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Our response to Harvard Multiland Realty Corporation’s Demand Letter

To Atty. Reynaldo Destura and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Chuateco,

Few months back, we wrote about our horrible experience with Harvard Multiland Realty Corporation. We mentioned in our blog post that as of September 2015, Montville Place, Taytay do not have a license to sell and a certificate of registration. We event went to your office and demanded that you refund money since you do not have the right to sell properties to anyone unless you are able to complete your requirements. We event went to the office of  Mr. Mon Tulfo for assistance. Our efforts to get updates or even talk to the people in charge of returning our money have gone futile. The staff of Mr. Mon Tulfo gave us a recommendation letter that we could present to the HLURB CEO and Commissioner.

We already had two scheduled hearings. On our first hearing, your representative, Iver Angeles came three hours late claiming that he did not receive a notice from HLURB. On our second hearing, he called us telling that his three month old baby accidentally fell off and he needed to rush the baby to the hospital. Our 3rd hearing (which we rescheduled as a courtesy to Iver) was scheduled this February.

Last January 27, 2016 you sent us as a DEMAND letter asking us to APOLOGIZE through our blog claiming that our statements are baseless or YOU WILL PROSECUTE us to the extent of the Law. First and foremost, we still have the OR for the Certificate from HLURB stating that as of September 16, 2015, Harvard Multiland Realty Corporation has yet to secure a License to Sell and Certificate of Registration for your Monteville Place-Taytay project. If you’re planning to prosecute someone, why not try to prosecute HLURB for giving us the certificate and helping us with this case? Your employees, Rey Torecampo, Sanley Odiver and Iver Angeles should also be prosecuted because they admitted that you lack Certificate of Registration and License to Sell.




Our transaction took place last FEBRUARY 2015. The attached  copy of Certificate of Registration was dated JANUARY 19, 2016 and a copy of your License to sell was issued last DECEMBER 28, 2015.




What is there to apologize? Your documents clearly state that when we published our blog, you still do not have a License to Sell and Certificate of Registration. Which only means that you shouldn’t have sold anyone a unit until  January 2016.

We have been trying to communicate with you since September. We just wanted our hard-earned money refunded.

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  1. Fight for your rights!!! They should be punished because of what they did 🙁

  2. I may not have a full knowledge about this case but I hope things will be settled legally for both partiies

  3. This clearly shows that safekeeping of all legal documents are very important. It definitely helps in strengthening your stand on this matter. I hope everything works well for the both of you Migs and Alaine. 🙂


  4. Anything in connection with money is a hard fight. It is unbelievable that some people have the guts to steal even if it’s in indirect ways. Don’t give up the fight, get what you own and give them what they deserve.

  5. Whoa… Hmm, hopefully this experience will guide you that the next time you buy something you should get yourself a licensed broker who can help you discern if a company who’s selling properties is legit and have the proper papers and licensees.. Best of luck and god bless!

  6. Read the blog post about this before and I thought it has been resolved already. What the heck. Grabe. 3 hearings na, isa late, isa rescheduled. I think they do not want to cooperate. And then now they want you to apologize. Whaaaatt

    • kc nga d p tapos un mga license nila kaya dinidelay nila lagi un hearing eh mayaman ang mga chuateco mainpluwensya pa kaya malakas ang loob nila na humingi ng apology..

  7. Oh no! well I guess Harvard Multiland Realty Corporation isn’t really a trusty developer!

  8. I always check on backgrounds of a real estate company or even real estate brokers before I push for any transaction. I was once fooled before when I bought a parcel of land and up to now justice is still out of reach.

  9. This is such a experience no will wanted. I hope this company will be punished. Hopefully they can’t scam other people because of this.

  10. Blogs can be used for information and misinformation.

    And you, my friend, has made a wonderful case of how a blog post should be on exposing the dark side of a real estate (or property developer).

    Clearly, you have documents supporting your case.

    I applaud you for sharing your experience publicly. This is beneficial to people who may be thinking of buying properties that due diligence should be exercised before even paying.

  11. Always fight for your rights and for justice! You are not alone, you have all this bloggers community supporting you!


  12. Good job in handling this issue well. Instead of them doing necessary actions to correct their wrong doing, they even had the guts to demand apology? What kind of PR or marketing department do they have? This is a good discussion to open up online as this will reach other potential property buyers and will learn that no matter how good the name of the real estates are, they have to do their job in background checking before doing any transaction. This not only warns buyers of Harvard Multi-land Realty Corporation, but also the brokers and sales agents of other realty companies too. As a fellow citizen, they should not be only after commission.

  13. It’s really sad that there are developers who are not properly documented who continuously do business and robbing people of their hard earned money. At sila pa ang matatapang!

  14. well, 3 hearings? F* the System! Isumbong mo uli kay Tulfo.

  15. I admire you for going public on this. By this way many readers would be informed of doings like this. I support you on your case and hopefully it will be resolved.

  16. This is really sad. I don’t get why people have to always bend the laws to their advantage. 🙁

  17. Glad you are fighting for your right and hope this get settled soon. I understand that this has been so inconvenient in your part. 3 scheduled hearings yet they didn’t cooperate.

  18. I hope you find resolution with Harvard Multiland Realty. This post would serve as a warning to their next clients lest they fix the matter

  19. Jerickson Jacinto

    February 9, 2016 at 8:33 am

    May I know your contact number Ms. Maine? I want to be in contact with you coz we have the same case with Harvard Multiland Realty Corporation. We can work together on this. Thanks!

  20. omg,, i just read now..palpak tlaga itong harvard multiland..no certification pala. kaya pala ang hirap maapprove brother ko sa bank loan niya.kami pa nagasikaso na maapprove siya sa ibang banko..hindi pala talaga kayo trusted na developer. and now were suffering kasi til now hindi inaasikaso ang meralco application namin for over a year na. to the point na ako na ang tumawag sa meralco and i found out na pending ang application namin over a year now..

    • same here Ms. Kate, 1.5yrs na yung unit namin na nahand over at until now naka sub meter pa din kami, kapag tumatawag ako sa kanila laging on process, imagine 1.5yrs na on process pa din, mahirap silang kausap, grabe mahihigh blood ka tlga.

  21. We have the same case, our compound is located at Sauyo. Yesterday three of our neighbors went to Tulfo to file complaint using media. I hope maging objective kahit na neighbors sila ng owners ng Harvard 🙁

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