My three year relationship with Migs added so many things in my life…and that includes 10 pounds from my previous weight.

Like most girls, I used to have a fast metabolism that allows me to eat  full meals for 5-6 times a day.

I work in a BPO industry where you get easy access to unhealthy food that will definitely wreck havoc on your waistline if you’re not careful.

I didn’t pay much attention to my weight until this year (we are tying the knot this December!). I made myself believe that I WAS TOO BUSY TO EXERCISE. My days and nights were filled with thoughts about our wedding that it stressed me so much and turned me into a monster. My future mother-in-law’s constant battle with her kidney problem and my mother’s diabetes fuels my fire to stay healthy. I encouraged Migs to run but I was the one who wasn’t able to train.

Migs joined the New Balance Power Run last November 11. I was there to support him and observe. I saw people from all ages who  worked  hard to stay fit and they all look happy. Even Migs, who finish his first 5k run seemed so fulfilled and already hooked. Then I realized that I’m using STRESS as an excuse for committing GLUTTONY. I felt so irresponsible and suddenly wanted to start training.

I want to grow old healthy so I won’t be missing any important event in the lives of my future children.I know I have so many things to learn. I hope everyone who’ll be able to read this blog will help me, or if you are a desperate beginner just like myself, please join me in staying fit.

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