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Year End Party – Elbow Room

Always good to end the year right.

Before we kissed 2012 goodbye, I attended our Company’s year-end party which was held at Elbow Room Sports Bar, Metrowalk, Pasig City.


The party started at 8:00PM.

Nothing special with the Venue which looked a bit old for me. Typical place where you can hold your Team Buildings or Parties. It has a lot of areas to improve and that includes sanitation.


The food is not exemplary either. We were served with sisig (which was a bit cold), tacos, spaghetti, and roast chicken.


Iced Tea was refillable but the waiters won’t give you a new glass in case you left your glass somewhere. You will be served with a glass of water instead so you need to hold on to your glass until the end of the party if you wish to have it refilled from time to time.


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