Have you booked a hotel room for Valentine’s Day yet? If you haven’t, I suggest that you try my now favorite Hotel app. HotelQuickly saved us time and money by offering dynamic deals at the best hotels in Asia-Pacific. Not only that, you can also earn points just by inviting friends to download the app and in return, they will be receiving credits that they can already use for their first booking.

I first tried booking a hotel last year because I was so frustrated that the hotel I was eyeing for my husband’s birthday (which is a holiday) was already fully booked. I was skeptical to use HotelQuickly at first and ended up booking the most affordable hotel room in Ortigas Center, Rio Suites.

My first booking experience was hassle-free and was lucky enough to book a room in an establishment where they value customers. Although the room was a bit small, it was cozy and neat.

I recommended HotelQuickly to my relatives and friends and was able to earn more points. Their feedback about their experience was good too. Last month, we were able to try out Privato Hotel for a whopping 85% off deal. I only paid less than Php900. See, you can stay in the hotel of your choice for free just by inviting your friends! You may want to check out this video to know more about earning credits: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o33kkfH1DhA


They also send you surprises during special occasion. Just like the other day, I received an email from them for an additional discount in celebration of the Chinese New Year. They also give you a bigger discount if you are a frequent user of the app.

What are you waiting for? Download the app now and book a room for you and your loved one this weekend.

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