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From employee to employer in 3 years

A lot of you already know that Miguel had been sick for a year.  Having a sick person at home can hurt you both emotionally and financially. We are very traditional when it comes to saving money. We save money thru our bank accounts. Though we have considered investing , we still haven’t decided yet the best investment for us. We tried real estate but I would say that  it’s not really an investment (unless you bought your house in cash) if “passive income” is what you are looking for. Especially when emergency arises.

I have had a good number of signature bags and shoes  that I had to sell online just so we can have enough funds while Migs was still recovering. It was the best choice to make instead of spending whatever money we have saved in the past. We both regret not listening to financial advisors who were very much willing to help us with our finances. We have made bad decisions and would like to be more secure of our future.

I have read so many financial books and all of them are very inspiring but took me hours/days to finish reading. When I received a copy of Don Soriano‘s Break free, I was excited to flip through the pages. The guaranteed 1 hour of reading triggered my curiosity. But it’s true! I read the book in 56 minutes. It’s just like spending a lunch break or your idle time learning.

What I love about the book is that it didn’t use jargon or words that might be difficult for someone who’s financially illiterate to understand. When I say illiterate, I don’t mean anything wrong with that – I just meant people who are clueless on where to put their hard-earned money, okay?

Majority of Filipinos can relate to Don Soriano’s story. He’s just like almost everyone of us. Normal person who earned a college degree (well except he is a CPA board top notcher) who entered the corporate world then shifted to putting up a business, buying things that he doesn’t need and ended up being broke.

I don’t want to tell you every single detail about him because I don’t want you to rely on this post alone and not read his book. LOL!

Grab a copy while you can. Find out how he managed to overcome his financial struggles. You may also reach out to him via his official Facebook Page.

I tell you, I have attended several seminars with different business owners, CEOs, etc and the seminars do not come cheap so, if you get the chance to learn a lot of things about finances just buy buying a book and spending just an hour to study it… You are saving lots of money! I am not saying that seminars are bad. I have built a network of career and business minded individuals from the seminars that I have attended, but if you are skeptical in spending money for a whole day of seminar – Don Soriano’s book may be a good start.

I can give this copy to one of our readers (that might just be you). Just let me know why you want to receive it by leaving a comment below. In case I won’t be able to pick you, you can read a chapter of this book for free, just click this link.

I wish they taught money in High school: A book review

Being married for a year and three months, we have been very careful with how we spend our money. Gone are the days when we would splurge on weekend shopping or spend a lot of money eating out to relieve our stress. But these alone will not upgrade our lifestyle and may soon make us feel deprived.  We need to do something. We sure have a lot to learn and we are so privileged to be given the chance to read and write a review for this wonderful book. 

I wish they taught money in High school is a two-in-one financial literacy book written by Sharon M. Que, an entrepreneur who started making money since she was ten (10) and Clarissa Serina-Dela Paz who is still enjoying her day job albeit her incredible financial investments. Both do not have a rags-to-riches story to tell but they taught us a lot of things on how we can make money work for us.

The book is largely based on the authors’ upbringing and education where they discussed how their comfortable lives made them strive to achieve more in life so, in return they could pass their practice and financial knowledge even to average people. 
Both authors came from different backgrounds – one who is into pure entrepreneurship and the other one who choose to invest on stocks and other vehicles… but they sure have one thing in common – they are not afraid to take the risk because they are financially literate.

Having Filipino authors makes the book easy to digest.

Here are some of our favorite lines from the authors:

Clarity is power- I believe is easier to get what we want if we are clear on what we want early on in life! – Sharon M. Que

The secret to freedom from your paycheck is in building your passive income. – Clarissa Serina-Dela Paz

We highly recommend this book to people from all ages.

Grab a copy of this book and join us on our road to a  lifestyle upgrade!


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