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Hello guys!

I am not a big fan of buffalo wings as I have had it too many times in various places but none of them match the buffalo wings that my husband prepares for me.

Last night, we went to The Grove by Rockwell for a quick bite…

I saw Sunrise Buckets! My friends told me that their buffalo wings are superb and are worth your money.

So, we took a gamble.

When I stepped in, I felt that I was in another country! 5 Stars for my love of the classic diner feel!!!

The staff was so friendly. Food was served in less than 10 minutes! Their buffalo wings are perfect! They even serve it with hand gloves without even requesting for one.

Steamed Rice and 1 pound of Sunrise Original Wings (approx. 8-10pcs)

If you’re looking for spicy,traditional or pretty much any flavor you have in mind…you’ll find it at Sunrise Buckets! They have 17 addicting flavors to choose from!

Saw these cute post its inside their restroom

Try this place out at least once. Talking about it is making me want to go back!


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  1. Yummmmmmmm!!!!!!

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