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Longganisa Sorpresa Mandaluyong

Every Filipino loves longganisa. Why not? It comes with different flavors. Almost every province from Luzon down to Mindanao have their own version.

Two of my favorites are those from Vigan and Lucban while my husband, Migs prefer sweet tasting longganisa. 

I have been hearing good feedbacks about Longganisa Sorpresa but haven’t tried their food until last week. While waiting for my husband to fetch me, I invited my friend to have breakfast and this restaurant crossed my mind.

We arrived at Longganisa Sorpresa Mandauyong branch at around 8:15 and we were the only customers then. The restaurant’s ambiance was impressive 
although their parking lot may only accommodate about four cars. 

Their staff immediately handed us the menu as soon as we’re settled (we chose the area where we got to seat on the couches). When I opened their menu, I was surprised and happy at the same time to see a wide array of Longganisa. Since I just ate Vigan Empanda few days before our visit to this restaurant, I decide to go for Longganisa Lucban (pretty much tastes like those from Vigan). They serve longganisa with a cup of fried rice and sunny side up egg for only Php99.00. I prefer the egg cooked my way – a bit crunchy on the edges. You can order longganisa in ala carte too and in case you’re not a big fan of fried rice like my husband, you can ask for plain steamed rice. What I also love about Longganisa Sorpresa are their different types of vinegar. Well, we all know that Longganisa is perfect when dipped into a vinegar of your choice.

We also ordered a bowl of Sinigang na bangus that only cost Php150.00. On the menu, it said “boneless” bangus but it was otherwise when served to us. Plus it doesn’t taste sour as it’s supposed to be. Veggies added to the soup were fresh and half-cooked.

I will definitely come back with Migs to try other variants of Longganisa. It was worth the experience and the bill didn’t slash our wallets.

Happy eating!



  1. I love longganiza especially those garlicky ones from Ilocos and red variety from Lucban. Will try out Longganisa Sorpresa's offering soon.

  2. My favorite is longaniza from Vigan. It's nice to have this kind of resto for longaniza lovers. Wish they will have more branches 🙂

  3. We love, love garlicky Vigan longanissa with sukang iloco. We usually make-pabili sa relatives namin from San Fernando, La Union, ang layo, sana meron branch south of the metro 🙂


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