Exhausted from our shift and the long drive from Manila to Batangas, we accidentally crashed a Wedding. When we saw this beautiful Church on top of a hill, we assumed that we already reached Callaruega Church. My fiancé, just like a paparazzi immediately flashed his Camera to the bride as she step down the bridal car towards the aisle. I was already skeptical that we came to the right place – I wasn’t wearing glasses or contact lenses so I couldn’t see clearly. When my fiancé showed the pictures that he took, my facial expression gave me away! 😀

We immediately hurried back to our car and laughed as we left.  As soon as we reached Callaruega, the Wedding Ceremony has ended.

We drove another 5 minutes to Ville Sommet, Tagaytay.



my date :P

The Newly Weds’ beautiful Engagement photos were perfectly placed outside their Wedding Venue for the guests to see. The table setting was simple yet elegant.  Appetizers and main dishes tastes as good as they look.



Everyone followed the dress code as requested by the couple which added more elegance to their special event (hmmmm…another wedding idea).




It was truly a Wedding to remember.

Happy 2nd Wedding Anniversary, Herbert and Verna!

Migs and Alaine