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Adopt! Don’t shop!

I was already a cat person ever since I was a little girl. I would sleep with our kittens when I was young despite my grandmother’s constant warning that cat’s fur can cause asthma.

For years, we would bring home some rescued kittens with different stories. My parents would be upset at first but would still support us by buying cat food and making litter boxes. 
Last year, my brother rescued a very small, ugly puspin. He was full of dirt and wounds. We thought he was hopeless but because of regular bathing, cat food and vitamins, the kitten turned into a very handsome fur ball. My stepson and my nephew named him Maui (which was later on changed to Mauricio). He is now the apple of my eye and he magically turned my husband into a cat person that he thought he’ll never be.

Mauricio is now on his 1st year (too bad we don’t know his exact date of birth). 

I’m Batman

Last week, we added another family member, Diego. He is a half-Siamese and half-puspin. Cats are like instant babies and I will never get tired of taking care of them. There may be too many cute cats that we can buy from pet shops but we choose to adopt and bring joy to the lives of Mauricio and Diego.


You too can save lives of some furry babies. Look around you, somewhere…some cute little paws are waiting to step into a new home.

Much love,



  1. I've always been a cat person myself, but since i haven't been raised around animals (my mum hates animals, not that she's a cruel person or would ever hurt any, she's just not a fan) i don't think i'll ever be responsible enough to keep a pet.. I love being around cats though, and i definitely agree with you, adopt don't shop!

  2. Soooo cutie patootie! Im also a cat girl.. we have 3 cats.. 2 black and 1 grey/white.. Their names are Jcat, hardee and tywin but whenever I call their name they just ignore me.. But when I say "ming ming" they will come.. Hahaha! Sometimes I think they are confused who am I calling when I say "ming ming".. Anyway, thank you for dropping by on my blog.. Xoxox!

  3. I am not a cat person but I do love dogs. I currently have 3 here at home and the happiness is just overflowing.

  4. I am not a cat person, too, but I like looking at cats because they are so cute and they look smart too (I always think of professor mcgonagall when I see cats lol).

  5. Our cat have the same color as yours.My son rescued him from the street as a kitty and now he's a big cat.:)

  6. Cute cat! I'm a dog person myself, love puppies 🙂

  7. Mauricio is so cute! Congrats on the new addition to your family. Diego found the best family and home!

  8. I wanted pets but our asthma prevents us do we are stuck with fish pets instead 😀

  9. Mauricio is so adorable! And Diego too.Baka magtampo.:)
    We have a dog named Diego and our cat is Lucas. And we love the both to bits. 😉

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