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KPop Republic 2013 review

Artists: Soomin of April Kiss,Crispy Crunch, Dal Shabet, EXO K  and  SHINee

Date: September 7, 2013

Location: Smart Araneta Coliseum

I remember hearing Migs listen to some Korean groups like SG wannabe & fly to the sky. I find it weird because I was never a fan of KPop until last Saturday. I don’t get the point why a lot of Filipinos go gaga over these KPop groups. They’re everywhere! Splattered in every corner of the Internet, the TV set, magazines, water bottles, snack pouches, etc. you name it, their faces are on it.

When we were invited to attend the KPop Republic’s presscon, we grabbed the opportunity so we could have a better grasp of what KPop has to offer. The presscon was held at Gateway Mall’s Cinema 5. Although the event started late, Jinri Park was game for some chit chats while waiting for the artists to arrive. The presscon started and ended well.



Soo-min and Crispy Crunch

Dal Shabet
The concert was held at the Smart Araneta Coliseum , which is very accessible and has enough room for the concert goers. We even got a good spot near the stage for some photo ops.

At the concert hall, no time was wasted as the show started at exactly 7:30 PM. The audience were mostly teenagers having the time of their lives.

The event started with an act from Soomin of April Kiss and Crispy Crunch , followed by all female group Dal Shabet  who gave stuffed toys to the audience (note that the artists themselves carried the stuffed toys to the stage…no PA or whatsoever).



Third group to perform is the crowd favorite, EXO K . They even sang Yeng Constantino’s Hawak Kamay in accapela which we find cute! Although they are not complete, the fans gave their full support to this group. Final act is SHINee but sadly was missing a member, Min-ho due to a schedule conflict.






What we truly admire about these KPop artists is that they don’t need some additional back up dancers or booty shakers to keep the show going. Every artist owned the stage, danced and sang their hearts out like it’s their last performance! It’s evident that these Kpop groups are damn serious with their craft.

Maybe that’s one good reason why a lot of people (including my Mexican cholo looking husband) like them. Much respect to the performers.

In conclusion, the concert organizers did very well with KPop Republic. Security is good, ticket prizes are reasonable since you get to watch 4 Kpop groups and the venue is perfect.

If you weren’t a fan going in, there is a 99% chance that you will step out as a fan.


Happy weekend!

Migs and Alaine Alejandrino


  1. I respect your opinion regarding this event, and I agree on almost all aspects of your review but I just really have to say this, a true kpop fan (who has been following these groups // not in a literal sense) knows that the ticket prices ARE VERY MUCH not worth it. We understand that it's 4 groups already, but it was expensive for a 2-hour concert with no proper organization, and no warnings whatsoever from the organizers themselves that Min Ho wasn't going to arrive. (rumors were speculated that Min Ho has another schedule, but come on, a rumor is a rumor; and Kpop Rep organizers didn't say anything about it, so what is one supposed to assume [but that Minho will hopefully arrive], right?). Not only that, the promised freebies for the SVIP ticket holders were not fully distributed. We appreciate the thought of giving out freebies, but one should not make a promise (and produce a lot of hype) if it will not be properly done.
    Another thing was the song selection, Kpop Rep organizers had us voting for the top 5-7 songs that the fans would want their idols to perform. Somehow, I doubt that list was passed on to the artists. (no bad feelings though, but I was really hoping even for just one ballad from the artists.)
    And the most disappointing thing was the ending. No encores at all. After SHINee finished and waved goodbye, that was it. Someone was already announcing that the event was finished and that the SVIP ticket holders can go line up and claim their freebies.

    We kpop fans really hope for a better event if the same organizers will be organizing the upcoming solo concerts of EXO (and hopefully, SHINee).

  2. Nice input from a true "KPop fan" who spent for an SVIP ticket. I think your concerns should've been raised to the organizers right after the event. But thanks for sharing.

  3. We did raise our concerns to them immediately, so we're really hoping that their next events would be better 🙂

  4. Wow !!! I just drop to this site of yours to agree at your observation on the said concert. I was also there, watching and cheering for the kpop idols. I'm not being bias or anything because I'm a kpop fan but in reality, I got really hooked on their singing and dancing skills and I could proudly say that being a kpop fan is thing worth for. Thanks for the good feedback at our kpop world. Thank you :')

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