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Woman caught camcording at Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall

Have you guys seen the Fast and the Furious 7?
We watched the Fast and the Furious 7 last night at Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall and someone got furious when my husband, Miguel tried to stop them from using their phones inside the cinema. Note that the female in red was recording the movie (and she admitted it). When we got out of the cinema, they confronted us and started a scene. 

Please stop using your smartphones inside the cinema. People behind you who also paid to see the movie are literally being blinded by your phone’s light and to those who are not aware, camcording is a crime. Read Anti-Camcording Act of 2010 for more details.

Thank you to Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall’s staff for handling the situation.

Migs and Alaine


  1. I remember the last time I went to the cinema, I think it was in Eastwood. The security personnel took all of our SLR batteries but gave them back after we finished the movie. Smartphones are going to be hard to put a regulation on though. People like these ones in the video might just push cinemas to do something about phones with video recording features in the future. That's going to be a huge issue. 🙁

    • Guards should undergo training/seminars so they know what to do during situations like this. I hope the cinemas won't resort to putting regulations on smart phones. Some people just need to learn how to respect other movie goers and of course the anticamcording law.

  2. Trending tong post mo Alaine. hehe. I watched it in Youtube before ko makita tong post mo sa blog. Yes, it is a crime. Tama lang ginawa nyo sinita nyo sila.

    • Yes. A lot of inconsiderate people downloaded my video and used it on their websites without my permission. Some are concerned citizens but others just wanted to attract more viewers/followers. I just hope they can answer questions for me. I uploaded this video to promote awareness that camcording is against the law.

  3. Buti naisumbong niyo yang mga 'yan.

  4. I remember seeing this a few days ago, and it's not surprising your post here in Facebook garnered so many comments and shares—that I even spread the word TWICE. I applaud you guys for combating such crime. As well as to the security of Sta. Lucia for doing their job in implementing the Anti Camcording act. (though I suggest that sooner they should raise the bounty to make people more aware. At the end, pag mananatiling ignorante ang marami, ang talo pa rin kasi dun ay yung mga sila, partikular yung taong nagbayad para lang makapnood ng palabas.)

  5. Meron pala talagang gumagawa non ano 🙂 Kasi minsan nagsasawa nako sa kakapanood ng commercial ng anti camcording.

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