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Comedy Cartel’s Laugh and Stack

Happy Monday! 

Last month, we blogged about Comedy Cartel’s Laugh and Stack and some readers asked us the type of comedy that this group offers. Miguel joined the Laugh and Stack Open Mic show down last Saturday and I was able to take a video of his performance. So, for those who asked, and who’re still asking, here’s the video clip of Miguel at the Plantation Bar.

The contest is still open to those who’d love to try stand-up comedy. Please check out Comedy Cartel’s Page for more details.

Leg 4 of Laugh and Stack will be at Relik Tapas Bar this coming Saturday, May 24, 2014. Entrance is FREE but expect that the venue will be jam packed so make your reservations early.

eCircle Entertainment and Management Corporation
“The Official Management & Booking Agent of The Comedy Cartel” 
Mobile: 0922-8596144 | Tel: 533-9316 | Fax: 531-4136

See you there!

Migs and Alaine


  1. Wow. Stand up comedy is not easy ha. You must have quick wit and lots of flowing ideas. English speaking pa asawa mo hehe. I think mas mahirap ang English stand up comedy kesa Filipino. Kudos to him! 🙂

  2. Being a stand up comedian needs confidence that your punchline is funny.

  3. I honor the stand up comedians because their job is not easy. They must always prepare new punchlines that the audience would love to the extent that they sometimes humiliate themselves in the process just to make the crowd happy.

  4. I've never been in a comedy bar so I don't have any idea but for me, it takes something to make the people laugh, it's a talent. I will check out their page 🙂

    • Actually, this is not the type of comedy that is showcased in comedy bars here in the Philippines. This is POV comedy. the comedians don't need costumes to be funny and does not need to humiliate the audience to get cheap laughs.

  5. Wow, It takes a lot of guts to get on that stage to try and make people laugh! Kudos! 🙂

  6. My mom has been wanting to visit a comedy bar lately as she needs a good laugh. Standup comedy is good.

  7. It so sad that i don't like comedy, but after watching this i started loving it.

  8. Good set! Robo-sipit! Did that too when I was a kid. At least, we didn't have a lot statues at home so I didn't have to worry about Christ's following eyes when I jacked off. I only had to worry about my parents catching me watching 'bold' on Betamax.
    I hope this type of comedy gains steam. I'm so sick and tired of the kind of cheap laughs gay (usually) performers do when they dig in their armory of cookie-cutter insults.
    This is in the RP, isn't it? Hope I can drop by in December when I go home.

  9. This looks like a fun event to watch with friends.

  10. I am definitely going to watch the event at Relik on Saturday..

  11. Great! perhaps, it's not that easy to stand in front of the crowd & make them laugh. Sabi nga ng mga artista, mas madaling magpaiyak kaysa magpatawa.

  12. reat show, ive been wanting to watch a live show like this

  13. Wow cool! I have major stage fright and would most likely freeze in the middle of my lines haha. Good luck tomorrow!

  14. I love watching stand up comedy, and I've got great respect for these people. They are funny, witty, and very spontaneous. Something that only few people can do.

  15. never been to a comedy bar yet I'm curious on how they do it.

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