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#NationalCoffeeDayPH (Press Release)

Essential Brands Group South East
Asia (EBG SEA) is all set to celebrate National Coffee Day on October 21, 2014
at their main office in Shaw Blvd. Mandaluyong. 
The celebration will be made in a simple but meaningful manner and
includes a Free Coffee Morning, An Amazing Coffee Story contest and a Bloggers
Forum in the afternoon.

National Coffee Day 2014
celebration coincides with the Coffee Festival being held in Batangas.  The first national celebration is being eyed
this year through this simple awareness campaign.  The aim of the celebration is to highlight
the importance of coffee and the significance of coffee in the Philippines with
the country being one of the first major producers and exporters of coffee.
Filipinos generally loves coffee
and is a part of their everyday life.  It
is in fact part of the Filipino culture but was not acknowledge in such
prominence.  Though the Philippines is no
longer at the top of the coffee production and exportation, it remains to be
one of the country who loves coffee the most.
What to expect on October 21?
– As we celebrate National Coffee free coffee day, an appreciation
for those who love coffee will be celebrated through a free coffee morning for
the first 50 individuals who will sign-up and join EBG SEA’s Coffee Lovers
Amazing #CoffeeStory
– there is also an ongoing contest from October 10 to
October 18 which asks people nationwide to share their amazing and memorable
coffee story.  The story can be about anything
as long as you relate it to coffee and include a photo with coffee.  Send your entries to nationalcoffeedayph@gmail.com.

The best story
will win a brand new coffee maker while the top five stories will each receive
a special commemorative National Coffee Day item plus a chance to be one of
their brand ambassadors.

– later in the afternoon there will be an exclusive forum for
bloggers to discuss about coffee and other topics. This is an invite only
Essential Brands Group SEA is
calling on every Filipino to participate and join the event on October 21.  They can even setup their own events and we
will gladly share it as well.  Netizens
can use the official event hashtag of #NationalCoffeeDayPH.
For more information on the event
you can visit their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/ebgsea
and Twitter account at www.twitter.com/ebgsea.
Essential Brands Group Southeast
Asia (EBG SEA) is the food division of Mustard Seed Systems Corporation, a
major provider of office systems and solutions in the Philippines with a wide
technical support network covering all of the country’s three major regions,
Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.


  1. I'm a coffee lover or should I say a coffee addict. Been drinking 3 cups of my fave coffee everyday and it sometimes cause to much acid on my stomach. But I love seeing this kind of campaign for the love of coffee.

  2. I love October because it's coffee month. I miss being part of the team who organizes the annual coffee festival. I believe this year they had it in Davao. This sounds like a good one too.

  3. Nice! Did not know that October 21 is National Coffee Day :p Not really a coffee drinker, but my husband is! :p

  4. Nice! Did not know that October 21 is National Coffee Day :p Not really a coffee drinker, but my husband is! :p

  5. I'm a coffee person. It's nice that they have a coffee day and we commemorate it to.

  6. Thank you for reminding, I will have this read to all of my office mate

  7. Oh, I didn't know there was such a thing as a National Coffee Day! Every coffee lover should take part in this; I am not, though, but I still find this interesting 😀

  8. I'm a coffee lover. We have a similar event and I had lots of coffee that day!

  9. I love coffee. Great event

  10. I'm curious to find out about the entries for the Amazing #CoffeeStory. I bet there were very interesting ones!

  11. Aw where is this event in Batangas, i don’t know these event and i never heard this, omg. I’m a coffee lover and i love cofee, heheh.

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