Hello, ladies!

I wanna share with you how Garnier helped me achieve the “look” that I wanted for my Wedding day. I was never a fan of facial treatments because I fear that it may cause harm in the long run if I don’t visit a dermatologist regularly.

I was looking for a product that could help me make my skin glow on our big day. The search finally came to an end when my sister-in-law introduced Garnier Light Complete to me. She showed me old photos of her before she used Garnier and I was amazed with how Garnier improved her skin. 

My then fiance and I love to go on long drives and do outdoor activities a lot so I used to have this uneven skin tone. I don’t know, but the sun left a dark area on my face. Good thing Garnier light is enriched with active ingredients such as Pure Lemon Essence and SnowPine™ Whitesource, the Garnier Light Complete Extra UV Protection offers measurable fairness in 14 days and helps reduce 3 kinds of spots: acne marks, dark spots and sun freckles. 

It’s true that It also instantly makes complexion brighter. Day after day, my skin is fairer and dark spots fade out.

It has the proven power of:
PURE LEMON ESSENCE to gently exfoliate and help remove dead cells
SNOWPINE WHITESOURCE, a revolutionary whitening ingredient derived from a powerful molecule that exists naturally in pine trees. It has ten times more whitening efficacy than Vitamin C* to act on melanin synthesis at the source*.
SPF 17/PA++ to better protect the skin from further darkening caused by daily UVA and UVB rays.

with my sister-in-law

Thanks to Garnier and to my sister-in-law, I was able to exchange vows with my husband with confidence! Our Wedding photos are proofs that Garnier took care of my skin.

this is me without make-up…please excuse my eye-bags! LOL!

Take care!