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Mega Food Tour 2.0

Mega Mall is one of our favorite Shopping destinations in the metro. Aside from the vicinity, this mall has a lot to offer. Specially for foodies like us. We’re lucky to be part of the last Mega Food tour for  the year and dining with 9 restaurants with Anton Diaz of our Awesome Planet is a bonus.
It’s great that SM Mega Mall came up with this idea because it’s a sure way to market their new restaurants. After all, who do you trust when it comes to restaurant recommendations but foodies or bloggers.

The tour started at 5:00 PM with 18 attendees that were grouped into two to maximize the time. Sharing with you some photos of the yummy dishes that we enjoyed last September 30. 

Ippudo. This is one of the most intriguing new restaurants at the Mega Fashion Hall having been dubbed as the Japanese restaurant who serves the best Ramen. We’ve always wanted to visit this Ippudo but the long line is kind of discouraging. We’re so glad that this is part of our tour. By the way, the chefs here at Ippudo are Japanese so if you’re looking for authentic Japanese food, then Ippudo is the right restaurant for you.  We love the spicy Ramen because of its rich flavor (tho we prefer it spicier).

Ippudo. 3/F Mega Fashion Hall

Linguini Fini. We loved the ambiance. It’ll make you forget that you’re actually inside a Shopping Mall. Everything looks clean at Linguini Fini. We’re both pasta lovers and we’d love to try everything on their menu! Parpadelle “Nose to Tail Bolo” is worth trying.

Linguini Fini. 3/F Mega Fashion Hall

Rosanjin. This is my favorite among the 9 restaurants that we visited.I loved everything that they served! Too bad Miguel has to leave for work and didn’t had the chance to eat at Rosanjin but we’ll definitley come back.

Rosanjin. 3/F Mega Fashion Hall

Cupcakes by Sonja. 

If you’re looking for the best red velvet cupcakes, then go visit Cupcakes by Sonja at the Ground floor of the Mega Fashion Hall. 

We had a short trip to Tim Ho Wan to taste their Pork Buns. I’ve tasted this before. I would say there’s nothing spectacular about this buns, or is it just me?

G/F Mega Fashion Hall

Eri Curry. This is a must try for curry lovers with big appetite! I couldn’t even finish their sampler or maybe I was just too full after visiting several restaurants. I would love to come back and challenge my self to finish a whole serving of their Katsu Curry.

Eri Curry. 3/F Mega Fashion Hall

Tripple O’s. I love their milk shake. I felt bad because I can no longer eat their sampler, good thing they offered a take-out. I got the chance to eat their sampler at work. I can’t believe their patties still taste good even after a few hours ( I ate the sampler during my lunch break ). They serve sweet potatoes instead of fries so it’s healthier and their burgers aren’t oily.

Triple-O’s. 3/F Mega Fashion Hall

I was giddy when I saw different colors of Mochi lined up at Mochi Cream Cafe. It was mouth watering. I loved everything and was even lucky enough to take home some Mochi. Everything is picture perfect and yummy. I love their drink and their Matcha Dacquoise.

Mochi Cream Cafe. 4/F Mega Fashion Hall.

Our last stop – Kool Kids. I enjoyed watching them make Nitrogen Ice cream. I was like a kid waiting for my ice cream to be served. Kids and kids at heart will surely love Kool kids. To Nutella lovers out there, you shouldn’t miss Kool kids on your next visit to Mega Fashion Hall!

Kool Kids. 5/F Mega Fashion Hall

I was extremely happy after the Food tour! I met new friends and tried different restaurants in 4 hours! Now, I know which restaurants we should revisit on our next trip to Mega Mall.

Happy Eating!

Migs and Alaine

Eat breakfast the Aussie way only at Skippy’s Bar

Ever wonder where you can eat a real “BIG breakfast?”
Look no further, Skippy’s bar offers the best big breakfast from 9AM to 3PM. So, whether you’re coming from work, too lazy too cook or you just wanted to dine in the afternoon and have your favorite breakfast, Skippy’s got you covered.

Big Breakfast, Php310

Big breakfast comes with 2 eggs, Bacon, Baked Beans, Tomato, Mushrooms, Hash Brown, Toasted Bread, Butter and Unlimited Coffee/Iced Tea.

This is how I want my eggs cooked but I would trade one egg for another strip of bacon. Haha!

Skippy’s big pancake, Php190

I don’t find anything special with their pancakes, except that it can be shared by two and it’s served with unlimited coffee or orange juice. I want to eat pancakes with unlimited maple syrup. LOL!

Potato Scallops, Php150

Steve (the owner) said he doesn’t put mayo on his potato scallops and suggested that I try their salt with sugar sidings and I didn’t regret following his suggestion. Generous serving too! This can be shared by 2-3 people.

Fried Dim Sims, Php230

Dim Sim virgin no more! I can finish 3 pieces of this. I’m surprised that it has veggies inside. You can also have it steamed or fried. I might go for a steamed Dim Sim on my next visit.

The Lot Pizza, Php450

My favorite toppings, Pepperoni, Ham, Black Bacon, Ground Beef, Pitted Olives, Cheese, Mozzarella, Onion, Jalapeno, Anchovies, Bell Pepper in one pizza! I can finish this whole pizza in 10 minutes, that’s how good it is.

Big Aussie burger (The Lot) Php450

My kind of burger! Wondering what this tower is made of? Aside from the burger bun, you get a homemade beef patty, burger, cheese, lettuce, onion (cooked), beetroot, egg, bacon, pickle, tomato and pineapple.

Shepherd’s Pie, Php450

Ooops, sorry for the blurred photo. Don’t be deceived! This Shepherd’s pie made from fresh ground lamb and vegetables is a MUST try.

Creamy Seafood Marinara, Php350

I love seafood so, this is definitely a hit for me. I would probably request a spicier version next time.

Fish and Chips, Php450

Another generous serving. Beer battered white fish deep fried to its crispness, served with chips. 

Their steaks are fairly priced. Even if they they didn’t cook the steak the way I want it which is medium rare, I just can’t help but munch on these close-to-perfect steaks. I will come back for some pinkish meat. 

Pork Sisig, Php380

One of the best sisigs I’ve ever tried! Pork is crispy and worked perfectly with other ingredients.

Baby Back Ribs, Php650 (half slob)

It’s super tender and the mashed potato along with barbeque sauce just made this the perfect baby back ribs for me.

Cheese Cake, Php150/slice

I love the texture of Skippy’s cheese cake and the lemon twist makes it more delish.

Wooloo Mooloo, Php220

This vodka based drink will make you believe that heaven is for real. Whatever they put on this drink is superb!

Just in case one you want more. haha!

Skippy’s is the perfect place for team buildings or intimate gatherings and they have all your MLB and NFL games too! The only issue that you may encounter would be looking for a parking space. They only have street parking so, you better come early if you plan to watch a game.

The owners, Cristina and Steve Bird
This is one of the best restaurant reviews that I’ve ever been to. The owners are sweet and very accommodating. 

This is me, trying to hide my tummy. LOL! Dress: Zara Shoes: H&M

Skippy’s Bar and Grill is located at Unit 1-8 THE FORUM, Federacion Drive corner 7th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City. 
Facebook: SkippysPhilippines
Twitter: Skippysbar
Instagram: Skippysbarph

Happy eating!


Chef Arch’s Lime – Street Food na Pinasosyal

If you’re looking for a unique Filipino dining experience, then Chef Arch’s Lime restaurant is the place to go. This restaurant is situated at a quiet place in San Rafael St., Mandaluyong City, just a few blocks away from Mandaluyong City Hall.
Established in 2007, Chef Arch’s Lime restaurant offers a wide variety of street food with culinary twists.

To start off, we were served with papadums (Indian Style Nachos with Pico de Galo) as we were getting to know our fellow bloggers.
We love how thin and crispy these tacos are. It has this distinct taste that Indian cusine lovers would enjoy.

Although it doesn’t come with a sinamak dip, we tried dipping Balut in redwine sauce to sinamak and it tastes like heaven! These looked like large meatballs in real life. We thought it would be weird to eat dried balut but this dish proved us wrong.

Whoever invented kwek-kwek is such a loser for using orange food color. Lime’s Quail egg tempura looks classy served with Soy Mirin Glaze and sinamak for your satisfaction.

Who loves Ihaw-ihaw? We do! Chef Arch’s Lime’s barbeque platter is to die for. Their sauce is the best we’ve ever tasted. But mind you, these are so yummy that you can eat everything even without sauce.

Mexican Nachos. Guess who almost finished the whole plate!

Worry-free scramble! I remember being scolded by my mom whenever I buy ice scramble after school. Chef Arch made sure that their ice scramble are not only safe to eat but tastes good as it looks.

Because it is our first time to dine at Chef Arch’s Lime, we thought that the restaurant review will end with the Ice Scramble. Well, because it says, “street food na pinasosyal” and we’re already full!

After a couple of minutes, 2 Pizza variants were served. Sadly, we didn’t get to taste the Crispy Isaw Chicharon Pizza but our fellow bloggers said it was good.

the second variant is four cheese pizza with truffles. We love truffles so, we will definitely order this again on our next trip to Chef Arch’s Lime. 

For us, Kesong Puti Stuffed Chicken Breast w/ Mash & Jus is the yummiest or maybe, we are just bias because we love chicken! This is heaven for us.

Well, hello crispy pata lovers! This is a crispy pata twist that you will surely love!

Chef Arch said that they had the pata de-boned then had it stuffed with some yummy embotido. Definitely a dish made with love.

Osso Bucco Kare Kare is our most awaited dish. We’ve heard a lot about this one-of-a-kind kare-kare.

The meat was tender and we love how the veggies were half-cooked but we find the meat a little salty so eating it without the shrimp paste is the way to go.

Last dish was Hot & Spicy Chili Chicken Wings. Could feed a group of two to four depending on your appetite. We love how this dish was perfectly cooked but we hope they make a spicier version too.

Our favorite part! Cake tasting. Believe us when we say that each variant was perfectly done. 

(top to bottom)Flourless Chocnut Cake,Chocolate Sansrival, Chocolate Mint Torte, Salted Caramel Cake

Thank you Chef Arch for inviting us!

We will definitely come back and try more of your dishes.

Chef Arch Lime is located at 160 San Rafael St.Mandaluyong City
(02) 775 5428

Migs and Alaine

Olives Restaurant – Thunderbird Resorts Rizal

We are honored to be invited to the Grand opening of Thunderbird Resorts’ Tuscan themed restaurant last Friday.
This is one of the changes that they have made to the already exquisite hotel and resort that we fell in love with almost two years ago.
The blessing and ribbon cutting was graced by Thunderbird’s executives which was followed by a dragon dance. Champagne and red wine were overflowing. A reminder that everything is Italian inspired.

The ambiance.

Stepping into the restaurant made us feel that we’re in a different world.

Its elegance is perfect for dinner dates, special occasions or somewhere you can relax and enjoy some good food and wine over the weekend. Olives Restaurant is not your ordinary Italian restaurant since the menu was created by an Italian Executive Chef. So, trust us when we say that they serve only authentic dishes.

Their color motif reminded us of our wedding…black and white with red accents! Having Laguna de Bay or a golf course as  back drop is just undeniably awesome.

The food.

Since we are suckers for pasta whether it’s red or white, we skipped the risotto rice and tasted every viand that they served along with the pasta. Our favorite is their pink salmon. Sorry, but we forgot the exact name of each dish. The dessert table is mouthwatering and Chef Michael’s tiramisu is the best we’ve ever tried!
The salad bar was also a hit.

The  star of the day is their freshly baked Pizza. Olives restaurant brags about their pizza having the thinnest crust and the freshest ingredients which by the way is prepared and cooked in front of their guests. It was superb! You can eat the traditional way or roll it! Eat whichever way you prefer…just don’t miss the chance to taste it.

with Olives Restaurant’s E-Chef, Michael 

Their customer service.

Well, if you wanted to be treated like VIP’s…then Olives restaurant is the one for you. Need we say more?

For reservations, check out Thunderbird Resorts website.
You can also find them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Happy weekend!

Migs and Alaine

I Would Rather Go Hungry Than Eat Filipino Food Again…NOT!

This is a response blog post to I Would Rather Go Hungry Than Eat Filipino Food Again

Hi Angness,

First, we’d like to thank you for visiting our country! We salute you for staying on a budget of only $25.00 per day. That is AWESOME! We couldn’t fathom how you decided to keep up with that little amount of money in a third world country specially that you’re looking for “authentic” Filipino dishes.

Quoting your blog entry:
 “It is commonly believed that Filipino food has also been defined by a melting pot of influences, springing from the Spaniards who colonised the Philippines for nearly four centuries to the Chinese settlers. The Filipino cuisine embraces all the common elements of Asian cuisine – sweet, salty, spicy and sour. Ingredients commonly used include garlic, vinegar and soy sauce, all of which are used in chicken adobo – easily one of the most recognisable Filipino dishes.

Well, you should have known that Adobo is not a 100% Filipino dish. I bet, you did not do your homework well or MAYBE, just maybe due to a language barrier, you did not understand what it means by “melting pot of influences”.

I don’t know which 711 store you asked for a “longanisa”. Can we also ask for some native err Polish dish at 711 stores in Poland? 
Longganisa can be found in every corner of Pagudpud(we’ve read about your trip to Pagudpud)but if you still couldn’t, you should’ve asked Mr. Google’s help. Search engines may have lead you to Longganisa Sopresa… a chain of restaurants that serves different kinds of Longganisa from different Philippine Provinces. You see, they have Php 100/meal and they have a generous serving. Enough for you guys not to look for a Dunkin Donuts store for some snack.

Now that’s what you call Longganisa

We find your expectations VS reality corner extremely funny! The reality is… you have more than enough money for the food that you expected to eat.But please, please, please do not expect that $25 can give you heaven including hotel accommodations. That’s where it starts to get really funny. To cook a yummy Kare-kare at home, a budget of Php100.00 for two persons wouldn’t be enough and this do not fall under the category of “street food.”
Same with roast pig (lechon)… you should’ve chosen to dine at Lydia’s lechon restaurants. They have branches at different malls nationwide and they do have “budget meals” that ranges from Php150-400.  

If you were looking for some “exotic” fruits, then why buy apples and bananas? LOL! Apples do not grow in our country…and fruits vary from different provinces. If you were at Guimaras, then you would’ve tasted the sweetest mango according to Guinness book of world records. In the Southern part of Luzon and in Davao, you could ask for pineapples. Durian grows in Davao too.
Since you were in Cebu, then you should’ve asked them for dried mangoes which they were famous at. For breakfast, you should’ve tried their famous danggit (choose from dried squid or dried fish) although a littel pricey, but still fits your daily budget and they’re worth it! 
Let me start from telling you that for the first few days we gave the local food a go. We were open to new things, we were willing to eat anything locals gave us and we were so curious about new dishes. That has changed after 4 days of stomachache, dizziness and feeling overtired and bloated.

Diningding is famous in Pagudpud, I wonder why you were not offered that dish. You can cook diningding for only Php50.00 and that is, if you guys were smart enough to use your Internet connection to get in touch with google rather than wasting your time looking for something you obviously do not know. 

Follow your own piece of advise…

Or maybe, try to level up a bit? If those restaurants that you posted on your blog entry passed your qualification of a “clean” restaurant then the problem is in you.

We cannot stomach some street food in our own country except for “balut” that’s why we even go to restaurants such as Isaw Haws to eat some of our favorite street foods!

“Isaw” a local street food

“What shocked us the most was the poor quality of food. Most of dishes were left on the table without being covered with a lid, or without a fan to get rid of the flies, as it’s a common practice in other Asian countries.”
If you cannot afford a decent hotel, then what makes you think that you can afford to eat at clean restaurants? You ALWAYS get what you pay for. You are a TRAVELER, you should know that.

No wonder why, in the north, the vast majority of Filipino kids and young people are overweight. This is something we have noticed straight away. People in young age are huge and it’s due to poor quality of food.

We are food lovers too..we eat anything that are served to us but we’re obviously not overweight and it’s not good to generalize unless you have researches/studies to prove that. We are Filipinos so, I guess we know better. Ilokanos are not known for being overweight because they eat more veggies and are probably healthier and stronger than you.

“Based on our experience, Filipino food did not live up to our expectations at all.”

FYI: With all those pictures posted on your blog post, you did not eat Filipino food, you did not even eat food, what you consumed was garbage.
Hepatitis A on a plate, better get your self checked.lol
Lastly, Filipinos do not eat street food all day like what you did.
Who in his/her right mind does that? We rather travel long hours from work just to go home to a home cooked meal.That’s how we roll.

This is so alarming. Agness did not even try to counter michelle’s comment.
We hope you will come back and bring loads of cash with you so you can try all the yummy dishes that the Philippines has to offer! After all, everything on earth has a price tag.

Or if you really wanna stick to your delirious $25 daily budget, be friendly enough to ask someone(Local bloggers) to show you around (free of charge) or get a family who will adopt you, cook for you, and give you a comfy place to stay.
With that style, you can eat real Filipino food for only $15 for the entire day. then spend you’re remaining $10 for some street foods, but please go to the right places. 

Much love,

Migs and Alaine

Update: We’re glad that you already got our point by including the word STREET to your blog’s title. The blog content was OK and somehow true. You just received a lot of hate because of that stupid title.

Our thoughts on Zomato’s write for a bite contest and Mesclun Bistro

We are both food lovers and because we wanted to share our experience with a larger audience, we started writing reviews at Zomato.com. It was never our intention to join their write for a bite contest but on their website it says that when you write a review with 50 words or more, you automatically earn an entry to their contest.

To our surprise, we received an email from Zomato.com telling us that our Momo Cafe review has been picked as the best review for January 11 and that they’ll be sending us meal vouchers.

The email address seems legit so we replied with our mailing address. It was after a week that we decided to ask Sarah if they have already sent the meal vouchers because we are used to receiving packages or gift certificates from different people within 24-48 hours. We are worried that someone might have received it for us.

There had been several follow up emails but some were never answered.
We were told though that the gift certificate was sent to us after we replied with our mailing address. That bothered us more. Of course, we don’t want to seem ungrateful and not post about the gift certificate that we received.

It was February 12 when we finally received the gift certificate which was sent via snail mail. Yes, Sarah was correct, they sent it on January 16, 2014. A Php1,000 worth of Mesclun Bistro gift certificate was sent to us with an issued date of August 15, 2013 and is valid for 6 months. So that means, we only have until today (February 15, 2014) to use it.
We never go on dinner dates every valentine’s day…it’s just not our thing. But since we only have few days left to use Mesclun Bistro’s GC, we called their office to reserve a table for February 14.
The first person who answered the phone passed it to another person, a guy who seem very polite. He told us that we can use the gift certificate for ala carte orders but not for their set menu for Valentine’s day. So, we agreed to avail their ala carte dishes. He reserved a table for two for us and even suggested that we pick the first seating which is 6:30 – 8:30 PM.

The following day, we received an SMS from Mesclun Bistro reminding us of our reservation. We arrived a little late because of the heavy traffic and we are unfamiliar with the bistro’s location so we did a little walking til we reached the location.

We were welcomed by their staff and lead us to our seats. A set menu was handed to us. There were two options for a different set. You can go for Php 1200 or Php1500 per head. We asked for another menu so we could order something else. The store manager went to our table and asked if we have a problem. So, we told him about our predicament. Okay, Php 1200 per head for Valentine’s day is not that pricey but we’re not willing to pay that much for a bistro that we haven’t tried yet.
We told the manager that the Gift certificate was sent to us by Zomato.com and we wanted to use it since it will expire today. He said that he’ll try to “extend” the gift certificate’s validity until today. Yes! That’s very confusing. Haha! 
We were also told that he will try to find out who booked the table for us. A very lousy move that will not make the situation better. We waited for an answer for five minutes but we could no longer take the humiliation that this gift certificate has caused us. Note that our table was just a spit away from another couple who seem to have overheard us.

So, we just decided to call it a night. 
It was a total waste of time and gas money driving from Antipolo to Serendra. We should have stayed home, cooked a decent meal, and did a movie marathon like we always do every valentine’s day.

Migs and Alaine

Citrus Lounge

Hello, everyone!

We’ve mentioned on our previous post that we’ll be watching Daniel Spaulding and local acts from Comedy Manila last Saturday. 
It was the first time that we heard about Citrus lounge.

Citrus Lounge is nestled in a residential building in Ortigas Center. The Venue was so obscure that even us, who pass by Ortigas Center everyday had to google the exact location. It’s on the 2nd floor of Bramante Piazza Renaissance Tower, Ortigas Center, Pasig City and can only be accessed via elevator.

But despite the location, we think that Citrus Lounge is one of the few restaurants that make you feel elegantly comfortable.

Their staff warmly greeted us as soon as we reached the entrance and assisted us to our seats. 
We enjoyed our plates of pasta even if the first waiter who assisted us forgot to jot down my order. We had carbonara and a four cheese pasta (sorry, we forgot what it’s called) which came in quite big servings.

Dessert was good and chatting with Daniel Spaulding and Comedy Manila after the show topped off a great night!

Enjoy the rest of the week!

Migs and Alaine

Longganisa Sorpresa Mandaluyong

Every Filipino loves longganisa. Why not? It comes with different flavors. Almost every province from Luzon down to Mindanao have their own version.

Two of my favorites are those from Vigan and Lucban while my husband, Migs prefer sweet tasting longganisa. 

I have been hearing good feedbacks about Longganisa Sorpresa but haven’t tried their food until last week. While waiting for my husband to fetch me, I invited my friend to have breakfast and this restaurant crossed my mind.

We arrived at Longganisa Sorpresa Mandauyong branch at around 8:15 and we were the only customers then. The restaurant’s ambiance was impressive 
although their parking lot may only accommodate about four cars. 

Their staff immediately handed us the menu as soon as we’re settled (we chose the area where we got to seat on the couches). When I opened their menu, I was surprised and happy at the same time to see a wide array of Longganisa. Since I just ate Vigan Empanda few days before our visit to this restaurant, I decide to go for Longganisa Lucban (pretty much tastes like those from Vigan). They serve longganisa with a cup of fried rice and sunny side up egg for only Php99.00. I prefer the egg cooked my way – a bit crunchy on the edges. You can order longganisa in ala carte too and in case you’re not a big fan of fried rice like my husband, you can ask for plain steamed rice. What I also love about Longganisa Sorpresa are their different types of vinegar. Well, we all know that Longganisa is perfect when dipped into a vinegar of your choice.

We also ordered a bowl of Sinigang na bangus that only cost Php150.00. On the menu, it said “boneless” bangus but it was otherwise when served to us. Plus it doesn’t taste sour as it’s supposed to be. Veggies added to the soup were fresh and half-cooked.

I will definitely come back with Migs to try other variants of Longganisa. It was worth the experience and the bill didn’t slash our wallets.

Happy eating!


Isaw Haus

We dropped by Isaw Haus last Sunday on our way home from Greenhills shopping center. At first, we were in doubt if we could find a decent parking outside this resto until their security guard lead us to their parking area. We were surprised to see that there was a car wash service inside and their parking can accommodate about 20 cars.

You can choose from dining inside their restaurant or at their nippa huts so you could watch your car while it’s being cared for.

I (Alaine) took the liberty of ordering our meal. I ordered 5 sticks of isaw ng baboy, 5 sticks of isaw ng manok, crispy tokwa’t baboy, 2 bottles of iced tea and 2 cups of rice. Our orders were served in less than 10 minutes. We loved their isaw but didn’t enjoy their sauce that much. We think they add water on their soy sauce because it tastes awful. But the good thing is, their isaw can be eaten as it is. Probably the best isaw we’ve ever tasted.

Their towa’t baboy was perfectly done – crispy on the outside but still tender on the inside. But again, the sauce is just not the perfect match. We only paid P319.00 for our meal (we had to take home the tokwa’t baboy because we had too much isaw).

The car wash by the way only cost P80.00

If you guys are looking for a place to eat isaw or a decent car wash, then Isaw Haus is the perfect place for you.

Enjoy the rest of the week!

Migs and Alaine

Momo Café – Eastwood City

We had a great dining experience at M Café so when we found out that Enjoy Philippines is tied up with Rain tree restaurants, we decided to try Momo Café at Eastwood City.

We arrived at the resto at least 2 hours before their closing and we were the only guests then. I asked one of their staff if I could use my Enjoy Philippines voucher and I was surprised because she seemed so disappointed, and sarcastically asked me: what? what voucher?
I never had issues using my Enjoy Philippines card or any of their vouchers. Uhm, hello? Never heard of the word voucher all your life? That question popped my mind while bluntly looking at this lady’s shmuck face and my facial reaction gave me away… I am pissed.
The lady referred my question to her manager and thank goodness, someone was able to explain what a “voucher” is.

When we were asked for our orders, the lady seemed so tired and so fed up with what she’s doing. I don’t know…maybe having a rough day?

As expected, orders came in generous servings and beautifully plated.
To start off, we were given some bread with cheese pimiento on the side. 

I ordered tonkatsu and my husband had roasted chicken. 
The voucher entitled us for another dish for free so I ordered some corn dogs and fries to go. Their drinks are also to die for that I almost forgot how rude the lady staff is.

But…when we were about to dig in…we saw some forks and knives on our table but spoons are nowhere to be found. I bet this lady saw us waiting for her. Since she was already starting to fix the tables seemingly telling us to finish our meals as fast as we could.
We waited for a minute, thinking that she might get back to us and hand us some spoons. Imagine going thru this ordeal on your anniversary?! She never came back instead, I called the attention of another waiter for some spoons.

It would’ve been one fine dining experience…the ambiance was good, food tastes as good as they look but if I were to compare their service to other restaurants, Momo Café would be at the bottom of the barrel.

We still love Rain Tree restaurants but we will never consider dining at Momo Café (Eastwood branch) ever!
I guess their staff should be trained to treat their customers equally whether or not they are using “vouchers”.

Migs and Alaine

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