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Are you ready for a BIG surprise?
Easy Taxi, the biggest taxi hailing app company in the world and four great brands are cooking something big this #October302014!  
The event will start at 6:30PM at the Eastwood Open Park.
Can you guess which brands tied up with Easy Taxi? Join us and find out for yourself!
Mark your calendars and see you on #October302014!
Migs and Alaine


  1. Oh my! Di ako alam ang sagot! hahaha Hmmm… Is the third photo Sun Cellular?!


  2. Intriguing! I wonder what these brands are…

  3. oooh, i wish i could go…

  4. I guess, Sun Cellular too.

  5. Smart.. Belo.. Sun.. Kakao talk? Hehe!

  6. I'm sure Smart and Sun yung ibang logos. The fourth one is surely a chat messaging app. What's the second?

  7. Is that WeChat on the last pic? Sana pwede na ring magsked ng pick up through them! 😀

  8. Smart, belo, sun! I'm not familiar with the last one hehe

  9. If this is for on call taxis, then this is great. have fun at the event 😉

  10. Smart, Belo, Sun and …di ko alam! Hahahaha!

  11. Sure ako sa Smart and Sun, yun ang lines namin ni hubby eh.. Haha. Ano yung pang last? Hhhmmm…

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