Last January, my husband underwent an operation. At first we thought that the lump on his back was just a simple lipoma. We had a hard time getting a clearance from one of the doctors from Clinica Antipolo because of Migs’ low hemoglobin count. We had been going back and forth Clinica Antipolo for a month. His weight continuously dropped so I asked for a second opinion. We went to San Antonio Medical Center in Lipa City to have his lump checked. A blood transfusion was made the day before his operation.


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Doctor told us that inside the lump was a capsule-like form filled with abscess and some granules. It wasn’t lipoma. It was his right lung that collapsed.

Last March 31, Migs was rushed to The Medical City’s ER because of chronic and productive cough. His sputum test came back the following day. His chronic cough was caused by Tuberculosis and he had been enduring it for weeks.

At times he would sleep beside the washroom so it will be easier for him to spit his phlegm or throw up. We spent 9 days at the Isolation room to make sure that he’ll be able to get all the Medical attention and tests that he needed.




After 9 days at the hospital, he was able to sleep well. But the past two days had been rough. He had episodes of cough which is giving him a hard time to sleep. Last night, a colleague was making fun of another employee who just came back from almost a year of LOA due to Tuberculosis. I felt bad because I witnessed how my husband suffered and still suffers from this illness. Now I understand why some people chose self-medication whenever they suspect that they have Tuberculosis. Some people are too insensitive. Yes, Tuberculosis is contagious and anyone can get it. It is fatal but can definitely be cured.