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Hello, 2014!

Hello, loves!

2013 had been one of the most challenging year for us Filipinos, and yet we were still able to celebrate despite the disasters that hit our country. Thanks to all Filipinos who made us happy and proud. It was indeed the Philippines’ year for Beauty Pageants and boxing!

For us, as a couple it was a memorable year because it marked our first wedding anniversary. It was also the year where we were able to do the things that we really love. Highlights include Para Kay Mamu, a fund raising event where Migs had the opportunity to share his talents in performing (singing and playing guitar) in a series of bar tours. Second would be honing his talent as a stand-up comic every Wednesdays at Tomato Kick Katipunan as one of the funny guys of Comedy Manila (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rxrPu57zhwk).
As for me, my dream of being part of the Red Cross Philippines finally came true. 

Last year also opened many doors for us, as bloggers. Vince Golangco of When in Manila helped us meet business owners who gave us opportunities to write for them. It was indeed a wonderful experience and we will always be thankful.

We both celebrated our New Year’s eve at work but we still got the chance to celebrate yesterday!

working on a holiday?! LOL!

Let’s all make 2014 OUR year by staying positive!

To all our readers,friends, family and colleagues, we love you and we look forward to sharing more wonderful years with you!

Much love,

Migs and Alaine

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  1. Thanks as well! Happy new year! =)

  2. happy new year to you guys

  3. Indeed! 2013 had been very memorable to most of us. I could say that it had been a fruitful year for me. Let's hope 2014 would be good to us! ^_^

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