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Benefits of R&R to Married Couples

Have you felt that you wanted to quit your job because of too much stress? Have you ever felt guilty because you can’t even remember the last time you and your spouse had a quality time together?

We suggest that you take some time off to Relax and rejuvenate and we have enumerated the top 5 reasons why R&R is a must to have a happy married life.

  1. Going to a place whether a hotel in the metro, the coast or anywhere that can offer a good accommodation can help you disconnect from the corporate world and focus on the most important person in your life – your spouse.

You do not have to go that far. There are many places near Metro, Manila where you can spend some quality time together. A bed and breakfast or just a dinner date in Tagaytay City will do the work. Just look online for the best resorts and hotels in Metro Manila and in nearby  provinces so you can get the best deals.You don’t have to drive far north to Baguio just to experience and enjoy the Philippines at a colder climate. Tagaytay is the best place in the south to go nature tripping. with it’s friendlier climate, moving around the city on foot won’t break you a sweat.


2. Disconnecting from the corporate world can lead to discovering more things about your spouse especially if you’re just starting to have a family or if you have neglected R&R with your spouse for very long time.

Life is short. Do not waste it by stressing yourself too much. There are so many beautiful beaches in the Philippines waiting to be discovered. Watching the sunset while lying on the sand is one of the best experience in the world. It helps you to keep calm and relaxed. We’re sure you’ll be more productive when you return to work after a short vacation.


3. You will discover more places. Try booking an accommodation in a far away place and discover nearby areas. Who cares if you get lost? It’s going to be a fun-filled experience with the love of your life.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     We once booked a hotel room in Makati for four days and three nights and tried almost all the restaurants around the vicinity. We didn’t even bring our car with us, but we enjoyed walking along the busy streets of Makati. Our place is a Two hour drive from Makati. It’s not that far, but there are so many things that we don’t know about the City.


4. It is the perfect opportunity to learn a new sport. How does learning how to surf sound?

La Union and Zambales are just two of the best beaches near the Capital where the top local and international surfers gather. They even have surfing competitions happening every year. Book a hotel and spend your weekend with the best waves and learn how to surf.


photo from Crystal Beach Resort

photo from Crystal Beach Resort

5. Planning to have a baby? Distressing can help in your baby-making journey.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                We have been trying to have a baby and Doctor said we should spend more time outdoors.

There are so many places that are waiting to be discovered in the Philippines. We have some of the Parks, Museums, Beaches, Mountain Trails, Specialty Restaurants and Wildlife, name it, the Philippines got it. You just have to do a little more research before travelling so you know what to expect when you reach your destination. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your stuff, fill that gas tank, bring some snacks and lose your self to the beautiful world out side the four corners of your office. Don’t forget your handy dandy camera to snap some instagramable photos and share it to your friends so, they too will be inspired to travel with their spouses.


If you’re single and reading this post, this article from Thought Catalog might just inspire you to book a trip to the beach or a foreign country.

How Leaving and Cleaving Saved our Marriage

We attended a Marriage Preparations Seminar before we got married. One of the best topics that was discussed in the Seminar was “Leaving and Cleaving”. This is one of the things that some Filipinos do not practice because we have this culture of being too generous when it comes to family members that we don’t mind sharing our own house with them – we even gave a name to this kind of culture…extended family.

I grew-up in a household where we welcome some relatives to live with us for a period of time (years) while they are studying or looking for a new job. It was fun because I was the youngest then so, I don’t really have a specific chore to do at home. I get all the help that I need aside from the helper that my parents hire, people at home are always there for me. But things got a little tougher when I reached puberty. I started hating a lot of things and sometimes the people around me. I am no longer comfortable sharing some of our things at home.

When my sisters got married, none of them were allowed to live with us because our parents are teaching us to be responsible. They wanted us to be able to experience living on our own.

In my case – I was already independent when I reached the age of 21. I have my own place and a job. So, leaving and cleaving will never be an issue for me. I learned to be independent even before I got married.

When it was my turn to get married (I was 28 then), we were already prepared to start a new life together. We were able to save money for a beautiful Wedding. We refused to accept financial help from any relative because we want to have the liberty of inviting only those who are really close to us.

Two years after our Marriage (when we were about to buy a house), I received an SMS from my mother, telling me about their predicament. There were times when they feel scared to leave the house especially at night because we do not have neighbors. She is also diabetic and she’s afraid that no one will look after her in case she needs some medical attention.

In short, she was able to convince me to move in with my husband. What seems to be temporary almost changed our lives when they offered us to buy the house so they could leave the City and start a new to their retirement home in the South. It was smooth sailing at first but when my other sibling expressed her interest for our house, the issues started to rise. It was difficult and I felt that I was also hurting my husband – he couldn’t move freely at our home.

When we received the approval from the bank for the housing loan, I told my husband that we should think really hard if we’re going to purchase the house. conflicts may arise, because my older sister wants a piece of that cake for free. On the second day of the approval, I told my parents that we decided to just leave and purchase a different house. They were okay with our decision since my youngest brother already came home – someone will already look after their welfare.

We would have honestly saved a chunk of money if we purchased the house from my parents. Considering the value of land nowadays, it was a steal.  Plus, I know every corners of that house since I was a little girl. But, I had to decide to let it go because I value my Marriage. We had to leave before misunderstandings become ugly.

My Mother died the same year. I was the closest daughter to her. I guess, leaving our house prepared me to face such a depressing moment. I don’t have to deal coming home to the same house with all the memories. I wouldn’t have to deal with waking up every morning at the same house where I spent 21 years with her. It will be very difficult to move on.

Leaving our house and cleaving to my husband made me stronger. We’ve been through a lot and we always have each other’s back. Who cares if it might take some more years for us to save up for our dream house? We were able to save our marriage. It is nice to wake up wearing whatever clothes I want at home without having someone comment on how short my shorts are. I can scatter things at my working table as long as I want and no one will ever question why I allow three cats to sleep on our bed.

We chose to live the life as husband and wife – where I am the only queen and he is the only king of our own little kingdom.

Leaving and cleaving is not only for the rich but it’s for the brave couples who can promise to stick together for better or for worse.


Pacific Cebu Resort – An Island Paradise

Before summer officially end, let me share with you my birthday celebration in Cebu last March. We rented a Condo Unit via AirBNB for 5 days at the IT Center in hopes being able to visit a lot of places in Cebu but we had to ditch our plans because Migs was not feeling well. Good thing, we did not pay for a tour because either our money will be wasted or Migs condition will worsen. We just enjoyed exploring the City. We were able to visit the Magellan’s cross, Sto. Nino Church, Sugbo Mercado and explored few restaurants inside the IT Park. We also enjoyed cooking our favorite dishes from their local market and was even able to buy few kilos of dried squids, fish and of course dried mangoes.We crossed out our plans of going to Bantayan Island and Bohol because of the travel time and just decided to do a last minute booking at Pacific Cebu Resort. I am happy that I was able to book a hotel through my favorite hotel app – Hotel Quickly! Hotel Quickly’s very helpful because you can see actual photos and feedback of a hotel. So, you don’t need to do extensive research when you’re trying to book one ( I am not paid to promote Hotel Quickly – I just love them! LOL).





It took us 30 minutes to book a cab going to Pacific Cebu Resort because none of the Grab Taxi Drivers would pick us up. Travel time from Cebu IT center to Suba-basbas, Lapu-Lapu City is an hour and Cab meter was Php380 but we paid Php500 because our Cab driver is really nice. He was even surprised that we refused to accept change.

We were welcomed by Pacific Cebu Resort’s staff with sweet smiles and confirming my reservation was easy breezy. The beach is so inviting! I wanted to drop our things to our room and head to the beach immediately. When we entered our room, I suddenly changed my mind about heading to the beach right away. Our room was so cozy and has a cute veranda where we could eat or just hang out. We took a power nap and went out to check their resto’s menu at 4:00 PM. By the way, they have a reliable wi-fi connection too. So, this resort is also  ideal for free lancers.







There were only few guests at the resort and 90% were Japanese. We were told by one of the staff that the resort used to be exclusive for Japanese guests. I’m glad they opened it for everyone. Pacific Cebu resort is a perfect diving spot according to their guests but they also have two swimming pools for other guests to enjoy.



1934410_10209479471092121_454709011660175045_nJapanese people are also nice so, we didn’t have issues sharing the resort with them. We were lucky to be able to book a room on a weekend and enjoyed not just the view of the ocean and good food. There was also an acoustic show while we were having dinner.

I would say that our stay at Pacific Cebu resort is the best part of our Cebu vacation and we promise to come back once Migs is back on his feet.

‘Til death do us part

Have you ever felt that breathing is painful and that loneliness is eternal? That’s how I felt when Migs was diagnosed with TB.

Being a witness to Migs’ sufferings and knowing that I can’t do anything about it is a huge burden. He’s been taking TB meds since April 1 but it has been a week since he started coughing again. We were supposed to visit his doctor last week but had to postpone it because he’s not feeling well (he couldn’t get up). Last night, we talked about death. How he wanted to “free” me from all the pain that I am going through because of him. I was hurt because I felt that he was insensitive and ungrateful. But then I realized that I actually married a very loving husband who still thinks of my welfare even if he is chronically ill. I married a great man and I wanted to inspire him and help him live. Our conversation last night reminded me of the things that I’ve learned from our Marriage Preparations Seminar. I will never get tired of taking care of Migs and each day is a reminder of our wedding vows… “Til death do us part”. Have a blessed Sunday, everyone! 💗
Sharing with you our photo when we attended our Marriage Preparations Seminar last June 2012 at Victory Pioneer.


Migs’ battle with Tuberculosis

Last January, my husband underwent an operation. At first we thought that the lump on his back was just a simple lipoma. We had a hard time getting a clearance from one of the doctors from Clinica Antipolo because of Migs’ low hemoglobin count. We had been going back and forth Clinica Antipolo for a month. His weight continuously dropped so I asked for a second opinion. We went to San Antonio Medical Center in Lipa City to have his lump checked. A blood transfusion was made the day before his operation.


13015389_1179150902127740_8357855373765386678_n (1)


Doctor told us that inside the lump was a capsule-like form filled with abscess and some granules. It wasn’t lipoma. It was his right lung that collapsed.

Last March 31, Migs was rushed to The Medical City’s ER because of chronic and productive cough. His sputum test came back the following day. His chronic cough was caused by Tuberculosis and he had been enduring it for weeks.

At times he would sleep beside the washroom so it will be easier for him to spit his phlegm or throw up. We spent 9 days at the Isolation room to make sure that he’ll be able to get all the Medical attention and tests that he needed.




After 9 days at the hospital, he was able to sleep well. But the past two days had been rough. He had episodes of cough which is giving him a hard time to sleep. Last night, a colleague was making fun of another employee who just came back from almost a year of LOA due to Tuberculosis. I felt bad because I witnessed how my husband suffered and still suffers from this illness. Now I understand why some people chose self-medication whenever they suspect that they have Tuberculosis. Some people are too insensitive. Yes, Tuberculosis is contagious and anyone can get it. It is fatal but can definitely be cured.

Let’s End Real Estate Fraud: Revise Presidential Decree 957 Section 5 in the Philippines

When we got married last 2012, we promised ourselves that we will buy our first home before our 5th Wedding anniversary so we can finally have a child. Sadly, our dream of moving to a new house this year will no longer come to reality because we found out that our Developer only secured a license to sell last January 2016…months after we started paying our house equity.

A lot of people sent us an emails telling us how sorry they are for what happened. Some sent us well wishes, offered legal help and others shared similar horrible stories. There was even one person who actually lost millions from a Developer. Here’s our story: http://www.migsandalaine.com/index.php/2016/01/31/our-response-to-harvard-multiland-realty-corporations-demand-letter/#comment-1310.

It’s a nightmare and we wouldn’t want this to happen to anyone. One of your family members, relatives or friends may become a victim of a Real Estate fraud. Help us protect future home buyers by signing the online petition that we started. Our goal is for our lawmakers to hear our call in amending The Presidential Decree 957.

The Presidential Decree 957 was supposed to protect the consumer from fraudulent activities by land developers. But wait, there is something wrong with this law.

P.D 957 section 5Such owner or dealer to whom has been
issued a registration certificate shall not, however, be authorized to sell any
subdivision lot or condominium unit in the registered project unless he shall have
first obtained a license to sell the project within two weeks from the registration of
such project. ‘

If a developer/owner has been proven to be selling units without these proper documents, they will be subject for penalties and the license will be revoked.

However, it does not say anywhere in PD 957 that the “Contract to Sell” will also be null and void, therefore the developer can keep everything(money) that the poor buyer paid even if he demands for a refund.

Now the poor victim is left with a law that only protects the fraudster.

If we can all come together and convince those who are in power to revise this Presidential Decree, it will definitely help hundreds of victims and will also help prevent future fraud activities.

Please sign and share this petition: https://www.change.org/p/congressmen-senators-president-hlurb-revise-presidential-decree-957-section-5-in-the-philippines?recruiter=485148762&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink.



Our response to Harvard Multiland Realty Corporation’s Demand Letter

To Atty. Reynaldo Destura and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Chuateco,

Few months back, we wrote about our horrible experience with Harvard Multiland Realty Corporation. We mentioned in our blog post that as of September 2015, Montville Place, Taytay do not have a license to sell and a certificate of registration. We event went to your office and demanded that you refund money since you do not have the right to sell properties to anyone unless you are able to complete your requirements. We event went to the office of  Mr. Mon Tulfo for assistance. Our efforts to get updates or even talk to the people in charge of returning our money have gone futile. The staff of Mr. Mon Tulfo gave us a recommendation letter that we could present to the HLURB CEO and Commissioner.

We already had two scheduled hearings. On our first hearing, your representative, Iver Angeles came three hours late claiming that he did not receive a notice from HLURB. On our second hearing, he called us telling that his three month old baby accidentally fell off and he needed to rush the baby to the hospital. Our 3rd hearing (which we rescheduled as a courtesy to Iver) was scheduled this February.

Last January 27, 2016 you sent us as a DEMAND letter asking us to APOLOGIZE through our blog claiming that our statements are baseless or YOU WILL PROSECUTE us to the extent of the Law. First and foremost, we still have the OR for the Certificate from HLURB stating that as of September 16, 2015, Harvard Multiland Realty Corporation has yet to secure a License to Sell and Certificate of Registration for your Monteville Place-Taytay project. If you’re planning to prosecute someone, why not try to prosecute HLURB for giving us the certificate and helping us with this case? Your employees, Rey Torecampo, Sanley Odiver and Iver Angeles should also be prosecuted because they admitted that you lack Certificate of Registration and License to Sell.




Our transaction took place last FEBRUARY 2015. The attached  copy of Certificate of Registration was dated JANUARY 19, 2016 and a copy of your License to sell was issued last DECEMBER 28, 2015.




What is there to apologize? Your documents clearly state that when we published our blog, you still do not have a License to Sell and Certificate of Registration. Which only means that you shouldn’t have sold anyone a unit until  January 2016.

We have been trying to communicate with you since September. We just wanted our hard-earned money refunded.

To potential Harvard Multiland Home buyers, here are some helpful links:





Harvard University vs Harvard Jeans 


Let Intercontinental Manila Pamper You One Last Time

Do you already have plans for the Holidays? If you are still looking for a place to stay or dine this Christmas and New Year’s eve, you might want to consider Intercontinental Manila before they finally close their doors for good.

Why Intercontinental Manila?



Aside from the fact that they will no longer be operating after the 31st of December, we’ll love to give you some ideas on why InterCon Manila should be your home for the holidays. As most of us know, the designer of the Intercontinental Manila is non other than national artist Leandro Locsin. So, expect that the Hotel’s design is world class.




Intercontinental Hotel is Makati’s first five star hotel so, rest assured that they will be treating you like a VIP. When we checked in last weekend for our anniversary, the hotel staff are still very warm and accommodating. You wouldn’t even think that the hotel is closing down because everyone seems happy.

It is literally like a  home away from home! Everyone seems to know you and are happy to be of service.


The Jeepney is known for their good food. They also cater food to vegans and those who prefer Halal. So yes, everyone is welcome!



You also wouldn’t want to miss being pampered by a Hotel who is already a part of our history. They wouldn’t last for 46 years if they didn’t do a good job.

You think five star hotels are too expensive? Check out their website and connect with their live chat support staff. We only paid Php8,500 (inclusive of tax) for a luxurious weekend. We availed their Christmas package wherein we were able to book our second night for a whopping 50% off and that package includes breakfasts buffet for two.

Intercontinental Hotel is located at 1 Ayala Ave., Makati City.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Be your spouse’s keeper

A year ago, Miguel and I had an argument because I couldn’t remember the directions going to my friend’s house. I’m not as good as Miguel when it comes to directions. We were with another friend then which makes it uncomfortable. I just felt that there is no need for Miguel to raise his tone on me. I let it pass and acted normal all through out the trip but I was hurting inside. I felt that I was disrespected. When we got to my friend’s house, I acted like everything was perfectly okay. Thus, sending the wrong signal to my husband.
When we got home, I confronted Miguel and told him how I felt when he raised his tone during our argument. He said that he didn’t mean it and that he was sorry for what he did. I explained to him how the small argument can lead to a big fight because of the wrong tone. I also reminded him about our agreement on being each other’s keeper. That if we feel the need to argue and there is someone else, we should always control ourselves.
We are both trying our best not to let that incident happen.

Browsing Facebook, I saw an old friend who once had issues with her husband about infidelity. I remember how she used to bad mouth her husband which bothers me most of the time. I felt that it was already affecting her whole being. Hearing her stories about her husband’s infidelity became so tiring. I, as a friend even developed hatred towards her husband that it becomes awkward whenever we go on double dates.

When they moved to another city, things started to change. She started posting photos of her now happy family and surprise! There’s another bun in the oven. Although I am happy that things are doing well for her, I still couldn’t forget the bad things that she said about her husband. Everything bounced back at my friend because some people started talking about how they find my friend “weird” or “dumb” for taking her husband back after all the things he has done (based on her stories).

Although I feel sorry for her for being betrayed, I also feel bad for her husband.

This always remind me and Miguel about the consequences of revealing each other’s flaws to other people. We all know that there are times when we can’t handle things on our own. Especially when we have lost our trust to our partners but we should always bear in mind that we are each other’s keepers.

women gossip

In some cases like domestic violence or infidelity, we should seek help from trusted people or professionals. We should never consider making our spouses’s weakness a topic in our conversation with other people unless we know that they can help us get thru our struggle.


Stay happy and in love!


Montville Place – Taytay,(Harvard Multiland Realty Corporation) No Certificate of Registration and License to Sell per HLURB

Any couples wanting to have their own house and lot? We’d like to share with you how making decisions while you’re extremely excited and happy can lead you to regret it. Last February, we paid a reservation fee of Php 30,000.00 for a unit at Montville Place Taytay and started paying our monthly amortization of Php 25, 043. 34 for the down payment/equity. We are on our 6th month of paying and are excited to move in to our very own home in 12 months. When we visited Montville Place last month and saw that there were only few improvements after six months but we chose to be positive and shrugged it off. Thanks to a friend who asked us if Montville was able to present to us a Certificate of Registration and License to Sell. Of course, we got curious and immediately “googled” the answers.  When we checked out the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board’s website we weren’t able to find Montville Place Taytay in their updated list. Because we wanted to make sure that we have a proof to present to their office, we secured a Certificate from the HLURB office which they were able to produce along with an official receipt last September 16, 2015.


According to Presidential Decree No. 957 Section 5, License to sell. – Such owner or dealer to whom has been issued a registration certificate shall not, however, be authorized to sell any subdivision lot or condominium unit in the registered project unless he shall have first obtained a license to sell the project within two weeks from the registration of such project. The Authority, upon proper application therefore, shall issue to such owner or dealer of a registered project a license to sell the project if, after an examination of the registration statement filed by said owner or dealer and all the pertinent documents attached thereto, he is convinced that the owner or dealer is of good repute, that his business is financially stable, and that the proposed sale of the subdivision lots or condominium units to the public would not be fraudulent.



We went to Montville Place’s main office in Quezon City and presented our Certificate from HLURB. We told their Marketing Manager, Rey Torrecampo and one of their accounting staff, Sanley Odiver that we would like to discontinue our transaction with them and demanded a full refund which is due to us since their activity is fraudulent. We were asked to submit a Demand letter to their management for “approval”. Ms. Odiver promised to provide a feedback within the week. To our dismay, she did not even move a finger after we left. We went back last Monday, September 28, 2015 and demanded for an answer. She was insisting that our contract which by the way is already considered void and not even notarized says that we are not entitled for a refund should we decide to discontinue our transaction. We asked her if she understands where we are coming from and if she knows what HLURB is. We even asked her if she is aware that Montville Place are subject to paying penalties should we decide to raise this to HLURB. She said that she is fully aware of this and that they are already in the “process” of securing a license to sell. Yes, after more than a year of selling units!



We recorded our conversation and asked for a specific date and time on when they could provide us a feedback. She told us that she will be contacting us today, September 30, 2015 after lunch. We received an SMS from her (11:38am) that she has yet to receive a feedback from the “management”. I would guess that this cycle of “I’ll give you a feedback” thing will just go on and on til we get tired of doing follow-ups.

To the young couples out there or those who would like to invest in real estate properties, stay away from Montville Place (Harvard Multiland Realty Corporation). Don’t waste your hard earned money and learn from our experience.

To Montville Place Developer (Harvard Multiland Realty Corporation) owned by Richard and Carol Chuateco, we urge you to stop your fraudulent activities. Stop taking advantage of other people’s hard earned money.

UPDATE: http://www.migsandalaine.com/index.php/2016/01/31/our-response-to-harvard-multiland-realty-corporations-demand-letter/

Migs and Alaine

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