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Throwback Thursday!

Hello, sweethearts!

I’m counting the days until our fourth year anniversary!

Our love story  began in August of 2009 when we were both trainees in a BPO company. October 16 of the same year, Migs held my hand. I didn’t flinch but just held his hands like we’ve been together for decades. Surprisingly…he popped “the question” on the same day. 

Thinking about his proposal still makes me feel giddy.

Here are photos from our Engagement shoot last year!

Our favorite photo! This is how we dress up when we used to go to work riding our bike (which we sold exactly 2 weeks before we came up with this concept! Haha!)
Leather Jackets from an online store, Migs’s jeans: Levi’s, Alaine’s jeans: SM Department store, Migs’ shoes: Timberland Alaine’s shoes: HK brand

Shoes: Mizuno and Vibram
Jackets: Puma.
We couldn’t find a women’s jacket with the same design so, we ended up buying the smallest men’s size jacket for me.

Dress and Head dress from Greenhills Tiangge, Migs’ long sleeves and pants: stafford rd./Bench,Migs’ shoes:GT-Hawkins Astronauts
shoes: Bandolino

Accessories: SM Department Store

Migs’ suit: Wharton, Alaine’s gown: rented.
 I  just love this gown’s back detail!

Four years down, a lifetime to go…



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What we learned from the wrath of the monsoon

We are grateful that God blessed us with a home that is not affected by flood.

Being adversely affected by “Habagat” last year, we can already imagine the destruction and lost of properties (and even loved ones for some) caused by Typhoon Maring.

We want to share with you some of the things that we learned from the wrath of the monsoon.

Here is a list of the things that should be in your survival kit:

1. Non perishable food that can last for 3 days

2. Drinking Water

3. Can opener

4. Flash light and batteries

5. Fully charged mobile phone

6. Whistle

7. First aid kit

8. Garbage bags with rubber bands or tape

9. set of clothes or  blanket

10. emergency radio

Find high ground and be prepared to leave.

Make sure you find a good place to park your car so you can leave once you’ve gathered your family and grabbed your survival kit.

If you think it’s too late to save all your appliances, let go and save yourself first!

Do not swim in the flood water unless it is your only option to live.

If your house (or your neighbor’s house) has a second story,you will be safe there. Wait for rescue or until the flood recedes.

Here are some lifesaving numbers to remember and are worthy to be added to your contact list:

(from Google)

(from Google)

If you’re lucky enough not to be affected by flood, we encourage you to share your time and some of your treasure. You can look for the nearest evacuation centers in your area or click the link below for the list of Government and Private Groups who are accepting donations:


Stay safe and dry!

Migs and Alaine Alejandrino

Happy, happy birthday!

Last week, we celebrated our friend’s birthday together with some residents of Colaique, Antipolo City.

We’ve known Amando for having a big heart and someone who would always try to make a difference. Good thing, our schedules permitted us to be there. Because of the heavy rain, the road towards the venue was kind of sloppy. I was too scared someone might slip straight to the open creek which looks more like a water fall.


Food and toys were distributed to 110 kids who welcomed us with wide smiles. I wish we brought some school supplies too.

Camera 360


Camera 360

The feeding program was a success despite the heavy rain and left everyone with a memory to last a lifetime.

Happy birthday, Amando! 🙂


Also want to make a difference? You can start with communities near you or try to visit these sites:




Have a blessed Sunday!

Migs and Alaine Alejandrino

Casa San Pablo: An art-lover’s paradise

We picked Casa San Pablo based on the good reviews that we’ve read about them and we are very happy with our choice.
When inn keeper, Ann confirmed our reservation, she attached other tourists destinations near Casa San Pablo along with our reminders and driving instructions (which we find very thoughtful).
We reached Casa San Pablo in less than 2 hours from Manila. We were welcomed by our wonderful attendant, Danica and was immediately guided to our room.



Our room was clean and it’s true – it’s perfect for a honeymoon and can also be rented by a small family. The room was large enough to accommodate 4 guests and even opened towards the garden, giving us a wonderful view of Casa San Pablo.


It has a classic atmosphere reflecting a bygone era which added to it’s already romantic vibe. Paintings were beautifully hanged on the wall. It’s like being in a different world with very minimal travel time – highly recommended for people with hectic schedules like us.

Camera 360

dress: GAP flip flops: Caribbean
A lot of work goes into making sure each meal are well-presented. We just had to say this: each meal is a bang for your buck. We were served food that are good for four people! Brewed coffee is overflowing! Our attendant is superb, she won’t leave us until we finish our meal…making sure that we got everything that we need. She somehow reminded us of Carrie Bradshaw’s room attendant in Sex and the City 2.

while waiting for dinner. bonnet: Ever department store, Tshirt: Hollister* Shorts: CK, shoes: Vibram

our first meal at CSP

CSP's version of "big breakfast"Camera 360

Casa San Pablo can accommodate 120 guests. Each room has its own unique identity. They also have rooms with 18 bed bunks good for family reunions or team buildings.
Their lovely pool is also one of their attractions.
Junk Garden


1068902_10201797405165274_2134373876_n with Danica, one of CSP's treasures

Camera 360

Our overnight stay with 3 meals was on promotional rate when we booked two weeks ago! So don’t forget to check Casa San Pablo’s website to avail special discounts!

We’ll see you again, Casa San Pablo! 🙂

Migs and Alaine Alejandrino

A not so jolly hotdog

We all pull out for fast food restaurants from time to time. Albeit the unhealthy food that we get from these chains, it is still unacceptable to receive food that looks like it came out off a cheap burger stand.

Either Jollibee’s to-go service has gone totally awry or this specific Jollibee store in Circumferential Road, Antipolo City hire people that didn’t undergo any training for food handling.

We went to Jollibee Antipolo (Circumferential Road) last July 26, 2013 to eat breakfast. We ordered 2 chicken meals and two jolly hotdogs to go. Because we were both hungry since we both came from a graveyard shift, we didn’t even took time to check the paper bag that was handed to us by the cashier.


When we got home, we were disgusted by these poor little hotdog sandwiches. Aren’t they supposed to be packed using food boxes just like they were in the old days?

Camera 360


They still taste yummy though.

What happened to the FSP standards?

Enjoy the rest of the week,

Migs and Alaine Alejandrino

Yay to 2013!

Half of the year is over. Boy, time flies when you’re having fun. It seems like yesterday when I signed my contract with the company that I’m currently working with and just like that… I am celebrating my 3rd year with them by  November.

Contract Signing, 2010 (Top: Green Hills Tiangge, Pants: SM department store, Bag: Louis Vuitton Shoes: Liz Claiborne)

This year is also extra special for me and my husband! As early as now, we are already making plans for our first wedding anniversary. Our long overdue honeymoon, perhaps?
October 2012, 3rd Anniversary and Engagement Photo shoot (Jackets from PUMA)
2013  thought us so many things and I am so thrilled to know what else is in-stored for us.

Enjoy the rest of the week!!!

Alaine Alejandrino

Jhoser and Maureen

I am over the moon excited to share another lovely event that we attended last Saturday.
If you’ve read my previous posts, you’ll see that I adore weddings and couldn’t help myself but to snap a few shots here and there.


Wedding ceremony was held at The Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish. The aisle is long,  which is ideal for weddings (Seeing a bride walk down the aisle is always super special and never fails to make me cry). The Church is quiet and tranquil and the array of stained glasses really appeals to me.


dress by Erika Obmerga. yep,same person who did my wedding dress!

(Dress by Erika Obmerga; shoes – Charles and Keith; purse – Japan brand)

The Ceremony was followed by a Dinner Dance Party at Oasis Manila. I went giddy with excitement when the host announced that the same-day-edit video will be played after dinner… and as we  watched in awe, I remembered how happy I am on our big day.


with jonalyn

I’m beyond honored to be  part of this very special moment.

Congratulations Jhoser and Maureen!


Alaine Alejandrino

Justo’s Vineyard

Hi Guys,

Sharing this review for my sister…

If you want to experience superb relaxation, don’t book this place. Why? (1) Booking is on a per-room basis. Imagine sharing the restroom, living area and the kitchen with strangers. (2) Beds per room can only accommodate 2 pax but the caretaker claims it can accommodate 10. It actually can if you’d utilize the floor. Besides, they don’t provide enough blankets and pillows. Come to think of it, each room costs P4,000! (3) Rooms don’t have dressers or cabinets to keep your belongings. (4) Guests aren’t provided with keys considering that the house is shared with strangers. (5) Restroom toilets won’t flush. FYI: 3 rooms on the ground floor share 1 common restroom as well as the 3 rooms upstairs. Only 1 room, the largest, has its own restroom. (6) Kitchen sink is clogged. (7) Dogs are free to roam around the house. (8) The caretaker charges P300 if you’d use the stove regardless if you’d just fry one piece of egg. (9) If you’re a beach bum, you won’t enjoy this place since there’s no shore line. This place is only good for photo opportunities. Despite all these, we still managed to make the most out of our time because enjoyment comes from within and not from where you are currently situated. Overall, Justo’s Vineyard is a loser. I just can’t fathom why our procurement team recommended this place for our once a year event.







Alaine Alejandrino


I’m pretty sure that before summer officially ends people are itching to do something specific. Like spend a week in far flung corners of the Philippines or probably some other country, hit the beach or throw parties.
I hate to spoil everyone’s excitement but I’m not that picky on how I would like to spend the last days of summer.
I bring my NIVEA Protect & Refresh Cooling Mist with me everywhere I go…any form of relaxation is already a luxury and I will jerk my steering wheel to that direction! A volleyball game, fun run, walk in the park or another visit to the beach? Let’s go!



Mrs. Alejandrino


Rob’s silver party last Sunday was a blast! The bar was overflowing with Rob’s family and friends!


Camera 360


Camera 360

Thanks for the invite, I had so much fun. And of course, it was a plus seeing some of my college friends again.

Enjoy the rest of the week!


Mrs. Alejandrino

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