Finally, we were able to watch Boy Golden. Ever since ER Estregan bravely made a re-make of Manila Kingpin/Asyong Salonga, he immediately earned our respect and we have been watching his MMFF entries for three consecutive years. 

We love gangster films!

In our opinion, Boy Golden should have been given the “best cinematography” award. The film was colorful and they even made use of old Cortal poster and Coca-cola wall paintings. Vintage cars and the artists’ wardrobe also proved that the film makers did their home work. 

As expected, Baron Geisler and lead star, ER Estregan gave their best.
Although KC Concepcion’s first fight scene was a bit long, she was the most commendable artist in this film. Her facial expressions are so sincere.

With all due respect to Maricel Soriano’s fans…watching this film is enough reason to give Concepcion the Best Actress award.

We hope that ER Estregan and Chito Rono will not grow tired of making films like this. We couldn’t fathom why MMFF only gave the “best float” award for Boy Golden. 

PS: ang pangit ng poster.

Migs and Alaine