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My first time to write as a guest blogger. Thank you so much,Rachael!

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One of our friends gave us vouchers for a Manila Bay Dinner Buffet Cruise. I’ve read several reviews about it before we asked for an appointment.

After two weeks of trying to get a Friday schedule, we gave up and booked the next available date…Monday! We arrived at 4:30 PM; parking was OK…and was only a few steps away from the dock.

At exactly 5:30 PM, a staff was stationed at the registration table. We immediately stood in line along with the other passengers to claim our stubs. Luckily, we got numbers 7 and 8. When it was time to board (6:00PM) our numbers were called and we were given the privilege to choose our seats. We chose seats at the second level so we could have a better view.

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As soon as all the passengers were boarded, a crew welcomed us and safety measures were explained. 6:15, the singers started serenading the passengers

A waiter handed us a menu for their drinks. Their drinks come in a very reasonable price. We had refillable Ice Tea which only cost Php 75.00

When it was announced that the buffet table is ready, we headed to the ferry’s first level. The line was a bit long but was bearable. It was a managed buffet and there were about 5 main courses. Conventional jello was also offered for dessert.

We enjoyed the cruise especially when we got to the part of Manila Bay where you could see Mall of Asia and some establishments around it. The scene was picture perfect! If you wish to book for a weekend cruise, you better be planning at least a month or two in advance so you could witness Mall of Asia’s fireworks display.

Camera 360

Camera 360

It was a fun experience and a good way of promoting Manila…

For those expecting a grand buffet and some gourmet food, this cruise is not for you.
You always get what you pay for. 😀


Alaine Alejandrino