. People in young age are huge and it’s due to poor quality of food.

We are food lovers too..we eat anything that are served to us but we’re obviously not overweight and it’s not good to generalize unless you have researches/studies to prove that. We are Filipinos so, I guess we know better. Ilokanos are not known for being overweight because they eat more veggies and are probably healthier and stronger than you.

“Based on our experience, Filipino food did not live up to our expectations at all.”

FYI: With all those pictures posted on your blog post, you did not eat Filipino food, you did not even eat food, what you consumed was garbage.
Hepatitis A on a plate, better get your self checked.lol
Lastly, Filipinos do not eat street food all day like what you did.
Who in his/her right mind does that? We rather travel long hours from work just to go home to a home cooked meal.That’s how we roll.

This is so alarming. Agness did not even try to counter michelle’s comment.
We hope you will come back and bring loads of cash with you so you can try all the yummy dishes that the Philippines has to offer! After all, everything on earth has a price tag.

Or if you really wanna stick to your delirious $25 daily budget, be friendly enough to ask someone(Local bloggers) to show you around (free of charge) or get a family who will adopt you, cook for you, and give you a comfy place to stay.
With that style, you can eat real Filipino food for only $15 for the entire day. then spend you’re remaining $10 for some street foods, but please go to the right places. 

Much love,

Migs and Alaine

Update: We’re glad that you already got our point by including the word STREET to your blog’s title. The blog content was OK and somehow true. You just received a lot of hate because of that stupid title.

Adopt! Don’t shop!

I was already a cat person ever since I was a little girl. I would sleep with our kittens when I was young despite my grandmother’s constant warning that cat’s fur can cause asthma.

For years, we would bring home some rescued kittens with different stories. My parents would be upset at first but would still support us by buying cat food and making litter boxes. 
Last year, my brother rescued a very small, ugly puspin. He was full of dirt and wounds. We thought he was hopeless but because of regular bathing, cat food and vitamins, the kitten turned into a very handsome fur ball. My stepson and my nephew named him Maui (which was later on changed to Mauricio). He is now the apple of my eye and he magically turned my husband into a cat person that he thought he’ll never be.

Mauricio is now on his 1st year (too bad we don’t know his exact date of birth). 

I’m Batman

Last week, we added another family member, Diego. He is a half-Siamese and half-puspin. Cats are like instant babies and I will never get tired of taking care of them. There may be too many cute cats that we can buy from pet shops but we choose to adopt and bring joy to the lives of Mauricio and Diego.


You too can save lives of some furry babies. Look around you, somewhere…some cute little paws are waiting to step into a new home.

Much love,


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